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[Lisa Phillips] Ç Dead End [wicca PDF] Read Online ☆ Former CIA Agent Nina Holmes and US Marshall Wyatt Ames are on a collision course together Nina is haunted by her past and is on a mission to find her mother s killer and right the wrong that caused her father to be accused of her mom s murder The wounds go deep when Nina s father dies in prison for a crime he didn t commit The memories of a man named Mr Thomas and the nick name of Little Mouse that he gave her are her only clues.
When Mr Thomas tries to kill Nina after he finds out she is looking into this unsolved case, Wyatt steps in to protect her This was such a griping and suspenseful book A real cat and mouse thriller Mr Thomas always was one step ahead of everyone at all times The book was a riveting page turner and you read with baited breath as to what this relentless killer s next move would be.
I like how the relationship with Nina and Wyatt developed They both had past issues that they needed to get over and also Nina had to draw on her faith and Wyatt had to find his Secondary characters Parker and Sienna were interesting as well and I like the friendship they shared with Nina and Wyatt.
If you are looking for a suspenseful read that might just keep you up all night until you finish it, this might be a great one to consider I received this book from Goodreads First Reads.
COLD CASE INVESTIGATION Nina Holmes Won T Rest Until She Finds Her Mother S Killer And Proves That Her Father Was Wrongly Convicted And Now That She S Left The CIA, She Finally Has Time To Pursue The Case That Shattered Her Childhood But Someone Realizes That Nina S Digging Into The Past, And Soon It S Her Own Life That S In Jeopardy Deputy US Marshal Wyatt Ames Is Just As Determined To Keep Nina Safe As He Is To Keep Investigating But As He Helps Her With The Case, They Discover That This Killer May Be Even Dangerous Than Anyone Expected And To Capture Him, Wyatt And Nina Must Be Willing To Do Whatever It Takes Even Use Themselves As Bait Excellent Loved this book Dead End a Love Inspired Suspense by Lisa Phillips A gripping story of her father who had been in prison, for killing his wife For the daughter, who still 30 years later wants the truth.
Who was this Mr Thomas, that her Mother had a brief affair with He told great stories, and had tea with her and her mother every day Real to her as a child, yet, nothing could be found about him Now someone is trying to silence her Another great story, all will enjoy.
Given ARC by author for my honest opinion.
An ex CIA agent intent on finding her mother s killer, an ex cop turned Marshal intent on protecting her and a childhood stalker just as intent on toying with her in a deadly game of cat mouse Intense, chilling, with danger around every corner this will keep you awake at night and hyper aware of your surroundings That s what I call a great suspense novel Solving the mystery of who this Mr Thomas is kept me guessing to the end When the author finally reveals his identity, it sent chills down my spine, afraid for Nina Wyatt Always one step ahead of them, they must figure out a way to outsmart outwit him to bring this killer to justice A truly suspenseful read that keeps you invested, afraid and running for your life along with the characters I received a complimentary copy of this from the author in exchange for my honest review which I have provided here Thank you Lisa for the kind of suspense novel I enjoy This was a good book.

I like this author but this book is predictable and true to the typical formula for this genre.
You can take the girl out of the CIA but you can t take the CIA out of the girl Nina has the necessary talents to conduct her own investigation on her mother s murder And that makes someone uneasyand than a little bloodthirsty This book has it all a complex plot, fast paced action and the thrill of a mystery that turns out to be so much than it first appears Oh, and the romance Well, Nina might be smitten if she can look past Wyatt s propensity to be a stubborn, immovable rock p 91 And Wyatt s definitely attracted to this ex spy How could he not be when Nina had that sweet PTA mom look about her while still knowing how to kill a man twice her size with her thumb It was kind of irresistible p 119 And yes, there s evidence of that droll humour throughout the story A stellar romantic suspense that will keep you glued to the page until you reach the end.
This book is so good It was so intense and creepy Not your standard LIS Much better than average