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Download Epub Format ✓ Sheikh with Benefits PDF by Ú Teresa Morgan This book was absolutely delicious I really couldn t put it down and spent several hours reading it to the satisfying ending It had humor, sweetness, loads of sexual tension, and a very sensual love scene Poor Sheik Javad didn t know what hit him when his good buddy Arya showed up at a party looking smoking hot in a dress that left little to the imagination He was hilarious, as he reasoned with himself how he would protect her from the other men, but who would protect her from him Some of his thoughts were priceless He would have to stay by her side all night to prevent other men from troubling her.
Mhmm He would have to watch her like a security camera tonight Mhmm.
This was such a great story, and these two are perfect for each other This is my second book by the author, and I truly enjoy her writing style I know who to seek out whenever I want to get my sheik fix.
This was a short story and free kindle download Ayra is a 29 year old virgin who falls in love with Javad aka the sheikh To get his attention she tells him she wants to sleep with his brother Of course Javad has feelings for her to, so the game begins Without ruining the plot ok a small predictable plot the cardboard romance begins It passed an hour for me Nothing.
Long time friends Arya and Sheikh Javad value each other s friendship immensely Javad, the prince and second son, feels protective of her and longs to see her but doesn t pursue her for of a relationship for many reasons Arya has always lived in her sister s shadows as the subdued and shy sibling Her father has required her to be at his side helping him in his diplomatic roles In this role she has been around Javad for a long time and has grown to care for him at a soul deep level But she has also grown weary of always having to put on a mask and play the perfect hostess She longs for Javad to show any emotion to give her an indication that there might be between them Finally, she has had enough and decides to arrive at an event wearing the most eye catching dress she can and announce that she is done being on the sidelines She tells him, just to see his reaction and to force their relationship to take a turn one way or another, that she wishes to sleep with his brother, the king, and wants him to proposition him on her behalf And that if he doesn t then she will find another man in the room willing to step up and be with her Javad is forced once and for all to look at her and notice that she is than a friend and that if he doesn t step up he may loose her forever This story is very touching given the tenderness the both feel for each other For full review visit Well this was a really fast paced, easy to read, delightful story Very sweet Arya has been the good daughter for years Doing everything her ambassador father wants, keeping herself hidden behind drab coloured clothes and a demure demeanour Finally, close to 30 years old, she decides she s waited long enough She s been in love with Javed, the prince, for decades now Javed never shows emotion, is always in control of himself and never lets himself slip Only one woman can make him lose his self control Arya He finally shows her and everyone else how he can lose control in public It was great A short novella, easy to read and feel good book.
This is a nice short romance story, its entertaining and amusing which is good for some quick reads I love the way the author wrote both character s perspective How I really wish its longer because there were some scenes and back stories that I wanted to know and wanted to be discussed by the characters I just felt so rushed, maybe I m just so used to read long stories that has depth, otherwise I enjoyed the book I fell in love with the characters that made me wanted of them I recommend this book for a quick read, you ll not regret it.
This story was ok The conflict wasn t very believable to me though The first half of the book Arya talks about how much she is in love with Javad, and how she wishes he would notice her Then he does and decides he wants to be with her, and she pulls away because she realizes he isn t what she wants It was weird BUT the author made me laugh a couple of times in the book Here is an example of what I mean.
He shot her an expression of pure heat Thank God she d never seen that look on him before, or no power in the universe could have stopped her from slingshotting her panties at him from across the ballroom.
haha What S A Little Seduction Between Friends Arya Mokri, The Ultimate Wallflower, Has To Stop Dreaming Of His Royal Highness, Sheikh Javad Shirin, Or She S Going To Lose Her Mind She S Been Crushing On Him For Months And It S Time To Move On If He Won T Have Her, She Ll Find Someone Who Will A Consummate Diplomat, Sheikh Javad Would Never Dream Of Sleeping With The Woman Whose Friendship He Values So Much But When She Arrives At An Event In A Dress Showing Too Much Skin And Even Poor Judgment, He Finds Himself Wondering What It Would Look Like On His Bedroom Floor Worse, His Suddenly Sexy Friend Plans An Affair With His Own BrotherTonight, He Vows, Her Plans Will Change Whether She Wants Them To Or Not 3 1 2 4 stars Quick read Would have liked story but it was alright Maybe the author will write the brother s book and will catch us up with these two Arya Mokri is tired of being her father s upstanding daughter who does what she s told and never rebels She s not getting any younger and is still a virgin She s been in love with Sheikh Javad Shirin for as long as she can remember but he sees her as just a friend But tonight, she s taking control, no matter the consequences.
Sheikh Javad Shirin cares for Arya than he realizes, especially when she reveals she wants to lose her virginity to his older brother He turns the tables on her and plays along, if only to save her from the embarrassment But after a few close encounters, desire for Ayra boils over and she s everything he s ever wanted But the morning after leaves him craving her in his bed every night but she spurns him Will he break decorum to show her how much she means to him or will he let her slip away After reading Teresa Morgan s Desert Sheikh vs American Princess Jewels of the Desert Book 2, I needed sheikh romances I picked up this one first and absolutely loved it Highly recommend My Rating 5 stars