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[Helen Forrester] ✓ Liverpool Daisy [food-and-drink PDF] Read Online ó I have read a number of books by Helen Forrester and this was another excellent read Here is a woman just an ordinary housewife who being in the wrong place at the wrong time becomes a prostitute At first it is just a bit of fun and some extra money, but then things change and she finds herself in some rather nasty and precarious situations Her best friend is seriously ill and she keeps on being a lady of the night so that she can buy the medicines for her friends She has a heart of gold Really enjoyed this story, quite sad and also poverty driven.
I love this book and have read it 3 or 4 times over the years.
At the end of the book I always wondered how she would carry on earning as she was a bit long in tooth to begin with and i m not sure how much longer her services would be in demand I content myself with imagining that she becomes the Madam with a few girls working for her 0 I could never get over the filth she surrounded herself with, no excuse as soap and water was available Liverpool , Where Daisy Gallagher, Big, Tough And Loving, Learns To Fight Competition, Laugh With Her Customers, Weep In Private In A Liverpool Torn By The Depression, Daisy Gallagher Grows To Womanhood The Hard Way She Is The Mainstay Of Her Poverty Stricken Family And The Devoted Friend Of Nellie O Brian, Who Is Dying For Lack Of Medical Attention Daisy S Desperation For Money Leads Her Into The Darkened Streets And Into The Arms Of Drunken Sailors Willing To Pay For Their Relief Through Her Own Strength And Suffering, Daisy Earns Enough To Pay For Her Friend S Much Needed Medical Attention Her Family Know Nothing Of Her Occupation, But When Her Stoker Husband Returns From The Sea Daisy Realises, Terror Stricken, That The Moment Of Truth Has Finally Arrived Daisy Gallagher is a woman who has seen than her fair share of sorrow and dreadful poverty in her life She is married to Mike, a sailor who is at sea for so much of his time that Daisy almost never sees him It was traditional that Irish families in Liverpool at that time all lived together, granny, mum, dad, siblings and in laws all crammed into the same small house together Although there is serious overcrowding, this arrangement gives a little financial security and there is always someone there to care for the elderly or look after the children Daisy feels that she has been let down by her family She has had a lot of children including a number of miscarriages, but two died in childhood, two are in prison and the one remaining, Maureen Mary, has broken with tradition and moved out when she got married Now the final straw, Daisy s mother has died After the funeral Daisy realises what it is to be alone, she has also lost the extra income of her mother s pension leaving her with just 18 shillings a week, the allotment from her husband Mike s wages How is she going to make ends meet, the rent, the coal and food On her way back from Lime Street one night, Daisy take a wrong turn and ends up in an undesirable area where she is cornered by three young sailors just home on leave They are drunk and assume that Daisy is a street walker At first Daisy tries to defend herself but then she give in and when they actually give her half a crown each she sees a possible solution to her problems.
Helen Forester s description of Daisy s house, the bugs in the bedroom, the lice and fleas was so vivid I found myself scratching and I could almost smell the awful smell of the house and of Daisy herself The sailors who were to be Daisy s customers however seemed not to mind the smell and despite the fact that Daisy was overweight and no longer young made no difference she was, in her way, very attractive and her cheerful and kind nature shone through.
When Nellie, Daisy s sister in law and best friend since childhood becomes very ill with T.
B Daisy knows what she must do to care for Nellie doctors cost money and so did medicine and the money had to be found All went as planned until Daisy returns home one night to find her long absent husband home from sea.
There is such love in the family and they all try to pull together, except for the relationship between Daisy and her sister Margaret As soon as they were in a room together there would be an argument, often vicious words were spoken and sometimes they ended up rolling on the floor pulling each other s hair.
Wonderful writing as always with Helen Forrester I first read this in 1984 and it is just as good now as it was then Okay, this one came slightly out of left field Liverpool Daisy and Three Women of Liverpool were up on Kindle s Daily Deal a couple of weeks back and I vaguely remembered Helen Forrester s name from a recommendation I d read from the wonderful Caitlin Moran So I decided to throw all caution to the wind and fork out my 99p.
Liverpool Daisy is set in Liverpool in the thirties, during the worldwide depression Daisy Gallagher and her family live in the slums near the river and scratch a living relying on public welfare, charity and the scant payments sent home from Daisy s sailor husband One night, when she s walking by the river she is accosted by three sailors She submits to them before they can rape her and they pay her for her services Suddenly, Daisy has found a new way to support her family.
Forrester writes warmly but brutally honestly about her home city and her excellent descriptions make you feel like you re really there Seriously, my skin is still itching from the descriptions of the lice and dirt Daisy is an interesting character she takes to prostitution very easily and she s bawdy and crude, but has an innate sense of honour and loyalty towards her friends and family Despite the horror of the setting, the horrific attitudes towards women and the grimness of Daisy s chosen profession, I enjoyed this book Recommended for anyone looking for a quick read that you don t have to think too much about, especially if you have an interest in historical fiction.
I m a big fan of Helen Forrester, but this book wasn t as good as her autobiographical books I am reading her books in the order in which she wrote them I hope the later books reach her earlier standards.
Liverpool 1931, where Daisy Gallagher, big, tough and loving, learns to fight competition, laugh with her customers, weep in private In a Liverpool torn by the Depression, Daisy Gallagher grows to womanhood, the hard way She is the mainstay of her poverty stricken family and the devoted friend of Nellie O Brian, who is dying for lack of medical attention Daisy s desperation for money leads her into the darkened streets and into the arms of drunken sailors willing to pay for their relief Through her own strength and suffering, Daisy earns enough to pay for her friend s much need medical attention Her family know nothing of her occupation, but when her stoker husband returns from the sea Daisy realises, terror stricken, that the moment of truth has finally arrived.
Great easy read about poverty and Catholic family life of in Liverpool UK in the 1920 s early 1930 s Death of her mother leaves Daisy with a third of her weekly income down, and then the need to help her friend who is ill to pay doctor s bills, heating, food etc Pre NHS do we want to return to that Pre welfare state do we want to return to that Her husband is away at sea but at least he has work as unemployment is common in the extended family Helen Forrester has written other books about Liverpool and it has the authenticity of her having partly grown up there in family hardship herself Recommend it.

A story of a woman who accidentally fell into prostitution for the right reasons but didn t think of herself as a whore, and just wanted to help her best friend during her illness A quick read, which I enjoyed After reading Helen Forrester s memoir books, this was different, but I could still see the influence of her upbringing in her story.