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Download Epub Format À One in a Billion (Home To Harbor Town, #4) PDF by Ë Beth Kery Perfect Good read The Discovery That Corporate Mogul Lincoln DuBois Had Left Her Half His Company Rocked Deidre Kavanaugh S World After All, She D Only Just Learned That The Billionaire Could Be Her Real Father And With His Right Hand Man, Nick Malone, Up In Arms, Claiming Her Share Of The Inheritance Wouldn T Be EasyCharismatic Tycoon Nick Malone Had His Doubts About Deidre S Paternity Claim, But It Was Hard To Remain Aloof When All He Wanted To Do Was Kiss Her Nick Couldn T Seem To Stop Wanting To Protect The Rebellious Beauty Or Silence The Desire To Make Her His Own And If Her Claim Was True, Nick Could Lose Half His Inheritance So Why Was He Focusing On What He Could Gain A Lifetime Of Love With The Woman Of His Dreams The 4th in the Home to Harbor Town series features Deidre Kavanaugh and Nick Malone Deidre has just recently found her birth father, whose identity was kept a secret years long past when her mother and father fought about it on that fateful night the night which spins its web through the entire Home to Harbor Town series Now much older, and estranged from her mother due to the secret which rocked the Kavanaugh family as well as two others, Deidre finally finds her truth, only to find her birth father is older and dying.
Nick Malone runs the company her birth father owns a multi conglomerate empire which spans across the U.
S Orphaned himself, Nick has always been the son Lincoln DuBois never had Now that Deidre s been named Lincoln s daughter, Nick is going to have to share the vast inheritance Can he trust her Can she trust him Watch the sparks fly.
I gave this book 4 stars It was a cute love story and I really enjoyed it My ratings didn t finish didn t like ambivalent good solid one time read great, read from author exceptional, will re read multiple timesI base my rating on writing skills, how immersed I am in the story, and if the plot flows smoothly and believably for reality or the world created Are the characters believable, likable unlikable, and diverse I will not give any spoilers.
I really liked this story It kind of reminded me of Christmas movies the kind I love on Hallmark or Lifetime It was a pleasant read and just an overall happy story There are some personal trials and opinions that the hero and heroine have to overcome but they do so despite their preconceived notions and they do so at an enjoyable pace The hero and heroine are both extremely likable and solid characters I really enjoyed how they came together despite their odd circumstance The characters are consistent in how they behave, and I have to give kudos to the author on this because instead of creating a standard someone makes a huge mistake for the couple to overcome, the author makes it so that in any explanation a character gives for certain actions, a reader can see that it makes sense for them from that character s perspective And if the reader can say it makes sense, it s believable that the other character will immediately think so too Not the typical apologies, and because of love, there is willingness to forgive It just flows so nicely, with truly adorable characters I would suggest this book to anyone looking for a cute romance It s a happy, feel good story I m definitely going to check out other books by this author and in this series because I started on the 4th book I didn t think this one was as strong as the others in the series I think part of what I was missing was the horror that was the accident that tore apart the main families This book did deal with that a bit, but it was the reason why the accident happened in the first place, and that was Deidre s parentage and how it all came out, the accident is the result of that.
I can see why Deidre would be shocked to find out that new father she had been getting to know left her half of his company, leaving her with millions, or maybe as the title says, billions At this point they don t even know for sure of the paternity, but are waiting on the results It didn t matter to Lincoln though, he knew in his heart that she was his daughter, it was too bad the rest of his so called friends and business partners didn t see it that way.
I didn t like Nick at the start, at the end, not sure that much has changed He came to Harbor Town with an ulterior motive, yet he had no compunctions about romancing and bedding Deidre He even let her know up front that it was a separate thing, but really how could it be I don t understand why he couldn t have shown the letter to Deidre and wish that it would have been in the book.
Deidre s relationship with her mother took a large part of this book The thing is that I understood both parts, I get why Deidre would leave right away, was mad at her mother I don t understand why Brigit wouldn t tell Deidre who her father really was after Derry died That seems especially cruel to me, but then again I suppose she paid the price by not having a relationship with her daughter.
