Touch of Silver Update

Photo on 23-10-2013 at 13.18


I’ve nearly made it through half of the bottles of the Touch of Silver Shampoo and Conditioner so I thought I would update you on my progress so far. I haven’t been using it twice a week every week, but I have used it quite a bit. This is a picture of my hair before I had the Touch of Silver products, and when I had long hair! As you can see, it’s got a slight yellow tinge to it, which wasn’t ideal, but I think the Touch of Silver products have definitely made a difference!

Photo on 20-02-2014 at 14.07


Here you can see the top layers of my hair, which are the lightest anyway. And there is definitely a difference in colour, it’s so much lighter. It’s made a vast improvement on the yellowiness. I have had highlights in my hair, but the original picture is not dissimilar from my natural hair colour, but the Touch of Silver products have definitely brightened it, and made it more.. blonde!

Photo on 20-02-2014 at 14.07 #2

I think I might come to regret posting this picture of my beautiful roots! But I think it shows the results much better. The bit where it goes from the mousey brown in the roots to blonde used to be a really yellowy colour, but it’s not so bad now. I think if I keep using it, that will improve even further. I left to highlights to grow out for so long, I think I might just leave it until I get natural ombre hair colour!

The products themselves are really good quality, the conditioners make my hair feel so soft. As I’m used to using a really light conditioner usually, it feels amazing to have such silky smooth hair. My hair has become much more manageable, it’s not static anymore and it feels a lot thicker, and just generally much healthier. So I would definitely recommend these products, I was a bit apprehensive at first, as it does look like you’re about to use ink as shampoo, but it’s totally fine I assure you! I was worried about colour build up, which I bought the daily maintenance shampoo and conditioner, which have optical brighteners in, which probably helped with everything. And as you can see, my hair isn’t purple, so definitely works!

There is also a dry shampoo that Touch of Silver offer in their product range, I don’t really rate dry shampoo anyway. It just makes my hair feel more greasy and heavy with product, also it doesn’t smell that great. And the shampoos and conditioners smell lush!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!