Trailer ¸ For Life PDF by ó L.E. Chamberlin

Trailer ¸ For Life PDF by ó L.E. Chamberlin 4.
5 I honestly didn t know how to start this review I typed a line, I deleted I typed another, I deleted Some scenes in this book just pop up in my head and thinking about them gets me teary eyed all over again It s such a moving story about second chances sob Grady and Cassie have a long history They met when they were kids, married young, had kids, couldn t sustain the marriage, divorced, and 12 years later so goes the story What happens after is the attempt to reconnect, the efforts it took to not look back, the ways to move forward with now grown children to consider as well, and the acknowledgment of this beautiful thing they have between them, that passionate connection Cassie has a lot of emotional baggage from the beginning, who s just trying to be the best mom for their kids I have to say she challenged me a bit but this is all personal take I was imposing my own feels on her a few time Some of her decisions frustrated me but like I said, that s just me being all mcjudgy Luckily, she woman ed up at the end, whew Grady I don t have enough words for Grady He may have messed up the first time, but talk about redemption I swear, you think of every adjective you can think of for your ideal man BBF book boyfriend g , he s got it, yes, I say he does hubby need not know hehe To Casey s credit, she helped further build that image of Grady just the way she saw him Seriously, I cannot be any captivated by Grady swoon So you have well developed characters from the Hh to their children and the people who surround them, and a story full of emotions It mirrors real life so much that reading this honestly feels like being given an intimate view into a relationship of a dear friend, or one s own for that matter Married or not, I don t think anyone can argue the emotions this story will evoke sigh I ve read L.
E s short stories before and she already impressed me with just few pages I wondered then how much she can do with a full length story, and now, I wonder no Well done, L.
, well done Can t wait forARC received and I also own a copy BR with the Canaries Cassie Daley Found Her Soulmate At Seventeen Steadfast, Sexy, And Bold, Grady Mahoney Walked Into Her World One Night And Claimed Her For Life But After An Unplanned College Pregnancy And Six Years Of Struggling, Their Marriage Fell Apart Now, Despite Sharing Custody Of Their Two Children, They Ve Barely Spoken Face To Face In Nearly Eleven YearsShe S Managed To Keep Both Grady And Her Emotions At Bay For Over A Decade, But When A Family Tragedy Throws The Two Together, Cassie Must Face Both The Man She Fell In Love With And The Demons That Drove Them Apart Grady Makes It Clear That He Wants Their Family Back Together, But Can Cassie S Heart Afford To Take A Second Chance On First Love Squee It s live I honestly think one of the best highs is finishing an absolutely fabulous book A book you don t want to put down, tell everyone about, and ultimately makes you fall in love with reading again Trust me, For Life is the sort of book that will have you falling in love with reading all over again It s THAT book that will remind you that there are certain times in life where you do get that do overTwenty years ago, I met a boy at a football game who changed my life forever For Life is all about second chances Cassie and Grady met in high school and fell utterly in love from the get go They marry early and eventually have kids soon after In those early years, Grady didn t put his best foot forward in their marriage which ultimately was the demise of their union Many years later, when faced with a tragedy, they are both together after many years of barely any contact besides changing custody of their children for the weekend During this time old feelings arise as well as resentments Can Cassie and Grady put the past behind them and move forwardI know what I signed I know what we are, legally But those divorce papers don t mean shit to me I ve loved you since I was sixteen years old and I never love another woman but you as long as I live For Life was a glimpse into what I think can and may happen to many relationships I can definitely see how their marriage ended up in divorce You get the feels of what was happening and why Cassie felt the way she did all those years ago Ms Chamberlin wove the beginning of their relationship into the present which added so much depth to the story and had you wanting a happy ending for Grady and CassieI never gave up home that somehow we d find our way back to each other This book was such a fresh breath of air as I have not found that book to totally fawn over in a long while I am an angst lover and this was a definite treat for me I think the fact that the chapters were told in dual POV helped feed my addiction for this book Can I also say that this book is hot as h ll The chemistry these two shared was off the charts hot you made need a hand held fan Plus, the added dimension of having children and how they add into the equation is just another thing I loved about this one There aren t enough books written about women in their 30 s and that s another thing that hit the spot.
