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Acrylic nails with Gel polish – £28

One of the best pick-me-ups during exam stress can be taking a little time for yourself, and getting your nails done. This is definitely true for my friend Sophie at uni. In Manchester city centre there’s a small nail salon called The Nail Queen, that has really reasonable prices for students wanting to treat themselves, as they do student discount on selected nails.

Sophie opted for the a full set of acrylics with a gel polish finish which changes colour in different temperatures. In the first couple of photos it shows her nails as a baby blue, when cold. The third picture shows when they were under a hot tap for a couple of seconds, and they changed colour to pastel green. When changing the colour, under water from one to the other, as the temperature evens out they go to an ombre style, which is seen here in the last few photos. Which looks pretty awesome!

If you don’t wear acrylic nails often, they do feel a bit odd to begin with, and if you don’t want to get them done you can just have the colour changing gel polish on it’s own, which lasts up to three weeks.

Thanks for reading! Let me know you’ve tried this!


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  1. Wow they look amazing! I totally agree, there’s nothing like a bit of pampering, especially when you are stressed out! Good luck with your exams x

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