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[ Pdf Giving Up ✓ catholic PDF ] by Lee Brazil ☆ Loved this book Loved the connection between Arden and Brandon they complimented each other nicely and straightened each other out wonderfully And they were both real in the fact that they recognized they both had issues Not to mention on a side note a man who can write m m and m f both and do it well yep that just flat out does it for me Sexy D Brandon is the oldest brother, and the most controlling of the four Blake brothers Brandon s heart is in the right place he made a deathbed promise to his mother to care for his brothers, and he has done that He just went about things wrong, bossing people, making decisions for them, and sometimes, as in the case of Dex and Trick, hurting them in a misguided attempt to protect his brothers All the stress has given him an ulcer, and some lifestyle changes are in order He turns of the day to day operations of the company to his brothers, and he begins seeing s therapist, De Arden Grey He has an extreme attraction to Dr Arden, and when she breaks off doctor patient relations, then calls to ask him to dinner, he responds with his pride, and not his want, he turns her down In step in the brothers with the Truth or Dare They Dare him to call her back and ask her out What none of them realize is Arden Grey is Dom, and she knows exactly what she wants out of this, and how it will happen And happen it does Arden provides exactly what Brandon needs, and gives him a way to deal with his control issues My one quibble with it involved Donny Of all people, Arden knows what an unbalanced man can do, and I felt their take on the unknown Donny paying for rehab and getting him a job was a little much, even if the twiston Mary was very cute I did love the idea of the black silk I liked that we get to see the twins and Terry Revisiting old friends is important to me I a, very interested in Rick and Bastian as well Hmmm, will they get a story This is a lovely addition to the Truth or Dare series even if it does have girly parts , because it gives a brother the HEA he so desperately needs I like Brandon much better now than I did in previous books.
Brandon Blake Has A Problem His Stressful Job As CEO Of The Family Production Studio Combined With The Added Stress Of His Self Imposed Role Of Family Caretaker Has Left Him With An Ulcer His Brothers Are Leaving Home And Making Families Of Their Own, And Brandon S Interference Has Caused Some Serious Rifts The Prescription Therapy He Needs To Learn How To Give Up The Need To Control Everything The Sessions Go Well Enough, Even If Brandon Can Barely Tear His Eyes Away From The Curve Of His Therapist S Legs Looking forward to this I was a little worried about where the series would go as all the brothers coming up gay would have made it unbelievable, in my opinion I m don t read a lot of m f but I like your brothers and I hear you wrote this really well so I m on board to see if it s true.
A well written story as usual from Lee Brazil, but I couldn t make a connection with Arden She seemed too cool and aloof to me, and though she says she loves Brandon, I never felt it from her Which is a shame because I adore all of Lee s other characters I m looking forward to the next book and seeing what s in store for Dan.
I don t think its fair for me to rate this book any lower as its m f and I knew going in that it would not appeal to me Brandon is the older interfering brother who has control issues and needs to be the boss, he slowly realizes this is not good for his health or his relationship with his brothers Arden the love interest and therapist was not appealing or warm she came across as too cold and unsympathetic I liked the bits with Brandon and his family and as usual they are great and I have a lot of time for them Now back to m m yay The truth or dare series by Lee Brazil should come with a warning label Addictive I am so addictd I hunt the blogs for Lees musings and short stories This series is a heartwarming story of four brothers The Blake Brothers are a closenit family that meet every wendsday night to play cards Each story focus on one of the brothers, This one was Brandon the oldest with a controlling persaonality He is in therapy with Arden Blake,to get help with his control issue so he can quit alienating,his brothers especailly the middle brother Terry and his two lovers He wants to be a big part of their expected babys life but every time he gets around them he causes Trick to get sick and Dex to get mad.
Arden nakes him feel like noone has been able to in a long time Just her voice calms him So needless to say he was very unhappy when on the third visit she told him she could no longer help him in a profssioanl way But does she want to help him in other ways What is her problem I am not gonna tell ya You will have to read the book I promise you wont be sorry Be sure to have to finish it before you start.
I promise you wont want to put it down This one has moved up to my favorite of the series but it s a close call Enjoy

July 26, 2014So, I had a change of heart I didn t plan to read this book for the reasons exposed in the previous note, but something in the ending of Telling the Truth endeared me to take a look at this and it hooked enough to go ahead Was so short that I finished it in one go I liked it, most of all I liked how address the control issue, with a very equilibrated and plausible approach.
July 24, 2014Nowadays I don t want mix my M M with M F, maybe in the future if I m in the mood While I enjoyed meeting up with the Blake brothers again, and I liked hearing about Brandons past, I can t say I enjoyed this story I knew going it that this would not be my cup of tea, but I held out hope I was determined to look past the het aspect and concentrate on the story, but unfortunately for me Arden made it impossible She is everything I dislike in a character While I m sure she was meant to be a shining example of how women can become strong and independant, for me she was just another bossy know it all I can t say that Brandon helped much either While I was very interested in seeing the back story to how he became the way he was, again it was too rushed and I felt like we only got a glimpse So instead he remained an overbearing figure that quickly became docile with Arden I m sorry but I just could t feel the conection or chemistry between them I m really not sure how to rate as I still enjoyed all aspects of the story that didn t involve Arden or Brandon when he was with Arden.
Hopfully I wont be shot down in flames for my negative comments on a female character and the tough subject matter she portrays I certainly never meant any disrespect to any female thats been in that situation Overall a 2 star for me Now I need to read Dan s story to see what his deal is lol.
Buy this book I finished this right after I read the book ahead of this one, Telling the Truth I rated this a 5 star because I connected with oldest brother Brandon His need for control I can understand completely The death of his mother was tragic and would mess up any young man who already felt the need to protect I enjoy how I learn a bit about each character in this series I also enjoyed this book because there were a couple of sexy bondage scenes They were well written and hot for me Sugarkink in the best of ways Better yet, this book also has femdom in it WOOHOO LOVED IT This is the type of femdom relationship I can really get into My hat off to Mr Brazil on this one While there were stressful angst filled moments, I felt Mr Brazil balanced it well with levity All I have to say about his humour is, Where is Mary Have you seen Mary Brilliant, just brilliant as a twist which had me giggling in amusement I highly recommend this book to all my friends except the ones who can t stand reading anything with female bits You know who you are.