Download Epub Format ☆ At His Request 1 PDF by ☆ Silvia Rhodes

Download Epub Format ☆ At His Request 1 PDF by ☆ Silvia Rhodes I feel like the whole world s attention is on me when he looks at me I feel naked and wild and I want to fuck him on this goddamned table My sentiments exactly So envious of Lara Ro and so enad with Padraig Mannix, and I was only with them for an hour Very similar plot lines to 50Shades but so much well written and much better constructed The writing was clear and concise and, at the same time, electrifying I definitely didn t have cringe moments caused by silly and distracting mental interjections and dialogue bordering on the ludicrous, so much so that any supposedly titillating moments were ruined The story was short, but also sweet and stimulating, leaving me on a provocative precipice that I wanted to continue scaling because I know the reward would be oh so exhilarating It s a lot like how Padraig whets Lara s appetite so deliciously that she is willing to explore a serious commitment as a sub to a billionaire Dom who s unlike any of the other virtual sex partners Doms she has engaged with before He knows exactly how to take what he wants from her, how to get her hooked on wanting nothing but to please him, her Master, and how to make her crave the exquisite pleasures and punishments he can give her.
Years Old Submissive Lara, Leads A Normal But Boring Life I M Supposed To Be Doing Something By Now I M Supposed To Be Important Or Interesting, Have A Life With Friends And Purpose Instead I Work Quietly As A Primly Dressed Teller At A Bank, Flashing A Carefully Whitened Smile At Patrons Who Would Rather Be Dealing With A Computer Until Lara S Online Exploits Connect Her With A Guy By The Name Of Narcissio What Lara Doesn T Know Is That Narcissio Is Actually Padraig Mannix, A Very Successful Billionaire DomA Brief Encounter With Padraig Will Leave Her Confused And Interested To Venture Even FurtherPadraig Will Lay Obstacles, But Is Lara Willing To Clear These Obstacles In Order To Cure Her Curiosity And Feed Her Needs Mature Audience Only Contains Very Erotic Content Lara works as a bank teller and is a submissive looking for direction in her life She has an online relationship with Narissio and agrees to use her web cam to see him He requests a meeting and she agrees to meet him at her friend s BDSM weekly party where she feels safe In a private room he completely dominates her and leaves her wanting When she leaves the party he picks her up and gives her a contract to sigh before he will touch her She is confused because he also gives her his name and she finds out that Padrig Mannx is a billionaire The contract is complicated and she does not understand all of it but does not know an attorney to consult and trust with the contract Padrig comes to the bank and meets her after work he is desperate to get the contract signed He sends her to his attorney and she makes several demands in a contract of her own, one being testing to make sure they are both clean She is ready to sign the contract and they have a date for the following Saturday At His Request.
Don t let the cover fool you Padraig Mannix, the Irish, billionaire gentleman with irresistibly fiery dominant tendencies is middle aged and white haired in the sexiest way imaginable Oh, and his rock hard body I wished I was the exotic Lara Ro when he had her pinned against the door of the men s bathroom, with his fingers between her legs, torturing her with pleasure I definitely want to read about their future encounters which promise to only get even hotter and impassioned Once I figured out what I like, just how kinky I can get and which buttons make me turn into a wet firework display, then I could find the right people to push those buttons Loved the way this character s mind worked Lara Ro was very likableas short as the book was, I didn t find anything irritating about Ms Rhodes heroine The hero, self made Irish billionaire, Padraig Mannix was just so sexy, with his white hair, gray eyes, a body that s hard all over, and a sexual appetite that will definitely devour Lara Ro whole, it makes me so envious Reading this steaming hot erotic short was like being given just a taste of a mouthwatering dish, and then being made to wait before I can sit down to fully enjoy it But it achieved what it wanted to do, which was make me drool After a day of grinning and simpering I m looking forward to being dirty and getting punished, even if it is only virtually for tonight I ve got my squirmy rabbit vibrator by my side, ready to step in for Narcissio if he wants to put me through the ringer Lara RoOne sexy hour spent reading a titillating erotic story, At His Request Well, it was like having a slice of pie so scrumptious, I want to bury my face in the whole pie and devour it I really liked Lara Ro, especially her no nonsense attitude towards her sexuality And I m so hot for Padraig Mannix and his no nonsense attitude when it comes to getting what he wants I would so love to be controlled by a Dom like him, my body, my sexual pleasures, my sexual gratifications, my punishments If Silvia Rhodes intention was to make me crave for of the fiercely sexually charged dynamic between these two characters, then she achieved her goal

Well I didn t enjoy this book all that much I found it very dull.
There wasn t much of a storyline, and no crescendo towards the end Where was the excitement The cover to the book looked so sexy, but the book itself was a disappointment.
The book was in the females point of view throughout.
4 stars BDSM, short storySummary The sub is bore with her life and is ready for a change She meets, whom she hopes will be her Dom, and starts a new adventure.
Cover 2.
5 starsI like the cover we see here in GR, but in my kindle that s not the cover, so I will review the one on my book.
It s vanilla If I were at a bookstore I would never bought this book, by it s cover alone Here I have a woman in white undies, lying down on a bed where a man watches here under a white comfort.
It s a bit romantic, but not this book at all characters 4 starsI like them both The Dom, is a good one The sub, is also a good one Not 5 stars, because they were not amazing, but good plot 5 starsI really enjoyed this story It was really easy to follow the direction of the book and it keep me wanting through out my reading I also did enjoyed how the intensity built out until the end.
Really well written sex heat 4.
5 starsIt s hot Really there first play scene, in my opinion a masterpiece Not much happened in that scene, but it was loaded on emotions Wow originality 4.
5 starsIt s not very original, but at the same time, the author brings something new to this type of sex game Like I said before, that first scene, sold me on the book editing 4.
5 starsI got a good version of the book, with not many mistakes.
Impressions and OpinionIt s a serie of short story There is a bit of cliffhanger at the end, but nothing left out to be said What I meant is that the story was very well presented to us, with a from beginning to end I wanted to read about their relationship, but that week of games did end it.
Yeah, I want to know about them and I m going to read the next book of the series.
If you like BDSM short stories, I totally recommend it to you Really good book Looking forward to read the series.