Trailer º Omegas Treasure (Anima Sanator, #3) PDF by Å Wolf Specter

Trailer º Omegas Treasure (Anima Sanator, #3) PDF by Å Wolf Specter Good ReadThis is a nice continuation of the first two books The baby is born and the crap with humans hit the fan I m looking forward to the next book.
The third installation in the series and it felt a bit heavy There was a lot going on We meet a witch who appears to want to protect Dilyn, but could there be ulterior motives The dragons are still around and we learn a bit about them Dilyn tries to deal with his various changes and cravings This was another story filled with excitement.
I m not a huge fan of how this ended to be honest.
While I may come back and read this at some point, I threw in the towel less than half way in Dilyn suffers from Too Stupid To Live Syndrome He is like some idiot romance novel heroine who manages to fling herself stupidly into danger via one bad decision after the other While I could put up with this reckless tendency to bridle under restrictions and be reckless previously, he is now pregnant and far along and that makes me lose all respect or caring for him He s in danger from multiple directions and everyone is totally invested in protecting him but all he ever does is sneak out and create danger and drama I ve switched into disliking Dilyn enough that I can t force myself to sit through any If he is this irresponsible now, what s he going to be like as a parent Will he leave the kid in front of the tv and go out on the town Sheesh Good ReadThis series is very well written, Dilyn and Gwyr story keeps you on the edge of your seat Can t wait for the next installment in the series

Strong storyEven though the story could use better editing, I enjoyed reading it There were a lot of twists and turns The character development is solid Not sure how I feel about the ending of the series.
This one had so much going on Babies dragons witches and sorcerers I need I have to find out what is really going on with Leon I would love to read in this series.
This was book 3 in the Anima Sanator series and they had a whole lot going in this book Gwyr is dealing with humans who want him and his pack out of their town and off their land and when they find out that Dilyn is pregnant it gets worse Dilyn is dealing with crazy food cravings and a female dragon invading his dreams also a witch shows up Gwyr takes Dilyn out on a date and to a club and the two are followed and cornered in a diner while they were getting desert and Gwyr lets lose on the humans trying to harm his mate and his pup I knew that Meaves the witch was up to something she just showed up after all When Dilyn can no longer ignore the dragona that has been talking to him in his dreams he set out to find and help her with the help of the witch Turns out one of the dragona is in labor and needs his help as a healer he feels compiled to help her and as he helps deliver her baby he goes into labor and has a son which Meaves put the soul of one of her ancestor into This was a really good book Dilyn saves Meaves life although he wants her dead for what she did to his son and it s a good thing because when the pack is attacked by humans the extra soul helps by killing most of the humans that are attacking them I also liked that the dragons came to help them as well This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling This was the last book in this series I think and I hope that the author s write about the beta in this book I would be reading it I am also looking forward to reading other books by this duo.
M M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance Two Babies, One Witch And A Really Nasty Fight BrewingGwyr, You Re Not About To Do Anything Stupid Are YouGwyr Turned Dilyn Ran Smack Into The Hard Chest, Staring Into Blue Eyes Burning With The Brilliance Of Flame Trapped In Jewels Define Stupid Where Wear His Glasses He Needed His Glasses An Action That Could Get Us Landed In Jail Or The Evening News Or Both Poor Little Omega, Gwyr Said, Fingertips Brushing Dilyn S Jaw So Used To Staying In The Shadows You Can T Hide Forever, You Know You Ll Have To Make Yourself Known Sooner Or Later Dilyn Preferred Later Their First Child On The Way, Armed Humans At Their Doorstep And A Witch To Deal With Dilyn Really Preferred Later But Later Rose Up To Snatch Him By The Throat And Wrangle Him Into Action When An Enemy Turned Ally Approached Him With A Plea For Aide Aid That Risks The Life Of Dilyn S Unborn Child, And Exposes Them All To The Unexpected Treachery Of Someone They Thought Was A FriendOmega S Treasure Is The Rd Installment Of Anima Sanator, A Three Part Series That Begins With Omega S Touch And Omega S Embrace If You Enjoy Hot Alpha Omega Male Mpreg Paranormal Romance, You Will Love This Completed Book Series For A Steamy, Fast Paced Read, Download Now