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[Anne Marsh] ✓ Daring Her SEAL [european-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download · Such a fun story Levi, a Seal on a mission of a lifetime, to get unmarried but it doesn t take him long to figure out he quite likes this marriage gig But Levi s the fun one, the one that makes you smile, that appears to have his life motto as fun.
fun but when he s accidentally married to Ashley Dixon, Ashley is the realist and knows marriage isnt just fun fun fun It s back to Fantasy Island they go Daring Levi to a week of no sex seems to be easy at the start because, after all, Levi is a Navy Seal and he s trained to win and survive at all costs What he didn t count on was his plan to backfire Stuck on an island, with a cyclone raging, cocktails and a game of truth or dare marriage proposals what can go wrong Loved this story, it made me laugh and it made me cry The cover doesn t indicate how fun it is and makes Daring Her SEAL to appear quite a serious and intense story it s not it s the sun coming out after a storm kinda story Everything you could want for a Sunday morning read I give a happy four stars to Book 3 of the Uniformly Hot series Very very stoked to have receive an advanced ready copy from Netgalley.
I listened to this book on Audible the narration was good so it did not detract from the book I m not sure what is was about this book that just didn t do it for me I liked the characters okay And the setting and the plot were okay to But I guess that s what it was everything was just okay for me It was a take it or leave it kinda thing.
You may think 4 stars is too high but for a Harlequin love story it lives up to the stereotypes I m laughing at myself for reading it Quick read, unrealistic love story that develops without much sincere dialogueit was entertaining and fit the mold.
Oh boy When I found out that Levi and Ashley from Pleasing Her SEAL had their own book, I just had to buy it I loaded it up to my e reader and devoured it.
In Maddie and Mason s book, Maddie asked Levi, one of Mason s teammates, and Ashley, a DEA agent who sometimes works with the SEALs, to stand in for the bride and groom who ditched her at the last minute so she can take some photos for her wedding blog Levi and Ashley agree to go through a mock ceremony and Maddie gets her photos.
However, three months later when this book opens, Levi receives a wedding certificate in the mail A real one It seems that someone on Fantasy Island didn t get the memo that the wedding was fake, and Levi and Ashley are hitched for real Levi finds it doesn t bother him that much, because he s attracted to Ashley and she s hot, but Ashley apparently hates him so breaking the news is going to be hard.
Levi blackmails her into going back to Fantasy Island for a week so they can sort out this mess once and for all However, when they get there, Ashley is drawn into a game of truth or dare with Levi, and she can t help but notice how hot Levi is Turns out she s never hated him, but doesn t care much for his apparent love of bedhopping with his flavour of the week Levi is actually discerning about who he beds, and has a hard time getting Ashley to believe it.
She dares him to go without sex for a week, and he agrees on one condition for every night he goes without, she agrees to act out the name of a drink on a secret cocktail menu the island has, which is just code for ordering sex Ashley can t resist a dare, especially one she s going to win, because she thinks Levi doesn t take anything seriously However, Ashley finds herself giving in to her attraction to Levi before the week is over, an attraction that has been simmering for a year, and they have hot sex Levi asks Ashley to marry him for real, and she turns him down because she thinks he s a player who can t settle with just one woman.
Levi s determined to prove her wrong, especially when they find out that the marriage isn t real after all They eventually leave the island and Levi realises he wants Ashley to be his wife for real, so he drives from Louisiana, where he s attending a joint bucks night for Mason and their team leader Gray, to Virginia where Ashley lives When Ashley gets home, she finds Levi naked and waiting for her She has a surprise of her own she s gotten him an engagement ring, because she s also realised she loves him and wants to marry him for real She asks the question, he says yes, she puts on the pearl and diamond ring he gave her on the island, and they live happily ever after.
Another excellent book from Anne Marsh A hot Navy SEAL, even hotter sex, and a happy ending What could a girl want He s a womanizer, or at least that s the rumor and that s what Ashley believes And she really can t stand womanizers She has pretended to be his girlfriend on an earlier mission when they were undercover together with a motorcycle gang But the one kiss they shared, hot as it may have been and as much as they each appreciated that hotness, was a one time thing, and to hear Ashley tell it, she was prepared to cut off Levi s tongue if he got it anywhere near her again Now he has to tell her that the pretend marriage they staged on the beach of Fantasy Island on their last mission undercover, was inadvertently registered and is legal.
Levi is the kind of guy that teases and drives everyone sort of crazy with his unceasing talk, mostly about their glitches and mistakes and booboos He does indeed love the ladies and he does manage to hook up frequently But there s just something about Ashley, and while they may be legally bound, Levi is wondering what it would really be like to have someone like Ashley in his life.
This is the third novel in the trilogy involving the members of SEAL Team Sigma, a group of Navy SEALs who are totally off the grid and whose identities and appearances are guarded to protect them when they go undercover Levi is a sniper and a man who has given himself heart and soul to his team But he is now over 30 years old and beginning to wonder about what it would be like to settle down, especially as two of his team are now preparing to walk down the aisle.
