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[Sable Hunter] ç Her Magic Touch (Hell Yeah!, #3) [modern PDF] Read Online ç Full disclosure I laughed my way through Book 1 in this series Book 2 left me nauseous and seriously PO d So I m not exactly an objective critic at this point.
WARNING This review contains a LOT of naughty words Status Updates read With Me Vicariously Status 35% Sunday, April 15Oh holy crap, I was NOT expecting a paranormal So far I ve literally had to put this down and walk away three times.
My Kindle notes consist of numerous WTF s and Huh s, several OMG s and GAH s, countless asshole s and dickhead s and two or three dumbass s.
It s great fun, if you have a high pain threshold Status 65% Wednesday, April 18Still struggling to finish this unholy mess.
Instead of a Magical Orgasm Cure, we get a view spoiler Catholic Exorcism Celtic Pagan Voodoo Cure hide spoiler Her Magic Touch Hell Yeah 3 by Sable Hunter borrowed from Kindle Lending Library This story was a let down after Cowboy Heat Aron Libby Hot on her trail Jessie Jacob which I enjoyed very much Each of the stories overlap so you know the direction the next story will be going when you get to the end of the previous book.
So far, the McCoy brothers have been dream heroes who fall hard and fast and are a bit caveman mine about their females What s not to love Joseph, however, was a bonehead Yeah, I said it Joseph the dare devil romeo McCoy brother was injured and paralyzed in a racing accident Cady is an Cajun therapist who also happens to be an empath healer with some divine intervention thrown in She s also considered quite plain which suits Joseph because he s lost his manhood and can t bear the thought of being around an attractive woman.
Cady and Joseph are soul mates but Josephn just has to stick his foot in his mouth constantly about how unattractive she is and if she d only get a make over she could catch a man Okay, I could deal with that if only he improved as the story progressed but no, once Cady heals him and he regains his mojo and he s become attracted to her he s still sticking his foot in his mouth They are having earth shattering sex and he wants to keep her around because he s not ready to give her up but he won t make a committment to her This goes on until nearly the end of the book And Cady, she s a doormat She s sweet and literally a saint but I was truly rooting for her to tell Joseph to stick it where the sun don t shine and head off in the sunset with a man who truly could appreciate her I was espcially annoyed when Joseph and some of the family accused her of doing something to hurt Joseph after everything she had done for him and the family It was disappointing that they would just turn on her when she had proven herself to be so selfless.
I m not writing off the series and I m planning to read Isaac s story next Badass but Joseph really needed to grovel for an entire chapter in my opinion.

Even though the dialogue in this series gets my ALL TIME Fromage award I can t stop reading it I freaken LOVE the characters I just want The McCoy boys.
like ALL of them and I did something I haven t done in a long time I got up in the middle of the night 2am to finish this damn book, just so I could sleep and find out what happensNUTS Now off to read the next book in the series that features wait for itCowboy turned badass biker dude DomI think I m going to die It s like Christmas and my birthday all in one book grin I have terribly mixed feelings about this book It ended well enough and it was a relief something went right However, through out this book Joseph acted like a complete jerk I spent most of my time itching to reach through my kindle and bitch slap him into next week 90% of Cady s interactions with him were just miserable Joseph is basically a shallow, indecisive, conceited, moody, insensitive manwhore Who starts making out with another Woman in front of their love interest because they are so used to making out with random hot women they forgot not to do it After Cady, an empath took Joseph s pain so he could walk again I thought things would finally be on track Then there was the whole marriage proposal fiasco I love this family and I absolutly loved the first two books in the series The story was well written but there was so much angst and I really disliked Joseph as a character For those reasons I gave it two stars Super Asshole Hero s just don t do it for me.
I loved the first two of this series, but I hated this one The hero of the story Joseph was and insensitive, cruel and shallow bastard He continually insults the heroine s Cady appearance and plays with her feelings, despite knowing full well that she is attracted to him Yet, she blames his behaviour on herself, even getting a makeover to make herself attractive So much for the story s central message about inner beauty Cady makes incredible sacrifices to cure Joseph, but nothing she does is enough and Joseph shows so little appreciation for it He only realises what he may have lost once her life hangs in the balance Overall, I found this story to be deeply misogynistic and I was very disappointed Don t waste your money on this one I hated Joseph He is the worst Sable Hunter male character.
I don t know how these McCoy s continue to get hotter and hottervia Sable s writing, but they do.
Joseph who winds up being paralyzed from his bike accident, only to be lectured for his own good by Libby about how precious his life is to all the familyas she explains her own circumstances with cancer, as he all but wants to give up living He can t feel anything from the waist down, and that would include his manhood, and for a man in his late twenties who has lived the exciting lifestyle he haswho has bedded woman than should be legally allowed, finds he is at a crossroad in his life.
