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Ï Deadly Holiday Reunion Ó Download by ☆ Lenora Worth A CHILD S LIFE WAS IN JEOPARDYTexas Ranger Jake Cavanaugh Will Do Anything To Rescue His Kidnapped Daughter From The Clutches Of A Killer And That Means Turning To Ella Terrell His High School Sweetheart For Help The Former FBI Agent Is Lucky To Be Alive After Her Own Encounter With The Vengeful Madman And Now History Seems To Be Repeating Itself This Holiday Season Ella Needs Time To Sort Through The Past Yet Time Is A Luxury They Don T Have For The Kidnapper Is Taunting Them With Misleading Clues And A Ticking Clock But Ella Will Bring Jake S Child Home At All Costs Even At The Risk Of Losing Her Heart And Her Life The one thing I love about this year is holiday reads I love suspense novels, so when you add a little romance into the mist it s even better So I really enjoyed Deadly Holiday Reunion What I thought of this bookJake and Ella were high school sweethearts but when Jake couldn t understand Ella s need to be an FBI agent instead of having a family they ended up going their separate ways Jake became a Texas Ranger and Ella an FBI agent, then a serial killer brings them together Ella almost died and even though there was still a spark between the two it just was bad timing Jake s wife had just died and she was scared emotionally so she walked away from Jake again.
Now Jake is at her door with a plea for help The same serial killer that almost killed Ella is back and he has Macey, Jakes teenage daughter Ella is no longer an FBI agent, after the ordeal that almost killed her she just never got over it Now she lives on a farm with her grandparents and caters dinners using organic farm to table style meals.
Ella can t ignore Jake s request so they head off to find the clues left by the psycho hoping they will lead to Macey During the hunt they both have to reevaluate their feelings for each other Deadly Holiday Reunion was a fast paced romantic suspense novel that really had me stumped up until close to the end and I figured it out sort of right about the time the main characters did Ella is a strong character but she has weaknesses as well She was emotionally scared when she was taken by the serial killer and assaulted by the man as well Having him come back into her life brings back a rush of emotions and at times fear Instead of shutting down she charges on because she must do so for Jake and Macey Jake has some old fashioned values and while their is nothing wrong with that he has to learn that he can t protect everyone Ella is strong and though he doesn t like how she became an FBI agent it was his thinking that tore them apart the first time While Jake and Ella chase after a killer he learns that if he wants her love he has to trust her judgement and let her be who she is, whether FBI or farmer.
If you like Christian romance suspense novels then you will enjoy this one Deadly Holiday Reunion by Lenora Worth, is definitely a 5 star riveting Love Inspired Romance Suspense novel filled with everything to keep it interesting family, friends, love, passion, and mystery As well as a little education on how command centers are operated in a missing persons case All the characters are very interesting, the pacing moves along smoothly, and the story line kept me wanting to find out what would happen next, so it was very hard to lay this book down once you read the first page It has a very surprising, yet awesome ending I loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone Lenora did an awesome job on this novel and I certainly look forward to to come Blessings Very creepy when the story is about a serial killer and having that killer come back to get revenge on Ella Terrell retired FBI agent Now the killer has kidnapped Macey Jake Cacanaugh s daughter Jake is a Texas Ranger and it takes everything he has to go to Ella for help considering there past history and what it could cost them all Hopefully they can find Macey in time for Christmas and a third chance at forever This book was a Christmas book, even though the tension did not allow too much leeway for celebrating the season on the part of the main characters However, it was a fun read, and I enjoyed the Christmas undertones I always like reading Lenora Worth s books, and I enjoyed this one as well.
What I liked This book was a fast paced, on the edge of your seat suspense The tension escalated from the beginning to the end I enjoyed the strong loyalty the main characters displayed toward each other and those they loved The characters were both realistic and strong in their faith, and that gave the story credibility and a realistic feel.
What I didn t like There were no sub plots The main plot kept building and almost became boringly repetitive A minor diversion would have offered the reader some relief and eventually added to the suspense Also, I felt that the antagonist was not developed enough throughout the story A couple of editing mistakes were obvious.
