☆ Twice Blessed (Steeple Hill) º Download by Ð Sharon Gillenwater

☆ Twice Blessed (Steeple Hill) º Download by Ð Sharon Gillenwater I am reading the series first Cade n Jessie n now Ty n Camille n Ransom n Lily Really liked how Sharon put the stories together Quint misses out on his story.
hmmm fine men really want to find them that Sharon wrote about 150yrs later in time.
My first RT review book Sweet western love story, but a bit bland and predictable.

Camille Dupree is a cardsharp She s known at poker tables as the Angel, but she leaves her card playing days behind her when she moves to Willow Grove, Texas, and meets Tyler McKinnon, the town s mayor She soon finds a decent job that doesn t involve setting foot inside a saloon and joins the local church The overall theme of the book is forgiveness we know God can forgive Camille s sinful past, but can Tyler Can the town accept her with her flaws It s funny reading how scandalized the town became after it s revealed that Camille lived with her boyfriend without benefit of marriage back then, it was considered living in sin , compared to today when marriage is seen as nothing than a piece of paper.
Camille Dupree Hoped To Leave Her Shocking Past Behind When She Moved To Willow Grove, Texas She Soon Learned A Good Heart Was A Valued Commodity And Grew To Admire The Town S Mayor, Tyler McKinnon, Who Helped Her Become A Respectable BusinesswomanBut When Her Hard Won Acceptance Was Threatened, Camille Found She Needed The Town S Forgivenessand Tyler S Could She Trust The Man She Loved To Bend His Principles And Extend The Pardon That Would Bless Them Both