Trailer ☆ Dangerous Legacy PDF by ß Valerie Hansen

Trailer ☆ Dangerous Legacy PDF by ß Valerie Hansen Valerie always does a great job on suspense thrillers so I m always glad to get one of her books in the mail This is one of the Serenity Arkansas series I have enjoyed these books This book is well written, fast paced, and full of great characters I know you ll love it.
Maggie Morgan runs a wildlife sanctuary Someone is trying to destroy her and the sanctuary Could this be about the long time family feud between the Crawfords and the Witherspoons or is her boss relatives trying to destroy her to get their hands on the money The new game warden shows up to talk to her but it turns out he is the man she once loved but left her alone and pregnant.
Flint Crawford had left town six years ago when the love of his life had refused to elope with him He ran off and joined the military Now he was back and had become a game warden His boss sent him to Serenity to find Elwood Witherspoon who has been poaching When Maggie is attacked he jumps in to rescue her He is shocked to find he has a five year old son Can he find the killer before he destroys them Could they find a way to stop the feud and become a family A journey of two broken individuals caught up in a serious family feud, a feud no one even remembered what started it A story of vengeance and forgiveness God has a plan for these two A plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too Trust God and believe He will turn your situation around.
I really enjoyed this love inspired Suspense Romance, I think this was free and I voluntarily chose to review this I ve given this a 4.
7 rating.
The suspense in this just kept coming and it was hard to put down the first day but I had to get some sleep I really felt for this couple, who were sort of kept apart by her parents Because of family fights, generations deep, the trouble just kept coming Lots of ups and downs but an interesting ending.
Interesting I like this book and enjoyed reading it.

Nothing like a good suspense storyThis story had feuding families Years and years the Witherspoons were feuding with the Crawfords Lives had been destroyed, now shots are fired, Maggie is ran off the road, someone has broken into her house The love of her life Flint Crawford is back in Serenity, what is she to do about the secret she has been keeping.
Good book I liked the authors writing.
Shades of the Hatfields and McCoys in this unique spin on a Love Inspired Romance novel Loved the setting and gnarly family history And the animal sanctuary And I do love a second chance romance so much scope for angst and uncertainty and tremulous hope Maggie experiences it all as she grapples with the return of Flint and memories of their forbidden love The two are at odds from the get go Not only over their past but how to deal with the sinister threats that have become part of their present Lots of action and heartwarming romance once you get past the gnarly bits DEADLY HOMECOMING Someone Wants Maggie Morgan Dead And Her Wildlife Sanctuary Destroyed Someone Connected To The Generations Old Family Feud That S Been Revived Now That Her First Love, Flint Crawford, Has Returned To Town And Not Only Is Her Life In Jeopardy, But Flint Has Discovered The Secret She S Kept Since He Left Their Five Year Old Son Assailed By Memories Of Their Forbidden Love And Bowled Over By The Sight Of The Son He Never Knew, Flint Has A Job To Do As The New Game Warden But Now The Stakes Are Raised Not Only Must He Protect The Woman He Once Loved, But He Also Has To Save His Son Or Die Trying