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✓ Read Ì Twin Surprise (Times Two, #3) by Jacqueline Diamond Ì 3.
5 stars This romance about an accidental pregnancy, police corruption, and dealing with chronic illness or injury has a cast of thousands making me think it s part of a series or REALLY infodumpy Might have been good without all those extraneous characters and irrelevant infodumps cluttering it up and drawing attention away from the hero and heroine I didn t really care to read about whose cousin s ex boyfriend had feelings about who or whatever When the focus was on the hero and heroine it was good a story about a couple who dealt with the same issues, were likable and actually liked each other, and solved their problems realistically.
Good book Not your typical poor woman rich man scenario I enjoyed that there were some real issues in the relationship and they were realistic characters As always contains a HEA, which is why these types of books are read anyway.

I loved the fact that the leads in this book aren t perfect and are dealing with their own issues with their bodies The romance between them is fantastic The Scars From Marta Lawson S Near Fatal Accident Have Faded, But She Still Doubts Her Ability To Attract A Man Never Mind One As Handsome As The Villazon Police Department S Derek Reed But When The Sergeant Comes Up For Auction At A Charity Event, Her Friends Have The Winning Bid And A Dream Date With The Blond Poster Boy Turns Out To Be Her Birthday Gift Finding Herself In The Arms Of The Charismatic Cop Is So Intoxicating She Throws Caution To The Wind, And She S Not Totally Surprised A Month Later When Her Doctor Gives Her Some Doubly Electrifying News She Dreads Sharing With The Elusive Bachelor But He S Hiding A Surprise, Too Will It Break Them Apart Or Bring Them Closer Together