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✓ Read ✓ Stay with Me Forever (Bayou Dreams #6) by Farrah Rochon ↠´ I really enjoyed this story Farrah Rochon is a new to me author and I got a copy of her book in my RWA goodie bag While it s part of her ongoing Bayou Dreams series, it can definitely be read as a stand alone I must admit, meeting the interesting cast of characters has made me eager to go back and pick up the other books particularly Shayla s story.
The flood prevention project was an interesting element and backdrop to the story, and it came across as very well researched While the sexy bits were towards the back of the book and a little lower on the heat spectrum than what I normally read, they were still very satisfying.
Overall a thoroughly enjoyable read I ll be keeping an eye out for Farrah s books from now on.
Rochon fittingly ends her Bayou Dreams series with a couple who are focused on protecting the town of Gauthier, its people, and its future Flood management as a civil engineering project was an interesting focus though reading this while Louisiana anticipates Tropical Storm Barry made me anxious, and I m nowhere near there , and gutsy, chip on her shoulder Paxton and patient, hard working rich boy Sawyer were interesting if sometimes frustrating protagonists I know it s a return to class divided small town and memories of an unhappy teenagehood thing, but goodness did I have a difficult time with thirty seven year old Paxton rehashing and caring about her high school experiences for as much as she did And I know other people kept dragging her into it, and it was important for re evaluating her history with Sawyer and the secret crushes they d nursed for one another , but I was relieved that their HEA view spoiler included not necessarily settling down in Gauthier, as much as they loved it, and also included Paxton not compromising on her career ambitions hide spoiler When Passion Is The Perfect Storm Successful Career Woman Paxton Jones Has Come A Long Way From Her Dirt Poor Roots And The Girl With An Unrequited Crush On High School Football Star Sawyer Robertson Gauthier S Privileged Golden Boy Was Way Out Of Her League Until One Passion Filled Night But When A Project Close To Her Heart Reunites Them, Paxton Has To Rein In Her Still Smoldering Feelings For The Devastatingly Handsome Civil Engineer Three Years Ago, Sawyer Shared The Most Incredible Night Of His Life With The Woman He D Long Admired Afterward, Paxton Left Town Without Even Saying Goodbye Now, Thrown Together On A Mission To Protect Their Vulnerable Louisiana Community, They Clash On Everything Except Their Reigniting Desire For Each Other As Disaster Threatens And Sawyer And Paxton Put Aside Their Differences For A Greater Cause, Will They Find A Love That Can Heal All Wounds Ms Rochon s Bayou Dreams books have been my very favorite Kimani series The stories always seem to have intelligent, likable heroines and relatable, believable romances Stay with Me Forever is a wonderful addition to this strong series You can read my full review at I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review So, first of all, I am in LOVE with the Bayou Dreams series Set in quaint Gauthier Louisiana, I always imagine it so picturesque and small town, where everyone knows everyone else by first name and they know all your business, but you don t really mind Most of all, I love how close knit the communities and the business owners are, from The Jazzy Bean to Harlan s, it s like there s not even competition for business that is if folks don t shop in nearby bustling Maplesville Paxton Jones seemed like a haunted character Everything she does in her life harkens back to proving she is good enough to be around the same people she s known her whole life Her past as the child of a single mother who grew up on the wrong side of the train tracks has tainted her view of her hometown and her childhood crush Sawyer, former captain of the football team, current engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers and Paxton s partner in designing a flood protection system for the city of Gauthier.
I never thought I would find such things interesting, but I read with rapt attention as Farrah went into deep descriptive detail about what a flood protection system does, how it does it and what can happen when it fails Having watched Hurricane Katrina unfold before my eyes, I can only imagine how harrowing the flood experience can be to experience it in real life I felt less connected to Sawyer, maybe becaus Paxton s story seemed so much emotional I felt for him but I didn t fall for him like I fell for Matt Gauthier I felt a bit removed from his character, but he wasn t an unlikeable one Because I didn t really connect with Sawyer, I had a hard time really buying into the romance, especially knowing that Paxton was leaving soon I am not a love em and leave em, Vacationship, temporary lover kind of person, so I get uncomfortable with it s obvious that one person is going to fall for the other, but the narrative is that it s nothing serious And especially when Sawyer starts to catch feelings and Paxton is entirely concerned about her job What Farrah Rochon does best is pick you up and plant you in the story I always feel like I am standing on a street corner watching conversations sitting at a table and joining in on the joking a fly on the wall during some steamy steamy HAWT love scenes This was a great read just because it was from Farrah, but also because it s another visit to one of my favorite fictional hometowns If you like small towns and hearts reconnecting, this book is for you The ending felt rushed, and hoenstly I feel like I would have enjoyed this story if it was about them in high school as high schoolers instead of them still being caught up in high school feelings and drama 20 years, and one one night stand, after the fact.