I felt like the ending was too pat, but maybe that is because I didn t really care for all of the characters in this one I hope that the next one is better.
This was a cute story in my opinion I m just a mush because I love when the stories end up having a great ending The ending was a big surprise to me, especially with all of the things that Deidre had experienced in such a short amount of time This is the first book of the Home to Harbor Town series that I have read but now I m ready to read the others.

A heartwarming romance to read by the fire I enjoyed this book, however, it just didnt have that bite that I now expect from Beth Kery Of course, it s older, and published under a discreet company, so if you are looking for a soft, sweet read, this is for you If you are looking for a erotic romance, skip this one and go straight to the min series.
Very good book Deidre was still trying to get used to the idea that Lincoln DuBois was her father, now she found out that she has been left half of his company From the beginning Nick has been suspicious of her claim He comes to Harbor Town to get to know Deidre and decide for himself if she was really Lincoln s daughter She doesn t trust him at first, but as they spend some time together they both learn about the other Nick learns that Deidre is exactly the person she says she is Deidre gets to know Nick as a person and realizes that he feels a great responsibility to the company and all its employees They also discover an intense attraction to each other, and finally decide that they can act on it while keeping the whole paternity and business problems separate I really loved the way that they were able to get to know each other and discover how much they had in common Nick was also able to talk to her about what the company means to him He was also able to help her reconcile with her mother I could see early on that Kellermann was going to be a problem, so his activities were no surprise I really loved the events of Christmas Eve I m looking forward to the next book in the series.
This is the type of series that pulled me into reading Silhouette Special Editions eons ago I m very glad Harlequin Silhouette sticks so closely to the attributes they ve designed each of their lines by, something that is passed on from year to year so that the current up and coming reading generation is reading the same heartfelt stories women of my generation read when we were young and that we still enjoy today Beth Kery is the perfect storyteller for this line with her Home to Harbor Town series All of these truly romantic and emotional reads are born of tragedy and its aftermath Watching these dynamic characters find themselves and their loves years later is simply heart warming.
I ve been waiting for Deidre s story She s the secret baby who started the tragic chain of events we learn about in the first book that affected so many lives She s been estranged from her mother for years because she found out she s the product of an affair, and mom would never tell her the name of her biological father But eventually Deidre does discover this information, and she leaves everything behind to get to know Lincoln DuBois Only to lose him months later, and now Deidre has learned that Linc left her half of his billion dollar company, including wanting her at the helm with Nick Malone She and Nick have grated on each other from the beginning He s been her father s right hand man for years, the son he never had Deidre knows he doesn t believe she s Lincoln s daughter and wants her to take a paternity test Well, you don t demand anything of Deidre Kavanaugh So Nick has followed Deidre home to Harbor Town, determined to get to know her, to make his own decision about whether or not she ll be capable of helping him run the business and hopefully learning if she s truly a DuBois or not At first she s not happy with what the man is asking of her, especially because of his disbelief, but she eventually finds him charming and she doesn t resist when he makes plans for them to spend time together As Nick learns about her, he realizes Deidre is basically who she says she is, but he still has doubts about her paternity And that s the one thing that will sit between them, though they ve begun to get much closer than either of them ever expected Their lovemaking, while intense, is as sweet as it is mind blowing.
Deidre s family is happy for her but caution her to go slow Of course, there are other characters who are only out for themselves and interfere at the wrong time That s when she begins to have her own doubts about Nick and his agenda Having her say about his perceived deceptions, Deidre runs from Nick and toward family, though not her mother, despite how far they ve come in the past weeks all thanks to Nick What I like about Beth Kery s characters is while they re emotional and react like most of us would in similar circumstances, they also think things through They try to be fair when those thoughts lead them to the truth Nick and Deidre both go through this process, and you can see their growth come together and cement their lives right where they should be A very nice feeling to experience.
There s one story to be told in this series, and it s out later this year I m sorry to see it all end, I ve enjoyed Harbor Town so much I do hope Ms Kery has something in the works for Harlequin Silhouette in the future She s a very bright star in this long and enchanting line for readers.
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