He had starting thinking of being involved with Tebow and his family and possibly even settling down as he has witnessed his two older brothers, Aron and Jacob take on two fiance s who are also pregnant, and he starts to feel like maybe he is missing out on the love and stability that they both have But now he is paralyzed and feels hopelesshopeless to go back to his extreme sports, and hopeless to ever make love to a woman again let alone father a child Upon the advice of his dear friend who is also one of the citys Cops he decides to give this woman Acadia a call Acadia is a faith healer, who also uses aspects of Christanity, Wicca and Hoodoo with herbs to work her magic She has a solid reputation as a Physical Therapist, and is well know in many circles for her unusal style of healing She has healed several before Joseph who can t walk or have life threatening diseases.
Joseph and Cady start out on rocky ground He is looking for an ugly woman to obsolve him of his need to be whole, while not wanting to be around beautiful women that may scorn him for his inability to perform, or even walk All along Cady knows she has been dreaming of Joseph and despite injury to her emotions and her own heart she is brave enough to risk everything for his love and acceptance She is also and Empath and able to take other s aliments into her body, but so than everything else she is his Guardian Angel, sent to earth to protect Joseph as Master Gabe has told her and in the process she falls deeply in love with Joseph and becomes pregnant by himas a result of her healing him For his part Joseph fights back his feelings for her He is hurtful, then flirts with other woman, but still he wants to possess her totally, and he isn t quite sure why until one evening they get caught with one of his brothers in a violent storm that knocks out a power line that almost hits Joseph, but Cady pushes Joseph out of the way to take the current of electricity into her own body and saving him in the process It is at that time that Joseph goes to his hands and knees and prays to God that she be alright, and when he finally tells himself and others the truth that he is in love with Cady, and doesn t want to live without herever She in turn tells him about being pregnant, but decides not to be tied or married to Joseph as he proposes to her in the hospital, but with much convincing, and a good word from his brother Noah who witnesses everything she gives in to marry him and they go on to have lots of daughters and a very happy life together.
Such a lovely ending for these twoespecially after all the ups and downs they went through to get there.
Can t wait to read on the McCoy brothers books 1 and 2 of the Hell Yeahseries are in the cowboy romance and erotic romance genres In Book 3, this series suddenly changes to paranormal romance and deviates sharply from the expected cowboy romance.
Explicit language and sex scenes are expected elements in erotic romance books It is also common in this genre that characters in the throes of passion may use God s name as an expletive, which is reflective of our secular culture Because I highly value tolerance and diversity, I tend to overlook this as a reader and know that it goes with the territory In many cases this way of speaking seems merely a careless disregard unintentional of spiritual sensibilities.
Careless disregard is not the problem in this case Hunter frequently quoted Scripture in the same paragraphs in which characters used God s name as an expletive She also used Scripture in the context of spells and magic This goes beyond careless disregard and seems like purposeful disrespect aimed at those with a Judeo Christian faith background, which IS offensive to me.
Because I had already purchased it, I read Book 4 somewhat ashamed to say and Hunter continues to use Scriptural sayings right alongside use of God s name as an expletive I felt compelled to make note of this, so that those deciding whether to read this series can make an informed choice.
I fully expect some backlash from this review and would like to stress that respecting the diverse views and backgrounds of readers and authors is part of what makes Goodreads such an enlightened community Although it is oh so politically incorrect, I would like to see the same tolerance and respect shown to the Judeo Christian faiths.
Daredevil Joseph McCoy Is Convinced Of Two Things First, He S Invincible And Second He S God S Gift To Women But Heaven Has Other Ideas Joseph S World Is Turned Upside Down When He Wrecks His Dirtbike And Finds Himself Paralyzed From The Waist Down For A While, Joseph Doesn T Know If He Wants To Live Until Cady Comes To Take Care Of Him Cady Is Joseph S Guardian Angel Literally And She Will Do Anything To Make Sure He Regains All He Has Lost Including His Manhood Cady Is Not Joseph S Usual Type Of Woman But By The Time This Handsome Cowboy Knows What Hit Him Cady Has Found A Place In His Heart After Joseph Has Experienced Her Magic Touch He Will Never Be The Same Joseph Falls In Love With Cady And Learns That True Beauty Is A Rare And Wonderful Thing Her Magic TouchHer Magic Touch in the third book in Sable Hunter s Hell Yeah series This book was not as happy as the first two books, Cowboy Heat and Hot on Her Trail At times, I found Jospeh McCoy quite selfish and mean towards Cady Because of Joseph s attitude towards her, Cady looks like a victim than a love interest Also, the magic brought by Cady is too far fetched I did not find the concept even remotely believable Sable Hunter has stated that her books can be stand alone I really liked the characters of the Hell Yeah series but unfortnately, Sable Hunter didn t put enough care, respect into her characters in the this book Therefore, I would skip this book in the series The reason why I gave the book 2 stars and not 1 is because there is happy ending and moments albeit few where the story is enjoyable, but not enough to merit a must read or should read or even maybe read recommendation.