The setup is so romantic, they both liked each other in high school, then have one night of hot passion, and now they have to work together to fulfill an important, life saving, project in their hometown.
Pax has had a chip on her shoulder all her life She grew up poor, her mother did her best, but they struggled most of her life just to make the ends meet She wasn t part of the in group in high school, she wasn t invited to the parties, she was the outsider To protect herself, she developed lots of resentment and judgement for those who had it easier in life, especially towards Sawyer, who she had a crush on.
Paxton s best friend, Shayla, called her attitude Mean Pax , cause she wasn t afraid to let her claws show.
But as they work on the project, Pax also works on her attitude, perspective and priorities Sawyer is fully committed, to make things finally work between them He is putting out the effort, and letting Pax see who he really is.
Yes, Pax has a tough as nails attitude, that made me want to shake her up a few times But she does work through her issues, and opens up.
The flooding issues, reasons, and consequences that are brought up in the story, as Pax and Sawyer work on the project are intriguing, as so little can change so much, and how one town s effort can be costly to another.
Steamy and passionate second chance romance, mixed with some mind stimulating social issues Four Spoons The sixth book in the Bayou Dreams series gives us its latest look at the proud residents of Gauthier, Louisiana The town has grown and prospered since discovering its significant historical importance, but being in an area prone to hurricanes makes it vulnerable to flooding.
Paxton Jones and Sawyer Robertson grew up in Gauthier but on different sides of the tracks Paxton was dirt poor living with her single mom and her high school crush Sawyer, the football star, was the son of one of the town s most successful businessman Now adults living elsewhere, both have returned to work on an engineering project that will hopefully alleviate the town s flooding issues Working together brings up longheld feelings they have for each other as well as the perceived class separation between the two.
This book fit in well with the other ones in the series and had the perfect amount of conflict and romance I wish the ending was a little fleshed out with events that happened once the flood project was finished, but maybe that will come up in the next book.

Each time I read about Gauthier and Maplesville I feel so at home Stay With Me Forever gave me that good old down home feeling Well written characters, saying and doing for the community the way we did in the old days People in the community showing LOVE Sawyer had the patience of Job, Belinda and Paxton are independent as hell, I remember those type of people growing up in my community in AL.
Read book 6 in the Bayou Dream series, it will have you wanting to read books 1 to 5 Each book stands on it s own but to read the entire series is just awesome.
Growing up on the wrong side of the river in Gauthier, Louisiana, Paxton Jones is suitably proud of her career success as a project manager for a company that works on flood prevention projects But she has trouble shaking the major chip on her shoulder about her underprivileged upbringing, especially when it comes to town golden boy Sawyer Robertson But now that Paxton is back in town, working on a flood control project that might save Gauthier from a future disaster, Paxton has to swallow her pride if the project is to be a success Because the Army Corps of Engineer Civil Works Department has assigned no one but Sawyer Robertson to work with her on it.
But Sawyer, who has had a crush on Paxton ever since high school, grows ever determined to make the one night stand he shared with Paxton three years ago into something And to prevent the flood project from overlooking any detail, no matter how seemingly insignificant and no matter how much extra time such detail work may take But Paxton s job may be on the line if she doesn t bring the project in on time and on budgetRochon is a strong writer, and the set up here had the potential to work well But the reason for Paxton s reluctance to give in to her attraction to Sawyer makes absolutely no sense, at least in terms of what we re shown in the story Paxton s class based issues could also have made for interesting drama, but the novel shows us absolutely no reason why Paxton should hold them though the narrative talks about class differences existing in the town, no one treats her or her mother differently or slightingly So it ends up feeling like Paxton s nursing a grudge against the town, and against Sawyer, for absolutely no reason.