Over all I give this book four stars I didn t LOVE it because of the reasons I mentioned, but I did enjoy reading it for fun I would still recommend it to anyone loving tension and suspense in a quick read.
From the cover Texas Ranger Jake Cavanaugh will do anything to rescue his kidnapped daughter from the clutches of a killer And that means turning to Ella Terrell his high school sweetheart for help The former FBI agent is lucky to be alive after her own encounter with the vengeful madman And now history seems to be repeating itself this holiday season Ella needs time to sort through the past yet time is a luxury they don t have For the kidnapper is taunting them with misleading clues and a ticking clock But Ella will bring Jake s child home at all costs even at the risk of losing her heart and her life.
I understand that the author usually writes on romance novels This was her first attempt at a mystery murder plus romance She hit it She wrote a very good suspenseful thrilling mystery This book had it all family, friends, love, mystery Wow a serial killer even The main two characters, Ella and Jake were both strong, loving, dependable, and caring individuals The plot was believable I liked the cat and mouse clues that I have often found in murder who dun it books Excellent fast read.
I really love the Christmas season and especially Christmas books While this story was mearly set near the Christmas season and had little to do with Christmas, it was still a great book Jake and Ella were both great characters Ella was resilient and strong and loyal Jake was also loyal and a strong single dad When Jake s daughter was kidnapped, clues led him to believe an old killer once presumed dead had returned In order to save his daughter, he needed the help of his former love, Ella, the killer s only surviving victim Ella agreed to help despite her fears The two are left with the killer s idea of a twisted scavenger hunt as their only clues In the midst of their search, the two end up discovering just how much they care about each other Unfortunately, they have to risk it all for the chance to save Jake s daughter.
I have enjoyed this author for many years Her stories are always well written with good plot lines Her inspirational stories weave faith into the characters daily lives in a way that feels realistic and lacks the awkwardness inherent in some inspirational books This was a great read.
Net Galley provided a copy of this book for honest review I m seriously impressed that this is the author s first crime story, following her romance novels The contents may include a few staples like a hunt for a clue leaving serial killer before he murders a kidnapped girl, but the writing, crime scene handling, descriptions of setting and characters are remarkably well done East Texas is the location and the main characters are a male Texas Ranger and a female former FBI officer They work together to find the killer, searching a wooded lake location and a town There is the shimmering suggestion of a romance because the two had an understanding years ago, but that ended when she joined the FBI The inspirational mood is mainly brought about by the lady praying that she will be able to help rescue the girl, and her own strength and determination are certainly inspiring This is an unusual Christmas read which will please any devotee of contemporary suspense novels, with great pacing, fine role models and a suitably creepy antagonist Love inspired suspense it s not just for girls.
Somewhere between 4 1 2 and 5 This is one of the best in this genre I have read I ve been reading these a long time, and this is one of the first ones in which the male protagonist is allowed to have honest emotions his daughter has been kidnapped by a murderer bent on revenge, and, at least three times, he cries Men are NEVER allowed to cry in this genre It did have an editing error On page 111, the protagonists sparng into action I d paid good money to see that I assume they sprang.
Lenora Worth is a first time read for me and her new book Deadly Holiday Reunion brings together Texas Ranger Jake Cavanaugh and retired FBI agent Ella Terrell, when Jake s teenage daughter gets kidnapped a kidnapper with deadly intentions and very familiar to Ella, from who she barely escaped with her life.
Now Ella has to face the monster from the past to save Jake s daughter Macey, even if she has to give herself to the killer in exchange for Macey But Jake is not about to give up on the second chance he s got with Ella, and would do anything to get back his daughter and keep Ella at her side Racing against time, and with misleading clues dropped by the killer this is one game that Jake and Ella intend to win and put the killer to rest permanently.
The plot is good, the characters sounded nice, yet the narration lacked conviction and interest for me I felt it was a tad too lengthy and repetitive of what Jake and Ella are feeling and going through It is still decent for a one time read.
Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for a honest review.