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[ Read Online Dangerous Magic ✓ young-adult-contemporary PDF ] by Alix Rickloff ✓ I was surprised how much I grew to like this book I wasn t sure in the beginning if the tale was going to be well told or not At times I felt like the author didn t complete thoughts for me didn t fully set a scene I d just pop into something days after the last scene Not a whole lot of prep for that.
But, and this is most important in a romance, I began to like and understand my characters I really enjoyed Gwenyth Her second sight added a lot of understanding to the text, and the integration of her powers were really well done Plus, Gwenyth was so sure of herself, confident even when she had been thrown to the wolves of the Ton Bravo.
And that scene the one where they break up yeah, you know it happens in all romances, lol Ugh, heartbreaking why, oh why, can t she have her love now Let it all go Take a chance I can t go further than that without risking major spoilers but that scene we see through Cecily s eyes let s just say tear Rafe bordered on a bit of asshole ness for a good bit of the text But he never crossed the line into a territory in which I disliked him, or his decisions Rafe always seemed to come through in the end By the time the whole dream prophesy hits you ll be rooting for the guy Because Rafe has had some drama in his life, made a mistake or two, but he really deserved happiness and so does Gwenyth You ll really want them to find that happiness together.
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A magical tale spun in the Regency Era, in the early 1800 s A tale that will make you believe in fate and that you can play a hand at determining how it can come to pass A tale for all women who believe in seeing their fate as they desire Gwenyth is the Witch of Kerrow, a seer and nursemaid Since her youth has been haunted, thanks to her gift called Sight, by the destiny which awaits any man she falls in love with She believes her gods have set her fate, she is determined to not marry as the grief she would feel would be too much for her However, her yearning for a daughter to carry on the Kerrow magic and healers weighs heavily on her mind Her fate was already laid out on her tapestry in comfortable colors and she was happy in her cottage doing the local healing and birthing Things begin to change when her brother, Jago drops an injured man off for her to care for Little did she know how he would affect her Qwenyth is a strong willed and determined woman who knows where her heart lies and is determined to show fate she won t let it determine her future husbands fate before she can avert it and the grief it would cause her As she progresses she learns what love is and that some risks need to be taken to get what your heart really wants and that fate is not set in stone, but based on choices we make and how we carry on the path set forth.
Captain Rafe Fleming is a smuggler who has left his family in the wake of the disgrace and the punishment he endured for a crime he didn t commit He is washed ashore after his ship the Cormorant is wrecked As he comes to realize little about where he is and who is caring for him she at first didn t see Gwenyth, as he believes most witches to be older, hunches and aged, only to find a young woman in the peak of her life As she cares for him he begins to plan his life to return to the civilized society and take up his life with a wife of his own As he heals and spends time with Qwenyth he comes to see her differently and tries to persuade her that her feelings are deeper than she lets on And he doesn t realize, until its nearly too late that what he really wanted was with him all along.
Gwenyth is determined to have a child, and Rafe to find a suitable wife in society in his home of Bodliam He feels with Gwenyth s Sight he can find a wife who can love him for who he is and not for his roguish good looks or money She feels he may be the one to give her the daughter she so desperately needs, under the guise of being his betroved They strike a rather strange bargain to obtain what they both want As she makes the choice to help Rafe and leaves the confines of her small cottage she begins to question her feelings and the absurdity of the bargain In Bodlaim she meets his family who look at her as an unsuitable wife, especially for a man of society who needs a wife who can keep him in respectable eyes Even with Gwenyth there, his family keeps her at arms length, and she can sense their true thoughts and feelings They come to meet the woman who once burned and hurt Rafe in his youth, Anabel She is vindictive little wench to put it nicely, and she is determined to have Rafe for herself since he has returned She is eagerly welcomed into Rafe s family as the two are brought together Gwenyth sees Anabel s true thoughts and desires and knows that she is wrong for him, but will give him a society wife She also realized the true depth of her feelings for Rafe and reality and fate are one in the same Things get quickly out of hand and she is eager to return home This actually helps them as they are both trying to keep their bargain intact, but their stoked fire of love is hard to put out It is only near the end that both realize their desires ans reconcile things The ending is the part where everything comes together in a way that is truly fitting for both I can t give it away as it is truly a marvel in and of itself I was crying reading as the events unfolded and everything came to a truly crashing end I was thrilled and pulled into this story as we see how Rafe handles being thrown back into society where he realizes his heart no longer yearns to be and Gwenyth finds her true feelings There is so much chemistry and magic with Rafe and Qwenyth and seeing them get through thick and thin Alix Rickloff does a superb job of weaving a true tale of fate and love All the characters are highly developed and come across in their own voices I found myself wanting to read it and as the story went on I give this a 4 of 5 for her highly developed characters and the inspiring plot she weaves.