I highly recommend this breathtaking book I honestly did not want it to end hence the sneak reading at the most inappropriate times I can t wait to dig into of Ms Chamberlin s works Okay, enough gushing on my part go grab it 4Because you re youStarsThis story has been on my Kindle since it s release and I m quite sorry I haven t read it sooner than now For Life provides a unique look into the lives of two people destined to love each other yet their timing wasn t quite right It s a tale of second chance, contemporary romance full of memories, regrets, joys, and re discoveries Grady Mahoney and Cassie Daley fell in love fast when they were in high school Their relationship quickly progressed into a mature one where the two, together, buckled under the strains and pressures of their new life For eleven years they lived separate lives, barely speaking because of the feelings they still hold for each other When family tragedy strikes both Grady and Cassie start to believe their feelings for each other can turn into love once As the two embark on a new journey of re lighting the torches they ve always held for each other the reader gets a very realistic portrayal of the aftermath post divorce and how the navigation of new again relationship would develop L.
E Chamberlin s writing engaged me the entire time She took this unique concept of second chance love and made me believe in each of these characters, had me rooting for them throughout My shining light was most definitely Grady This is a strong man whose made mistakes, atoned for them, and lives his life proving he s a great man Sexy, smart, alpha, and completely in love with his family Grady Mahoney offers so much to this story Cassie is a woman a bit scorned, a bit confused but so very strong in the faith she holds in being a good mother She s stuck in the past with fears she keeps close for a long portion of the story Her motivations were definitely founded but there was a big part of me that wanted her to have faith in the man she inherently knows deep down Grady has become I would most definitely recommend For Life to those romance readers who love second chance, contemporaries This book is infused with a little bit of angst, a lot of sexy, deep tragedy, humor, heartfelt emotions, and characters who are quite true to real life This is going to be a series of standalone stories with new main characters in each book and I can t wait for the next installment of the Reclaimed Hearts series The heroine of that story has so much offer and with this author s story telling I know it will be great.
5 Swoon Worthy StarsFor Life is an amazing and beautifully written book.
Where do I start How do I love thee Let me count the ways 1 Grady2 Grady3 Grady4 Grady5 Okaydo you get the picture Eleven years after their marriage ended bitterly, a family tragedy brings Cassie and Grady back together under the same roof As dormant memories of their love flash before them, Cassie and Grady are forced to re examine what drove them apart in the first place There are flashbacks in time that are brilliantly written and they give the readers a chance to discover what brought Cassie and Grady together in the beginning and what eventually drove them apart For me, having a one track mind, the story starts with Grady and ends with Grady A fine, fine man.
um hmm For Life is so realistically written that it touched every one of my nerves I re lived every joy and pain with this couple Without pointing out which parts, this was a story that I could easily relate to in my own life I felt myself taking sides and rooting from the sidelines I also loved that the author involved the whole family in the story The children, Chloe and Caden, aren t just window dressing Often times in books, children are pushed to the background as an afterthought, but not so here We see how the decisions that are made by this couple not only affects them but the rippling affect it has on their children who are innocent Thus we see the dynamics at work in this family unit as it crumbles and then re builds.
For Life has it all Love Heartache Family Forgiveness GRADY Everything just works What also works for me is giving For Life 5 swoon worthy stars Grady

5 Stars This was an amazing story I loved the writing It flowed perfectly and not to mention, the characters They were perfect too This is a story of a couple who have been divorced for eleven years, have two kids and then, try to give their marriage a second chance Grady our hero is just the perfect husband every woman dreams of Though he hasn t been that way when he was married to Cassie our heroine But when he loses her, he realizes that he needs to be the man and does everything in his power to get Cassie back Well, Cassie isn t so perfect either In short, she has a tendency to become a raging bitch for very little reason And I wanted to strangle her for that But to be honest, aren t all women prone to a little over analyzing I know I am so I forgive her Reluctantly.
Anyway, as you guys know I LOVE ADORE DIE FOR marriage tropes And this one didn t disappoint at all So if you re in need of some marriage levin Get this one If low level but still emotionally charged angst made a baby with hot divorcee sex, this book would be their love child I liked it and the writing was excellent but after reading it, I m exhausted I m hoping for a full review Maybe.