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[ Pdf Stevie-Girl and the Phantom Student ¾ m-m-horror PDF ] by Ann Swann ↠´ When Stevie And Jase Befriend Derol Pavey, A Boy With Tourette Syndrome, Strange Things Start To Happen The Phantom Of A Little Girl Begins Haunting Stevie, Appearing In The Mirrors Of Her House She Shows Stevie The Moment Of Her Death Over And Over, Until Jase And She Finally Track Down The Location Of The Tragic Event The Abandoned Crossroads Elementary SchoolThey Soon Discover That The Ghost Is Trying To Protect Derol, Who Like Her, Is Tormented For Being Different What Goes Around Comes Around, And On A Dark And Desperate Halloween Night, Stevie And Jase Learn Just How Deadly Bullying Can BeAlso Included In The Paperback Edition The Phantom Pilot Book One Whenever I read a book that I love with characters I want to spend time with and the author writes a sequel, I have mixed feelings My first reaction is, Wonderful I can t wait to go on another adventure with my new friends And then, just before reading the first page of the sequel, I have a lurch in my stomach What if the new book isn t as good as the first one What if the characters do things that make me not love them any Do I really want to risk the good feelings I have from the first book I needn t have worried I loved Stevie and Jase in The Phantom Pilot, but I love them even in The Phantom Student More layers have been added to their back stories and their relationship is growing deeper still best friends but with a tiny hint of possible future romance as they age together, which was endearing This book is not soda pop and bubble gum, however Serious and important themes of bullying, misunderstood people who are different, and untimely death and loss are deftly woven into a beautiful story of mystery and friendship.

Stevie and Jase befriend the new kid in school, Derol Pavey who has Tourette Syndrome, and soon strange things begin to happen A little ghostly girl begins haunting Stevie and the kids wonder if she is somehow connected to Derol s arrival Soon, the kids are involved in a tangled web of the past, bullying, and the consequences of mistreating those who are different The Phantom Student is book two in The Phantom Series by Ann Swann We met Stevie and Jase in book one, The Phantom Pilot, and now we follow them on this new adventure This is a wonderful book that holds your attention from the first page to the last Ms Swann has a beautiful way with words and captivates her audience with her excellence in writing I thoroughly enjoyed The Phantom Student and can t wait for book three in the series.
Audiobook Review I was wowed by the narrator She has the absolute perfect voice to voiceover a book such as this, young, almost juvenile, yet capable of handling the older voices Even though this book is for the younger set, I could not help but shed tears throughout I loved the experience learning about a syndrome I didn t know about Tourette Syndrome.
Author Ann Swann had a mission Her story told a tale of bullies and how they harm others She introduces a student, Derol Pavey, different from other students Not only is he from a foreign country, but he has Tourette Syndrome, which can be funny to watch if you don t understand it and perhaps even if you do.
Her stories in this series remind me of the books I read when young you know, the Nancy Drew mysteries Although Stevie girl is much younger, she is brave, smart and stands for what is right She is also very kind and considerate to her elders and other less fortunate Steve girl and Jase are wonderfully adorable children They exemplify all we wish our children and ourselves could be.
This series takes me back to the time I was young Ann Swann creates a setting very much authentic in my experience of the 1970 s and earlier It was a time where people looked after people, somehow simpler than these days we live.
I enjoyed the role Stevie girl s grandfather plays a man who loves his granddaughter enough to give her space to grow with responsibility I absolutely loved the way Jase and Stevie girl begin trusting each other, relying that the other would be there when needed Their relationship deepens in book 2.
Adding the phantom, Sally Jean, makes a great story, very much a mystery as to why she keeps appearing to Stevie girl and then others Ann Swann knows how to write a story for the young and old alike.