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[ Pdf Celestial Passions: Brianna ß recreation PDF ] by Judy Mays å I absolutely loved this tale of out of this world love and lust Although it has it s quirks minor lagging and flow , it s a worthwhile read full of spunk and creative eroticism the scenes with the alien s tail were truly the work of an artist with a wild imagination Other than that, the price point for this ebook was over the top, but thankfully, one of my fellow Fans of Interracial Romance group members was kind enough to loan it to me Giving this one 3 solid stars.
For some reason I find myself repeatedly brought back to this book I love the characters and the whole feel of the world the author creates Judy Mays covers a lot of little things that would usually annoy me in a scifi universe There is no instant travel between worlds, the cultures you meet aren t ridiculously overdeveloped, and for once an author lets you know that the language barrier is an issue but comes up with a plausible way around it Brianna s adaptibilty is a little questionable when it comes to the leading man, Chardadon, but if he s as sexy as he s supposed to be you can see why Brianna is stubborn, funny and a quick thinker Char is sexy, responsible and determined to keep his Brianna from the evil Bakom s clutches My favourite thing though has to be the supporting cast New characters are introduced throughout the book but hardly any of them stay on the peripheral Thankfully the author realizes how fully invested in them you become because the series continues from the point of view of some of the side characters Overall, this book is a fun and sexy interglactic joyride that earned it s place on my keepers shelf.
Book In The Celestial Passions Series Brianna Did What Any Other Decent Human Being Would Do Rescue A Pair Of Aliens Her Boss Was About To Dissect, And Get Them Back To Their Space Ship In The Process, She Was Captured By An Alien Scientist And Became A Experiment Herself A Sexual Experiment Captain Alalakan Don Al Chardadon Was Not About To Let Dr Rodak Don Al Bakom Conduct His Ridiculous Sexual Experiments On An Inhabitant From A Newly Discovered World Even If It Meant He Had To Marry The Earth Woman To Protect Her Marriages Were Easily Dissolved On His Planet, And This Alien Was Very Beautiful Besides, He Wanted Her In His Bed, On The Floor, Against The Wall, Or Anywhere Else He Could Think Of Brianna Had To Choose Marry The Captain Or Try To Find Another Way To Escape Bakom Easy Choice Even Though He Was An Alien, Char Was The Most Desirable Man She D Ever Met So, Brianna Finds Herself Hurtling Through Space Married To A Very Sexy Alien With A Very Flexible Tail From A Planet Where Hedonism Is The Norm And There Are Three Sexes Male, Female, And Hermaphrodite But Bakom Wanted Brianna Too, And Is Willing To Do Anything To Get Her Back This was 100% wish fulfillment and I loved, loved, loved it But there was a scene that almost made me DNF the whole thing and then the author damn near repeated it later on.
So these alien dudes are like super sexual, so there are some misunderstandings about public nudity and such But twice the heroine catches the hero kissing or embracing like, 3 different half naked women While I understand why the author used this Big Misunderstanding trope he wasn t kissing them back but thinks it would be hella rude to push them away from fondling him , I think she handled it very poorly and repeating it was offensive This story was fucking awesome until that scene and I wasn t sure I d forgive the hero afterwards Thankfully, I did and continued to enjoy the story until omg not again So yeah, great great story but the other woman drama was stupid and cruel and I hated it and 1 star for it Also, it could use another pass by an editor.
Brianna is helping two aliens escape dissection and ends up on their spaceship because her former colleagues are shooting at her But when she gets on the ship, the aliens also have their own mad scientist The only thing to save her is become the wife of the captain Char will marry her to save her and then end the marriage down the road That s what he thinks I liked that Brianna was given to futile fighting I didn t like that her being rude and quick tempered made everyone like and admire her She was a little too bitchy sometimes, and it was like people would just shrug There were good parts to the book, but it was a little mushy toward the end for my taste If you like a super happy HEA, then you ll like this book.
Hangs head in shame This book was pretty awful, but almost so awful it was entertaining Basically, Brianna is a really horrible woman who somehow has managed to make everyone in the universe believe that her rude, catty behavior is fiery Bitchiness does not spunk.
Choice quotes He shrugged eloquently Really Brianna s chin lifted and her eyes narrowed You better mean what you say, Char, or I ll make your life a living hell Ah yes, a very healthy relationship dynamic we have going here Even though she missed her own family, she was now the pampered daughter of a powerful and rich merchant clan on a planet across the galaxy from her own, married to and pregnant with the child of a sexy alien who absolutely adored her.
No one was capable of imagining this, not even Hollywood s best scriptwriters Judy Mays doesn t like to toot her own horn, butTOOT TOOT And AND They stop boning once she gets knocked up.
I simply cannot read this any this novel was just too monotonous for my tastes After reaching the halfway point, there was absolutely nothing that compelled me to continue reading For the first ten percent of the novel, I felt that the beginning was quite was strong I was vastly intrigued at the alien encounter and wanted to know how well the main character would deal with her predicament However, the amount of sex scenes just ended up being way too much and happened far too often Was there really a need to have than forty percent of beginning detailing how sex would be with an alien life form I don t even want to consider how many sex scenes the author decided to put after the halfway point.

I ve always enjoyed sci fi fantasy erotic romance and Brianna delivers Perfect reading or I think so when you re preparing a Thanksgiving meal and or traveling to visit family.
As a side note This is a current free read from Ellora s Cave that I picked up If you re curious about the book I d recommend swinging by EC all formats are available or I m not sure about B N, since I don t have a NOOK and snagging your own copy.
I m anxious to read the next book in the series to discover what happens next.
After a rocky start, this was an awesome book stayed up until 1 30 this morning to finish I m not a big fan of uber short scenes trying to get in everyone s POV makes for a popcorn effect for the reader, bouncing around from person to person There were moments in Brianna s POV when the aliens had entire conversations, followed by a notation that she didn t understand a word that was just said Anytime the reader knows than the character, that s a weakness.
But once it smoothed out and took off, halfway through Chapter 2 whoa mama, look out Really good read The world building and cultural development of several planets races was rock solid Perfect The misunderstandings miscommunications were genuine I absolutely loved the characters The romantic sexual chemistry between Brianna and Char was SMOKIN hawt This story had one of the loathesome villians I ve read in a long time HATED him really really HATED him I can t wait to read book two, Shaela, but I might have to take a nap first, b c if it s like this one once I start I won t stop Meh, not bad Filler reading material Plot so so, characters a little 2D for my taste.
Sex scenes weren t bad, but they weren t inspiring if ya smell what I m cookin.