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[ Pdf October Sun ¼ ghosts PDF ] by Christopher Craven ↠´ Note This Book Was Previously Published As October Sun And PlightMiles Turner Has It All At The Peak Of His Career As A Defense Attorney, He Takes On A High Profile Case That If He Plays His Cards Right, Would Sufficiently Line His Wallet The Task Is To Defend A Famed Heir Notorious For His Constant Troubling Attention In The Limelight Miles Finds Resolve To All Of His Issues Through His Partner, But The Recent Decline In His Everyday Wellbeing Compromises This Trust After Stumbling Upon Miles In A bookstore, Former Underwear Model Landon Black Is Finally Settling Down In Life To Occupy His Time, He Takes Classes To Earn A Degree As An Accounting Major But Studying Late At Night Comes Difficult With The Extra Curricular Activities Deep Within Their Los Angeles Abode Landon Has Finally Discovered The Simple Joys Love, Learning And Life With A Last Minute Family Reunion Back Home In Colorado, Landon Cannot Fathom Which Of Those Simplicities Could Break When They Spend A Weekend Around His Prejudiced Father But As Members Of The Black Pack Come Together In The Snow Capped Mountains Of Colorado At Lake Alexander, No One Can See What S Looming Ahead An Event With Consequences So Severe It Stands To Alter All Of Their Lives Forever Prepared With Nothing But His Integrity And A Heart Full Of Hope, Miles Is Praying For A Miracle While Landon, Forced To Play A High Stakes Game Of Life Or Death, Is Asking Himself If The Love He Has Is Enough To Offer Note This Title Has Been Previously Published Under The Authority Of Carl Franklin Carl Franklin Takes Full Ownership Of This Piece Respectively From Prior Pseudonym Christopher Craven Under The Title October Sun October Sun begins with love and hope, then comes the realization that life can throw a couple of curveballs along the way This book is filled with drama, alot of angst and the curveballs I just mentioned Miles Turner is a fabulous character I Love Miles Landon might be a little spoiled but he can be adorable if he just thinks before he acts Buy this book and you will not be sorry Christopher Craven is here to stay and one author to watch I am just waiting for the next installment.
Well if this book doesn t break your heart I don t know what will I spent half the book sobbing and wiping the tears off my face This was a really good book with a great plot, but the heartache was horrid If you are hoping to get rainbows and cupcakes out of a book, it is definitely not this one Sometimes its nice to read a book that doesn t end with everyone happy and in love, but damn if that s not hard to stomach reading The characters were so well written and I just fell in love with them, but all does not end well and it leaves you sort of hanging I have to know what happens next.
October Sun is labeled M M Romantic Suspense I have a bit of a problem with this Romance, in my opinion, should have an HEA This book does not have that This book has infidelity and death Not really romantic And the suspense plot Doesn t really show up until the end and there it s just some pictures for what purpose, not to blackmail with a note that says I was there , a dead man in the hospital, and then another note after a funeral that says one of the characters is next This book was like an extended prologue for the next book, where the majority of the suspense plot will be played out I m guessing.
That also leads me to the other problem I had with October Sun As far as I could tell, this was a stand alone book or the first in a series But right from the beginning, I felt like this was a sequel and that I needed to read that first book to get what was going on in this one Not a good thing.
Miles was an ok character There was one scene where I was like, who is this man but then figured what he was going through at the time was probably affecting his behavior But Landon What an irredeemable character He s spoiled, he s selfish, he s a cheater and has quite the temper In one scene, he s at a family reunion and he throws a wine bottle at his father That s a bit much But I found that all the characters did something over the top It was all very exaggerated.
Ok, I was going to write a non spoiler review but I have to warn potential readers So this next bit has some major spoilers.
Miles has a brain tumor Miles is a lawyer and he owns his own firm with his friend Frank So Miles blurts out at the family reunion that he has cancer and that he s dying The family reunion is for Landon s family in Colorado and Miles and Landon are based out of LA So the day after Miles drops his bombshell, he s called back to LA for this case he s working on Miles and Landon fight about him returning to LA and Miles goes anyway and Landon gets drunk Landon sees an old boyfriend out at the bar and cheats on Miles Bad bad bad.
So Miles condition gets worse really fast and he has seizures and and he s bedridden He decides to get his affairs in order and is discussing things with Frank Miles asks Frank to watch over Landon when he s gone and Frank agrees Then Miles also says he thinks Frank and Landon would make a good couple And Miles can tell Frank likes this idea Ugh.
So Miles has another seizure and winds up in the hospital where he is murdered So get this, at the funeral, Landon is already thinking about Frank in not in a friendly way Check it out My husband was the most beautiful soul I ve had the honor of ever knowing Dabbing the tissue to his eyes, Landon continued Miles used to tell me from time to time that you had to give a lot to this world in order for the world to give a damn about you, Landon sighed Truth is, he was right Miles gave everything he had to his profession But than that, he gave me the world I won t stand here and tell you that I feel better knowing he s gone and that I m happy because he s in no pain I m too selfish for that Turning his head and catching Frank s eye, Landon smiled What if the last thing Miles ever gave me was the next person I need to hold onto At his husband s funeral NO WAY Too many kinds of wrong going on.
So there you have it I did not enjoy October Sun The story, the characters and the writing all left something to be desired 1 out of 5.
This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Ames You can view her post here First time reading this authorSuspenseful story with romance, joy,and sorrow Helpful insight into gay relationships with dynamics surrounding couple, friends, business associates, and family Plan to read of Mr Craven for sure Wow, what an amazing read There are so many layers to this story I couldn t even begin to explain It s an emotional rollercoaster, but the ride is amazing I loved the depth of this book and don t know how I haven t read this author before this This book is amazing I can t wait to find from this author.
Contemporary M M romance with a older famous defense lawyer who finds out he is dying and then lots of story ensues.
Lawyer Miles Turner has a wonderful life with his husband and accounting student, Landon Black This is a depressing story about end of life issues and what happens to the people that we leave behind, although the author decided that it wasn t enough plot so they add a murder murderer story line which was just too much.
Not a fluff story, but still a wild ride of a story.
139 pages and kindle freebie2 stars I didn t care about any of these characters There is a strange scene at a restaurant with a fish in a drinking glass There is cheating There is so much hatred in their families.
Freebie at right now Quick Christopher, get your editors back, I have just started reading October Sun and already I have come across several errors OK, I have finished it It was let down by some lack of continuity and the aforementioned errors Conscious instead of conscience in the prologue for example I think it would have been better with a longer word count and attention to detail, the story lurches from one scene to another, but who am I to talk, I couldn t write a decent story for trying.
This has the potential to be a good series, I see no 2 comes out next month, but I shall wait for comment from others before I buy it.