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Summer Wishlist

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OOTD // Sheinside

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Sheinside Check coat

Sheinside Floral Bomber Jacket

New Look Skirt

Eminem Rap God T-shirt

Primark Shoes

At some point today, the clouds parted and it was relatively sunny in Manchester today and nicely lit up my room for some lighting for a blog post! I got so excited that it was sunny I even put a skirt on, which comes out in a funny colour in these pictures, it’s not quite as garish as that in real life! But anyway, I recently received my order from, which took forever to arrive! So I thought I would blog about both the bomber jacket and the check coat at once. Sheinside has such good prices for the products they have, the only thing I would aware of is the quality is not amazing. The bomber jacket is slightly small across the shoulders and the sleeve length, and I had to trim loads of loose threads off it when it arrived. The coat feels really thick, and is so comfy and warm, and it does have an ASOS label in it… But one of the pockets has already ripped.

Regardless of where it’s from, and how long it took to arrive I love the coat. I haven’t bought a patterned coat before, usually I just stick to the plain dark colours, so it’s really nice to try something new. And it goes with a lot more that I thought it would. As with the bomber jacket, I really wanted a bomber jacket, and I wasn’t sure about getting one with a pattern but I’m so glad I did. I wear it all the time, and I can’t wait to wear it in the summer!

The T-shirt shirt is the result of late night online shopping at it’s finest! I was on Facebook at ridiculous o’clock and saw a post about some limited edition Eminem T-shirt that would only be on sale for 24 hours. And for some reason I bought one! It cost £23 including shipping which was £11, as it was from America I guess. This is a women’s large, kind of wish I had got a men’s size now as I wanted it to be looser fitting, but ah well! It has the lyrics from Rap God on it, which I thought would be a little bit more noticeable, but are non existent in the pictures!

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OOTD // Purple Trousers

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New Look Pants

Asda Jumper (similar)

Asda Top

This week has been busy! First week, back with lectures, and trying to find a house for next year! Which means house viewings! So exciting! Anyways, that’s why I haven’t posted much lately, but there you go. I bought these trousers in the New Look sale last weekend, from £22.99 down to £7! I was so happy! They’re kind of like disco pants, but more matte, so I’ve worn them out, and they look alright during the day too! I can dress them up for the night with a peplum top, or wear them with a quite grungy look, like today. I love this outfit! It’s so comfy, and the colour of the trousers is just awesome! They’re quite a thin material, so really accentuate my muffin top! So I don’t like wearing them with a low cut top, as it’s not a pretty site! But other than that, they’re really comfy fit, like a really thin, stretchy pair of jeans.

So, I’ve left this bit about the top and jumper until last, mainly because I actually got them from Asda! I literally have no shame when it comes to getting clothes at low prices! To be honest though, I love this jumper and I love the fact it was from Asda, as it only cost about £14! I’ve seen much worse, and much more expensive in high street shops! This jumper and top have lasted me a good 6 months so far, so the quality is a lot better than I thought it would be!

OOTD // Shopping

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River Island Jumper

River Island Jeans (Similar)

Primark Shoes

New Look Necklace(Similar)

H&M T-shirt

I know I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would do a quick outfit post before I go shopping! So, I really like this jumper, it’s so comfy and not at all itchy. It has massive square holes knitted into it, which gives it a really nice texture, and means you can mix up the contrast of colours, depending on what you wear underneath. The only reason I don’t wear it that much is because the fit is so frumpy, I feel really fat in it, and the sleeves could be a little bit longer. But these jeans, I love them. I always get my jeans from River Island, as they’re consistently such good quality. But the price of them have gone up recently, I used to get a really decent pair for £40, but now the decent fit and quality is in the £60 pairs. Which isn’t great! 🙁 But these jeans have lasted ages, and I think they’ve still got plenty of life in them yet!

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