Ò Beloved Lady Mistress (Sanguire, #2) º Download by Ò D. Jordan Redhawk

Ò Beloved Lady Mistress (Sanguire, #2) º Download by Ò D. Jordan Redhawk The Completion Of The Strange Path On The Night Streets Of Seattle Has Made Whiskey A Formidable Sanguire As She Embraces Her Rising Power She Equally Pushes Away The Whispers Of Prophecy Some Believe That Whiskey Is The Reincarnation Of Their Lost Queen ElisibetWhiskey Might Come To Believe It She Dreams Through Elisibet S EyesThose Dreams Are Dominated By The Cruel And Terrible Valmont, Former Friend And Ally Of The Lost Queen, And Also Elisibet S Assassin Whiskey Grew Up On The Streets She Is No Fool She Knows If She Were Valmont, She D Be Looking To Silence The Upstart Who Threatens His Power And Gives Hope To His EnemiesBattle Lines Are Being Drawn In Spite Of All That She Has Learned And The Undoubted Power She Can Wield, Whiskey Must Decide If She Wants Any Part Of A Sanguire Civil WarThe Mesmerizing Sanguire Trilogy From D Jordan Redhawk Unveils The Bloody Balance Of An Ancient Conflict Between Undying Races Not up to the high standard of the first book but hopefully this is a typical case of second book in a trilogy syndrome and the next book will be up there with the first Great bookI really enjoyed getting to watch whiskey grow and mature into her role I can t wait to read the next book.
3 1 2 stars This book was not as good as the first In the first book, even though Whiskey was going through a lot, she was still a bit of a bad ass Whiskey killed her first Vamp after all Not sure what happened in Beloved by Whiskey s character has turned so juvenile She acted like a spoiled little brat for half the book She drove me nuts Not sure if I like the plot change about her finances either Her being a street kid and having to work hard just for some safety presented a different and interesting story line Which was something this book was lacking.
I m still going to read the next book, I need to know how this all ends.