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ó Debbie Macombers Christmas Cookbook ß Download by ó Debbie Macomber I love this Christmas Cookbook I feel it is than just a cookbook as Debbie Macomber shares ideas for crafts and gifts She also shares stories of her own family Christmases and the traditions they have It is a very warm and inviting book There are beautiful photographs spread throughout The recipes are easy and fun to make This is a cookbook so I will say there are recipes for appetizers, breakfast, Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner, family dinners, cooking with grandma, desserts and of course cookies I believe you will find this cookbook will become a part of your holiday traditions I think it is the ultimate Christmas Cookbook A in depth review is available on my blog I reviewed this book through NetGalley No compensation was offered or received No promise of a good review was given The opinion expressed is my honest feelings regarding this book.
I borrowed this from library as a Kindle book and enjoyed reading through the book The recipe selection is not just for the holidays but for sharing good, comfort food.
I plan to buy a copy of the cookbook because I find it too tedious to copy out recipes and don t especially like the ebook formats for cookbooks although it is a good way to preview cookbooks before you decide to buy them or not.
I loved all the recipes in the book and the stories Debbie added to the book I am sure I will be making several of the recipes real soon.

Last year I read Debbie s Cedar Cove Cookbook and this one was not as close to my heart as last year s book I did, however find lots of recipies and enjoyed hearing about Debbie s traditions.
I m excited to start these recipes Lots of great ideas and recipes for Christmas So happy, this book contains a recipe for my favorite seasonal treat a nearly identical replica of Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars I made it from scratch and liked it better than buying it at the store Thanks, Debbie In case you haven t noticed, I ve read a lot of NetGalleys lately NetGalleys come in two different formats Those I download to my Kindle are in black and white, and I get to keep them forever but rarely do, I know I won t read them again so why bother Those I download to my computer are in color if the print version is but they expire after a certain amount of time I m happy with the arrangement, except for cookbooks For one thing, many cookbooks don t offer the Kindle version so if I want to keep recipes, I have to go through a work around Even for those that do, the effect just isn t as nice as a book However, I have decided that if I review cookbooks I can download to my Kindle, I will make at least one recipe, photograph it and my assistant cook and give the book an extra post Those cookbook I only get to review for a short while will get a short here is what I saw type of review.
Debbie Macomber s Christmas Cookbook Favorite Recipes and Holiday Traditions from My Home to Yours is a beautiful cookbook filled with delicious sounding recipes as well as craft ideas Interspersed are holiday anecdotes from Macomber s family While there are not photos of every recipe, there are beautiful color photos of a lot of them I miss a lot of the effect with my Kindle, yet I can t bring the computer into the kitchen to use when cooking well I guess I could bring the laptop, but my cookbooks always end up with stuff on them and computers are expensive It is books like this that make me long for the good old days of real review copies It includes breakfast foods, appetizers, Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, Christmas desserts, baking with Grandma, family dinners and Christmas gifts I d like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley even though I would have rather had a real review copy Grade B Stay tuned for another post with a recipe for German Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.
See this review and others on my Christmas in September link up Come over and link up your reviews of Christmas themed books.
Note When I made the cookies, I discovered at least two errors in that recipe I emailed the publisher who said that they would be corrected in the next printing.
We Call Her The Official Storyteller Of Christmas But Debbie Macomber Is Than That She S Someone Who Loves The Holiday And All Its Traditions Now She Shares Than One Hundred Of Her Favorite Recipes To Help You Enjoy This Most Joyous Of Seasons You Ll Also Find Easy To Follow Instructions For Crafts, Decorations And Gift Wrapping Everything You Need To Create A Beautiful And Festive HolidayWhat Makes This Cookbook Unique Is Debbie S Personal Memories And Observations Join Her As She Reminisces About Traditions Past And Present, And Discover The Craft Ideas She Herself Uses As She Says, The Holidays Are About Being With Others They Re About Celebrating And Sustaining Our Personal Community Of Family And Friends In This Beautifully Illustrated Book, She Shows You How To Serve A Memorable Meal, Whether It S A Sit Down Christmas Dinner For A Crowd, Entertaining A Group Of Friends At An Open House Or Tea, Or Spending Time With Your Children Or Grandchildren Baking Cookies And Making Gifts The Dame s Summary of the Book in a Nutshell When I went scouring my cookbook library shelves and hideouts this season, I just couldn t find the Christmas cookies and new baking ideas I wanted for a new holiday It s the 21st century I needed some inspiration I went hunting and found Debbie Macomber s Christmas Cookbook The beautiful cover jumped off the bookstore shelf Up until now, I have to admit not being a fan of Debbie s books I m not into ladies groups and small town chit chat for novels But, boy, does she know holiday stories and making holidays special with family and friends This is a wonderful, picture and memory making book to fill out the old and weary cookbook shelves of any household.
Debbie s simple, yet beautiful cookies and delicious desserts are mouthwatering But she also includes wonderful recipes for breakfast, brunch and munchies of the savory sort And, while you re waiting for these to bake, her stories are so much fun and so heartwarming Her easy to follow crafts ideas are as clearly pictured as her recipes In fact, this book is beautifully pictured It s of the coffee table quality for Christmas.
I enjoyed Debbie s sense of humor and the times she cherishes with her grandchildren I m not able to spend time with my grandchildren since they live in four different States, and pretty far away from me, so although this book was sometimes bittersweet to read, it also was a reminder of when my children were young A time when I was a young mother, baking Christmas cookies and decorating them with my little children in a Yankee Barn in New Hampshire while snow piled up 4 ft high on our deckThis is a book that will find its way into your lap when you walk away from the kitchen to sit in your favorite chair crunching on your warm baked goods It may find its way into your lap when you have a grandchild by your side.
I think it s a book well worth purchasing this year.
Happy HolidaysI wish I could send each of you a tin of my holiday lemon bars 5 red stars Whether you re looking for old favorites or new traditions to add to your Holiday table it will be in this wonderful cookbook It covers anything and everything you need to make a Holiday table something special from Merry Morning Breakfasts to Cooking with Grandma, Baked Gifts and Crafts plus you ll find plenty of room in the back to add your own favorites to refer to year after year.
Inside it s hardbound pages you will also find beautifully illustrated photos and many recipes that came down from Debbie s family At the introduction to each section Debbie will tell a special story that will bring back your own special holiday moments and memories I know they did for me It s obvious that she put something very special of herself inside this cookbook just like what her fans expect every time they open one of her novels and she takes this one step further by putting something very personal on each of these 240 pages of treats for the palate, the eyes and the stomach She covers everything from sweet to savory and all the in between too from table setting, place holders and gifts from the oven and from the heart.
To share a personal note, when mine arrived in the mail my mother happened to be visiting and she was planning on spending most of the Christmas season with my sister, but upon seeing the wonderful recipes inside the book she altered her plans and will be instead staying with me, which makes me very happy It makes a wonderful gift as well as a keepsake and if you want your mother to spend the holidays with you make sure you have a copy she can see, or if you happened to want her to stay, say at your sister s home instead make sure you get your sister a copy for a very early Christmas present.
If you didn t love Debbie Macomber before you will now as she shares with us a very personal part of herself Thank you Debbie