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å Crash (Lights and Sirens, #1) õ Download by ✓ Ruby McNally Intense, good Watching Nick and Taryn fall in love was so good Just the right amount of angst, Taryn s situation is tough, and her behaviour towards Nick is painfully understandable I liked that each found the other so attractive, yet neither is perfect, nor have Hollywood looks.
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Crash was Ruby McNally s first book and I have to say she did a great job writing it I loved both the plot and the characters and I appreciated how realistic it felt My two main problems with this book are my own hang ups so don t hold them against the author First off, there was way too much sex for my liking I started skimming after the first scene Secondly, it s written in the third person present tense I knew about that before starting the book and was hoping that I d get used to it, but I ended up struggling a lot and my reading experience was definitely ruined Despite all, it was still worth the read.
Love Until The Wheels Fall Offor Until They Re Past The Point Of Rescue Lights And Sirens, BookA Year Ago, After A Gut Wrenching Shift At Work, Taryn Falvey Made A Huge Mistake She Fell Into The Arms Of Fellow Paramedic Nick Kanelos And Into His Bed Since Then They Ve Kept Their Distance, Knowing Their Lives Are Too Messy To MeshTaryn S Got Her Hands Full Keeping Her Many Siblings And Alcoholic Mother From Slipping Into Grinding Poverty A Normal Relationship A Normal Life Isn T Even On Her RadarAfter That Desperate Night Of Passion, Nick Retreated To The Big, Empty House On The Edge Of Town He Used To Share With His Late Wife Now It S Just Him, His Mutt, And His Memories Rattling Around The Empty Rooms He S Taught Himself Not To Need Anything Or Anyone Too Much, But He Hasn T Been Able To Get Taryn Off His MindAs Inevitable As Gravity, Life Brings Taryn And Nick Spiraling Back Into Each Other S Orbit As Their Attraction Reignites, The Only Question Remaining Is Whether Two Professional Rescuers Are Capable Of Saving Themselves And Each Other Or If They Re Diving Heart First Into Certain DisasterWarning This Work Contains Two Sexy, Screwed Up Paramedics, A Slobbery Mutt, And Enough Countertop Sex To Change How You View Your Kitchen Entirely I think I ve found a new favourite author Flawed characters, realistic conflict, satisfying but not perfect sex I like it I liked that this book felt like it could be real So many romances are great fantasies adult fairytales one of the many reasons I love them , but this story I know would have happened and is likey to happen again in the future.
The book has three stories Nick dealing with being a young widowTyran and her home lifeThe budding romance of Nick and TyranI enjoyed all three of these and loved the way they intertwined to make Crash.
When Nick and Tyran are together I won t tell you how as don t want to spoil it I wondered where the story will go as was unsure if there could be anyHowever I was totally surprised by the turns this book took, with Tyran and her family and seeing Nick s emotions about his wife.
To see the full post I have many mixed feelings about Crash I really wanted to enjoy this one, because HELLO HOT PARAMEDICS I think most of my complaints lay in the editing.
Crash is ultimately about this long developing romance between two EMTs There is a lot of back story that really isn t explained well in the book There is a fire that led to hot sex and that s about all we get Okay, fine, onto the present This book is easy enough to enjoy The dialogue is light and easy to read The characters have interesting histories that shape their relationships The romance is HAWT.
The characters aren t overly developed I would have liked a little , but can live with what Crash provided I would have liked to see a littledevelopment in both Taryn and Nick While the background is borderline clich , the story still worked I would have love a littlemedical jibber jabber, being that we re following two EMTs and since I m a nurse, but anyone could pick up Crash and not be lost in medical jargon.
I think the biggest problem is the editing Let s go back to the dialogue for a second It is very much how people actually talk, with clipped sentences at time This could get a little confusing at times, and wasn t formatted in a clear way The BIG ISSUE was that we have two perspectives Nick and Taryn and absolutely no division between their perspectives NONE You re following Nick s train of thought when all of a sudden nothing makes sense because it is actually Taryn thinking It truly made Crash difficult to understand at times I hope that this is a error with the Kindle version, and that the print copy maybe has some better formatting Either way, it was frustrating as hell.
Ultimately, Crash is a good beach ready romance Be prepared for difficult formatting, but also a hot romance.
I enjoyed this book quite a bit the writing was on point , but the constant hammering of Taryn s home situation really threw me out of the book Admittedly, part of the problem there for me is that her problems were relatable and realistic So much so, it started kicking in my anxiety hardcore and while I did finish it, the tension for me hadto do with the home life rather than whether or not Taryn and Nick would actually make it.
I m giving up at chapter 4 It s written in present tense, with memories in in past tense, and that kept throwing me for a loop Add in the fact that the hero and heroine use both first and last names interchangeably, and no strong feelings toward either character, I m gonna quit while I can.

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I enjoyed this book.
Taryn is really messed up Her family is a mess She doesn t want anyone getting to close because then they will have to meet her family and she really doesn t want that she wants to pretend she is normal I think she is really strong They way she looks after her little brothers and sisters is really sweet She does whatever she can for them I think she is a sweet girl but she has so many walls around her heart that breaking in will be a difficult task for anyone.
Nick is finally coming to terms with losing his wife He is finally starting to move on He is a really good guy His sisters are a pain but they are just looking out for him They love him and want him to be happy.
Emily is a really, really good friend to Taryn Probably a better friend than she deserved.
I liked the ending of this book but to be honest I am unsure where book 2 will go.
Well first of all I have to say I never intended to read this book until I saw the synopsis and that was it, I was a gonna From literally the first page until the last I was wanting to read this, it was a quick read but not easy by any means Taryn, well first of all I loved her name unique and different I didn t like the fact she was basically a second mum to the kids it seemed like she d had a hard life playing that role for so long that she no longer felt like she deserved a life either She seemed very self confident and protective of her own heart, which was so understandable considering the situations she d been in at times though she cut off her nose to spite her own face it was sad to see that she didn t feel that she deserved anything, love, life or happiness.
Nick, he was a strong dominant male figure not a pompous one a strong kind one at the beginning as I gradually got to know him through the book, I felt for him too, sometimes he was nervous felt guilty and yeah one time he screwed up but don t we all Overall I thought this was a good book, full of action, grief, loss, understanding, growth and most of all love.