Cornwall, Gwenyth Killigrew, The Witch Of Kerrow, Has Seen The Tragic Fate That Awaits Any Man She S Foolish Enough To Fall In Love With Yet She Yearns For A Daughter To Carry On Her Healer S Wisdom And Otherworldly Gifts Of Sight When Rafe Fleming, A Notorious Smuggler, Washes Ashore Near Her Home, She Thinks She S Found The Man To Father That ChildRafe Knew His Time As An Outlaw Was Coming To An End He Just Hadn T Realized It Would Be On The Dangerous Cornwall Coast, In The Home Of An Alluring Witch After Gwenyth Saves Him, They Strike A Bargain He Ll Give Her A Child, And She Ll Help Him Find A Proper Wife So He Can Reenter Society And Pick Up The Pieces Of His Shattered LifeBut The Time Rafe Spends With Gwenyth In And Out Of Bed The He Questions What He Thinks He Wants He Must Choose Between The Wife He Needs And The Woman He Desiresif Falling For Gwenyth Doesn T Kill Him First, Words Dangerous magicGood job of writing but too much magic and follows the same old romantic genre as expected Not that good I was given a digital ARC of this book to review for Netgalley.
Gwenyth is known locally as the Witch of Kerrow, she possesses amongst many things the gift of Sight One of her visions has shown the death of the man she will fall in love with Gwenyth craves a child, so she can pass her gifts on to One stormy night a mysterious and injured stranger is in need of her healing skills After nursing the stranger, Rafe, a notorious smuggler back to help, the pair grow closer and both agree on an offer to solve each other s problems Gwenyth wants a child and Rafe needs Gwenyth s powers to help him find a suitable bride.
A dramatic tale set in England, with elements of witchcraft and the sinister world of smuggling A dark, mysterious and magical tale of romance between two strong characters This was a rollercoaster of a ride at times I had to put the book down for a while and pick it back up as there were up and downs and excitement in the middle I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I found it was a nice refreshing change I felt the character dialect was spot on with the location and the time period I truly fell in love with the characters and the Cornish setting Some of the story was based in other parts of England but my heart belonged to the dramatic Cornish coastline.
The chemistry between Gwenyth Rafe was electrically charged I felt the air around sizzle These two people seemed to be destined to be together, but there seems to be obstacles and manipulative people trying to come between them The path to true love never runs smooth you can certainly see that for these two Ok I must admit at times, I did feel really frustrated as I wanted this couple to be happy and too many misunderstandings got in the way.
My favourite character was Gwenyth she was a strong independent female character, who had a heart of gold I really did feel all her emotions throughout the book She really loved Rafe but she was willing to let him go as she didn t want her visions of his death to come true.
The story was well laid out, I was really happy with the start, middle and ending I would definitely read books by this author.
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5 out of 5It s not often that I find a historical romance with a heroine not from the aristocracy, so it was a real pleasure to read Alix Rickloff s Dangerous Magic, which features Gwenyth Killigrew, a healer with the Sight I hadn t read any of Ms Rickloff s work before, but I very much enjoyed this book While I had a few minor complaints about Dangerous Magic, overall I felt this was a strong novel with intriguing characters When infamous smuggler Captain Rafe Fleming shows up injured at her doorstep, Gwenyth can t turn him away Her calling as a healer wouldn t allow her to refuse him, but she s also attracted to the injured man She s the last of a long line of women who have the sight, and soon she ll need to have a daughter whom she can train in the healing arts Gwyneth is planning on finding a father with whom she ll conceive her child, then raise her daughter on her own as the other women in her family have done Rafe Fleming seems like the perfect candidate to father her child.
Rafe Fleming has worked for nearly a decade as a smuggler ever since he was thrown out of the Royal Navy Now that Rafe s earned his fortune, he plans on returning to the family fold and finding a respectable wife When Gwenyth proposes that he father her child, Rafe sees the perfect opportunity to use her ability with the Sight to screen potential wives He suggests that she pose as his fianc e to aid him with his search and then return to her life on the Cornwall coast But both their plans begin to unravel when their fake engagement throws the two together than they d like When their attraction to one another becomes than merely physical, can the two lovers from such different backgrounds find a future together I was pleased by this novel s readability I ve seen a few other reviews that complain about the choppiness of Ms Rickloff s writing, but truthfully I enjoyed the book, and it drew me in really quickly I had absolutely no expectations before reading it and made the mistake of starting it late at night, thinking I d read a few chapters then pick it up the next day That was a big mistake, because Gwenyth and Rafe kept me turning the pages I like that both characters are unusual for historical romances Rafe s troubled past and the lack of support from his family during a difficult time made him a sympathetic character, and I enjoyed watching the family drama unfold But importantly, the chemistry between Rafe and Gwenyth is palpable At times you ll want to smack both characters for trying to deny their attraction, but the sexual tension is smoldering.
