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↠´ Spy/counterspy: The autobiography of Dusko Popov ¹ Download by Ô Dusko Popov An autobiography of a WWI double agent code name Tricycle whose life inspired Ian Fleming to create James Bond An amazing tale of counter espionage and events that not many people know about For instance, it clearly shows how US intelligence was warned and new about the Pearl Harbor attack yet decided to ignore it Doesn t history repeat itself with an alarming accuracy Un Bond pi educato, un memoir godibilissimo, una delle letture pi piacevoli dell anno probabilmente.
By publishing The Double Cross System in 1974, J C Masterman cracked the Official Secrets Act door, allowing the greatest spy ever, Dusko Popov, to publish his memoirs two years later Because much was still classified, Popov changed many names In addition, since he had no access to still classified MI5 and FBI files, much of his information is dischronologized or he mixed up names understandable writing from memory events that occurred 30 years prior As I point out in my book on Popov INTO THE LION S MOUTH The True Story of Dusko Popov WWII Spy, Patriot, and the Real Life Inspiration for James Bond, Berkley, June 7, 2016 , Dusko made up the name of the man who killed his best friend, Johnny Jebsen Popov wrote that his name was Walter Salzer, which is fictitious Both I and Popov s son believe Dusko made the name up because he Dusko killed the Nazi days after the war had ended My book reveals the three possible men who would have killed Jebsen, and the man I believe Popov killed And who said nonfiction was boring A fascinating and true story from World War II.
Dusko Popov may or may not have been a model for James Bond He admits he s not sure, although he did know Ian Fleming The Yugoslavian was definitely a playboy, but he was also one of the most effective double agents in World War II His greatest accomplishment was helping to fool the Germans about the location of the D Day landing As a result, Hitler kept many divisions away from the Normandy beaches, and even after the landing began he still wouldn t move them because he was convinced that the real landing was going to be somewhere else Popov also had conclusive evidence that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor months before it happened He traveled to the US and told J Edgar Hoover The FBI was the only game in town then because the US didn t have an effective spy system yet Hoover had no interest in the information unless it gave him personal glory, and Popov is convinced Hoover never passed the information on, which could have prevented the carnage that occurred There were many plans afoot to unseat Hitler during the war, but some sources thought it was better to not try to oust him because he was a bad military strategist, often overruling his generals, and his bungles helped lose the war In the last part of the book, after the war ends, Popov searches for his best friend who had been captured by the Germans, with surprising results Contains information you won t find in all accounts of World War II.
Noioso Amazing books, Spy Counterspy The Autobiography Of Dusko Popov Author Dusko Popov This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Spy Counterspy The Autobiography Of Dusko Popov, Essay By Dusko Popov Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You In this enticing autobiography that reads like fiction, you learn about the wartime life of Yugoslavian Dusko Popov, the premier double agent during WWII Dusko s work for the British was on at least one occasion witnessed by Ian Fleming, and he is thus considered to be part of the inspiration for the famous James Bond character The life of Popov is, however much he might has enjoyed women and fast cars, far interesting than any Bond story.
At one point Popov is sent to the U.
S to set up a double cross system like the one he established with the British, and is thoroughly not only ignored and disdained by Hoover, but his work is actively suppressed Much like reading about Hoover in Taylor Branch s Parting the Waters, I found myself infuriated with the man Yet again I wanted to reach through time and strangle him, which is a rare reaction for me.
The ending of Spy Counterspy is nothing short of intense, disturbing, and sobering, showcasing some of the best and worst of humanity Knowing that this really happened, and is no mere story, makes it intimately powerful.
I read this book in 7th grade, I thinkthat was a long time agoand I still remember lots of details of it It s an autobiography of a Polish man, who was both a spy for the British and the Germans during WWII Supposedly, Dusko Popov was the basis for Ian Fleming s James Bond, and I could believe it One of the parts that stuck to me was all the information sent to the US through J Edgar Hoover whose description by Popov is amazing regarding Pearl Harbor The book is told in a novel type form, so it makes it much readable and enjoyable I liked this book so much, several years ago, I found a copy online and bought it it s been years out of print, but I couldn t find my copy Still want to get back to reading it again.
Interesting and detailed memoir of a WWII double agent This book filled in many blank spots in my WWII history knowledge Reinforces how the German Abwehr, under Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, was not 100% behind Hitler and the Nazi regime The Abwehr was less sophisticated than Great Britain s MI5 and MI6.
I found a used copy of this book in excellent shape for only 35 it s been out of print for years Highly recommended for WWII history buffs.