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New Look Pants

Asda Jumper (similar)

Asda Top

This week has been busy! First week, back with lectures, and trying to find a house for next year! Which means house viewings! So exciting! Anyways, that’s why I haven’t posted much lately, but there you go. I bought these trousers in the New Look sale last weekend, from £22.99 down to £7! I was so happy! They’re kind of like disco pants, but more matte, so I’ve worn them out, and they look alright during the day too! I can dress them up for the night with a peplum top, or wear them with a quite grungy look, like today. I love this outfit! It’s so comfy, and the colour of the trousers is just awesome! They’re quite a thin material, so really accentuate my muffin top! So I don’t like wearing them with a low cut top, as it’s not a pretty site! But other than that, they’re really comfy fit, like a really thin, stretchy pair of jeans.

So, I’ve left this bit about the top and jumper until last, mainly because I actually got them from Asda! I literally have no shame when it comes to getting clothes at low prices! To be honest though, I love this jumper and I love the fact it was from Asda, as it only cost about £14! I’ve seen much worse, and much more expensive in high street shops! This jumper and top have lasted me a good 6 months so far, so the quality is a lot better than I thought it would be!


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