There are two aspects of the novel that bothered me, however The first has to do with Rafe s family It s a nice surprise when most of Rafe s family welcomes him back with open arms But Rafe s younger brother Derek, now a clergyman, reacts to Rafe s return with hostility and anger that frankly I never truly understood Derek attempts to explain his feelings by saying that Rafe could have let them know where he was true , but I never really bought his excuse Derek also seemed to do a complete turnaround in his feelings inexplicably in the book, suddenly supporting Rafe in his pursuit of Gwenyth It was just too abrupt, and I felt his character never developed satisfactorily.
The second aspect of the novel that bothered me has to do with Rafe s childhood sweetheart, Anabel She s portrayed as a gold digging, mercenary woman, and Rafe acknowledges that aspect of her character He even recognizes that she s attempting to engage his interest after rejecting him so cruelly in the past, yet he still turns to her at times in attempts to deny his attraction and feelings for Gwenyth It really bothered me that he would have such strong feelings for the heroine and yet make out with a woman he despises.
Nevertheless, overall this was an enjoyable read with a fun twist to the historical romance genre I like that she chose such an unusual heroine, and I ll certainly be looking for of Ms Rickloff s books in the future I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher through NetGalley.
Can the power of love impede destiny Gwenyth is a witch whose Sight has shown the death of the man she will fall in love with In order to get the child she so desperately wants, she offers injured smuggler, Rafe a devil s bargain she will help him find a suitable bride if he gives her a child.
The beautiful cover drew me in Why yes, I am a cover snob The blurb interested me simply because I love witches Why yes, I am a paranormal junkie with preferences for witches, dragons and shapeshifters Unfortunately, this story didn t do it for me and it took me a while to figure out why The answer was the storytelling or prose To me, it read as formal and stiff, basically lacking any spark of life It felt like I was reading a book that was supposed to be good for me You know the type The literary fiction that wins all the prizes and everyone says how good it is but you read it and it starts to put you to sleep That s kinda what happened here I felt the prose was heavy and lifeless I didn t care about the characters which is really a storytelling crime, in my book The interesting thing and I noticed this from the beginning was that I was never engaged in a story that I should have loved I kept waiting to feel something for these characters and it never happened That s when I started to focus on the way the story was being told instead of the story itself and that turned out to be a very bad thing.
So two stars because I liked the idea of witches in a historical romance and it wasn t written badly, just told in formal style that totally turned me off ARC provided by Carina Press via Netgalley

Thank you to Net Galley and Carina Press for allowing me to review this book.
Dangerous Magic is an enticing, exotic treat if you enjoy a good story about smuggling in 1800 s England as I do.
Gwenyth is superbly written and a character you certainly come to love She never bends to anyone s will and remains true to herself and her cause throughout All that changes for her is when she finally realises that she can afford to love Rafe.
Rafe is a brigand at its best A manly ex Navy smuggler who washes onto the shores of Kerrow injured and needing a healer From the first moment, he falls for Gwenyth even though she is well below his station However, being who he is, he no longer cares for such things as being a gentry A dream, caused by the Sight that Gwenyth was born with, haunts her Her love for the man who drowns can never be but her want for a child to teach her healing skills to is greater than any love could be.
When Rafe recovers they strike a bargain He will give her a child, while she will use her Sight and find him a wife But bargains such as these never end well.
This is an superbly written story and captured me from the moment I started it The Author draws you into the lives of these two people with emotion and expertise Every moment you sympathise with Gwenyth you begin to hate Rafe And every time you melt to Rafe s confused state you begin to think Gwenyth asks for too much I haven t read any of Rickloff s books before but I ll certainly add them to my collection now.
A fantastic read, especially on a quiet windy night Lovely, old fashioned paranormal romanceStrong, stubborn characters, fighting and growing towards one another, sacrifice and pain and peace Just enough paranormal to make it interesting and unusual Good read.
pretty bad Could not finish.