This novel has a lot adversarial conversation that the two previous stories in this trilogy Levi and Ashley simply don t like each other But like all situations of this kind, especially in romance fiction, there are changes in the offing and we know that Levi and Ashley will probably have their HEA It s just a matter of how they manage that, and Ms Marsh is so good at getting us to that HEA in creative ways with lots of fun and sexy encounters thrown in I read this book as an ARC from Netgally and after reading the first two books I was delighted to have the chance to read this one as well I think readers who already enjoy Ms Marsh s writing will find these three books delightful If a reader is just encountering this author, there s lots of good reading ahead I suppose some would call this light hearted reading, but I just simply enjoyed the book and it kept my interest It is entertaining and took me to a Fantasy Island where anything was possible I believe most of us would be happy to have the wherewithal to go there ourselves Since I know I can t, this is the next best thing.
I give this book a rating of 4.
5 out of 5.

5 starsThis was a fun enemies to lovers romance The witty sexy banter between Ashley and Levi was really fun.
I received an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review and here it is 3 stars.
I thoroughly enjoyed the previous two novels in this series, and was really looking forward to seeing the romance between Ashley and Levi blossom in this one, but although it was a mildly entertaining read for the most part, it left me somewhat disappointed.
Levi, as depicted in the earlier novels as well as this one is a seriously hot hunk of a Navy SEAL Ashley is a beautiful DEA agent with whom he worked in a previous op on an island in Belize During that op they had a pretend marriage, substituting themselves for the intended bride and groom, and it was supposedly conducted by a pretend minister When Levi is back stateside and receives what looks like a genuine marriage certificate from Belize, he lets Ashley know that apparently they really are married Since they both want the marriage annulled, they need to head back to Belize to take care of it, and although Ashley has a lot on her plate job wise, she just submitted government paperwork on which she listed herself as unmarried While I expected that some sparks would fly between these two strong willed characters, what I didn t expect was an updated version of The Taming of the Shrew If these two characters weren t daring each other to have or not have sex, they were actually having sex, and when they weren t having sex, they spent all their time sniping at each other and trading barbs Of the two of them, Levi came off as sincere and a bit clueless about women, and Ashley came off as a complete and total bitch.
When Levi actually asks Ashley to marry him for real, she basically grinds his proposal into the sand After that scene, I could see absolutely no reason why he d still want her That was also the point as which I stopped caring about how this would all end and had I not agreed to read and review this novel, I d have stopped reading it right there I also need to add that other than the non stop bickering between her two main characters, this novel is sorely lacking a plot, or even an intelligent conversation between Ashley and Levi Aside from mind blowing sex, I fail to see why on earth Levi would want Ashley to become his wife I wouldn t even want her for a friend.
Having read and thoroughly enjoyed several of her other novels, I know that Ms Marsh is a far skilled writer than is exhibited in this novel If you re following the series, by all means get it and read it, and decide for yourself whether or not you think it s as good as her previous ones In my opinion, it isn t.
I received an ARC from Netgalley for this third book in Anne Marsh s latest trilogy about the SEALs of SEAL Team Sigma Ashley is a DEA agent that has partnered with the SEALs on their last two undercover missions including this trip to Fantasy Island in the Caribbean She is beautiful and sexy, strong and smart, and is the kind of woman who would have become a SEAL if women were allowed to do so She has posed as girlfriend to Levi Brandon, a womanizing, gorgeous, seemingly ego driven member of the SEALs who has bedded most of the women in the ports where they have been deployed, or at least that is the rumor and what Ashley believes Now, as a result of a fake wedding staged by Maddie Holmes in book two , Levi receives a marriage certificate in the mail from the resort stating that rather than just being stand ins for the bride and groom who didn t show, they are well and truly married Thus they find themselves back at the resort in an attempt to find out from the Belize Registry Office on the island if their marriage is indeed a fact Ashley and Levi know there is chemistry and they both acknowledge the L word lust But the another L word seems to be missing like Their story is littered with slights and insults, verbal sparring with a lot of sexual innuendo thrown in There s some kissing, or at least that s how it starts and you can imagine the rest, or perhaps that s what we think happens, but in truth, their story is different There is a lot of daring between these two, as that is sort of the SOP among the SEALS So Levi and Ashley have an interesting story for readers to enjoy I think readers will also appreciate Ms Marsh s good writing A truly worthy final book to this trilogy.
ARC received for reviewI loved Levi and Ashley in book one and really wanted them to have their own book They had great chemistry in book one, but in this one their constant snipping just got on my nerves.
Subject Navy SEAL Levi BrandonMission Sort Out His Accidental Marriage Without Sleeping With His Wife Devil May Care Navy SEAL Levi Brandon Faces A Terrifying Task Telling Ashley Dixon That Their Faux Wedding During Their Last Mission Together Was Actually Real It S Bad Enough That She Completely Loathes Him, But She S DEA Levi Will Be Lucky To Get Away With His Life Now Ashley And Levi Have Returned To Fantasy Island To Sort Things Out And Are Tempted To Play A Dangerous Game Of Lust And Restraint A Game Of Dares All Levi Has To Do Is Keep Himself From Having Sex With The Hottie DEA Agent But Ashley S Playing To Win And Darers Always Go First