Download Epub Format Þ I Was Taken By Cavemen! PDF by ✓ Nadia Nightside

Download Epub Format Þ I Was Taken By Cavemen! PDF by ✓ Nadia Nightside Very fun, easy read Bimbo gets in over head duh But then she s dealing with Neanderthals out of the past Very inventive, crude, stereotypical, sillyjust plain fun Nadia does it again She s a real inspiration to me as an erotica writer.
When The Young, Sexy Krystal Stumbles Into A Hidden Laboratory, She Accidentally Switches On A Time Machine That Brings Her Face To Face With A Musclebound, Studly Caveman This Caveman Doesn T Know How To Take No For An Answer At All And As It Turns Out, The Caveman Has Lots Of Cavemen Friends And They All Want A Turn With Krystal For Mature Audiences Only This Erotica Short Words Contains The Story Of A Beautiful Babe Learning First Hand The Masculine Power Of Several Strong, Manly, Primitive Men I knewThat this book would be sort of corny or stupid and it was A dumb girl turning on a time machine and having sex with cavemen is a little bit out there I m glad it was free I m impressed it was not riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors Luke other books I ve had expectations for them being good I m going to get by this author.
Lolthis was too dam funny but if want a quick thrill and a good laugh the by all means read this book.
Oh man This book was just so bad Like really bad Hated the main character She was too self centered and shallow.

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Most of the reviews about this book were positive and the book was free on , so I got a copy out of curiosity The outcome of a shallow pretty girl meddling with a time machine was ironic in a rather interesting way, but the story in general was awful The gangbang was like a written version of a horrible porn movie and the fact that a girl would be aroused in a non consensual sex or like rape could confuse some readers.