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[ Read Online Cast in Courtlight ï occult PDF ] by Michelle Sagara ↠´ No Good Deed Goes Unpunished In Elantra, A Job Well Done Is Rewarded With A Dangerous Task And So, After Defeating A Dark Evil, Kaylin Must Enter A Place Of Deceit And Treachery A World Where Silk And Jewels Hide Deadly Secrets Kaylin Goes Before The Barrani High Court, Where A Misspoken Word Brings Sure Death And Kaylin S Never Been Known For Her Grace Or Manners But The High Lord S Heir Is Suspi Ciously Ill And Kaylin S Healing Magic Is The Only Shot At Saving Him If She Manages To Dodge The Traps Laid For HerOnly To Discover That The Healing Might Turn Out To Be The Simplest Of Tasks Before Her 3.
5 It is hard to follow a great first book and I can understand the little dip in storytelling The world building is still amazing, the idea is still engaging and imaginative I love the various races and in this book we get a better sense of the social structure of Elantra and magics However, the story did not flow like in book one and there was a bit too much angst for my taste On top of that, for no good reason, if you ask me, Kaylin acted like a total brat when it came to studying and I wanted to smack her over the head with a book of math and magic As always, the dragon and the lion man were my favorite characters The series is still very interesting and I am going to move onto the next installment with anticipation 3.
5 stars rounded up Things slowed a bit for me in the middle, but this one had a great start and finish to it.
I quite enjoyed this second book in The Chronicles of Elantra Sagara does a great job adding to the world she has created, with this installment giving a lot of insight into the enigmatic Barrani I really like how she writes the scenes where Kaylin uses magic, and there were a couple of great ones here, including an exciting finish There is definitely the sense that the story is building overall, and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next 3.
5 starsI find these books like to give the reader the runaround They re much like the Oracles that Kaylin despises, speaking in riddles and not saying much at all That d be my biggest complaint about this series, lots of words saying nothing at all or enrich it This book is much less than the first book and yet better for it since there s a single plot in this book Book 1 was the never ending story Plot this time was all Barrani, which I m all for, they re second to dragons in being most interesting I liken them to those haughty elves from The Hobbit Everyone has long hair, floats around in long robes, and are super haughty in their eternal youthfulness No one rides around on a giant stag elk though, unfortunately I enjoyed Severn in this book, mainly because his role was expanded Not sure yet how exactly he plays into everything I do wish he spoke , but then he d probably be less appealing The ending I liked the part with the Lord of the Green, but the battle royale part was meh Here s hoping Kaylin gets less stupid as the series progress I wish she d try to learn, anything, other than running around like a blind idiot.
5 stars Because not all weakness has to be weakness Weakness, strength, power, failure they re just words, and we can define what the words mean if we have the will or the courage So I ve finally given this series another go And yet, I felt the same as when I read book 1 The writing and world building is absolutely amazing But I feel so clueless a large chunk of the time Kaylin as a Hawk is very observant, and the author plays this perfectly But if I m reading even her thoughts, why doesn t she explain what she notices in her headbecause she doesn t explain, I only get a certain situation sometimes And then the whole of the story, the small stories, and the major world building, I don t get it I feel that it was never explained I have no prior knowledge of the book However, the plot and adventures undergoing only in this book is what I get and enjoy But everything elseSPOILER of book 1 And if someone can explain to me why Severen had to kill those two girls him and kaylin took in, it would greatly be appreciated Anna, this is directed at you This is a pretty fascinating world with its various races In the first book of the series we got to know a little bit about the Barrani and their social structure And in this one we delved deeper into it and their bizarre culture Kaylin is still a bit annoying but I believe given time she ll improve Especially if she stops evading all the magic lessons and learns to control her powers I love the dragon lord that is her teacher in all things magic and his ability to not slap her for being a brat I want to learn about Lord Nightshade and why he wants Kaylin I hope this doesn t evolve in some creepy romance I just don t Maybe because it s an overused trope and I ve had enough of it And nor off to the next one.
This series is so different that it is hard not to like it The setting is interesting, the races are unique, and the main character is unlike any I ve read before Some of the problems that plagued the first novel still apply to Cast in Courtlight Mainly, there is not enough information Everyone knows than the main character, and even if the main character somehow figures something out she never shares it with us For example, say there are two characters, one says, I have a big secret The other says, Oh it s about the That is how this novel works Kaylin will figure something out, but she won t spell it out for us I do enjoy novels where you have to pay attention to every detail and actually think, but this one still leaves out just a bit too much for me The good thing is that there are tons of things left to find out about, and plenty of reasons to continue the series The characters are still as interesting as they were in the first novel, though what drives my interest is their mysteriousness Everyone has a past and is not sharing it, everyone has secrets that they aren t telling The characters are almost completely defined by what they are not saying Another issue I had with the first book was the lack of mystery After I put that book down I stopped considering this a mystery series It is just fantasy There may be something the characters are trying to discover, but there is no typical detective work to be found here Now that I know not to expect it, it is no longer an issue.
As I touched on earlier, this series is definitely unique I enjoy the setting, the fiefs, the races, the characters, the intrigue, the buildings, and everything else I also enjoy Kaylin as a character She may have tons of untapped power, but she doesn t know how to wield it, and that makes her believable and realistic She is short tempered, but not without reason If everyone acted like they knew something you didn t and they never explained it to you because they thought you couldn t understand, you would be irritated too Still, even without help she is pretty intelligent, and figures things out quicker than I ever could I would give this novel a five if it were not slow in sections The fighting scenes bored me as well as some of the dialogue With a little ironing out this series could be great, and I hope it becomes great I can t wait to find out.
Two books in out of 13 or , and I m done with adventures in Elantra And not just because every time I see that word, I m reminded that I need to get an oil change for my Hyundai Elantra, that most sensible of commuter vehicles.
Nope, I m done because 1 I can t take it any with the superfluous italics and the adverb infested dialogue Seriously One character said something quietly or softly FOUR times On one page Also, the Barrani think super pretty elf lords can t have a conversation without their eyes changing color All of these things lend a soap opera feel to the proceedings the molasses pace, the continuous drama.
2 Kaylin s the type of heroine who acts on blind instinct as it turns out, always correctly but is literally incapable of buttoning up her own dresses She s also got super special but currently ill defined powers, an unerring Sense of Wrongness TM when things are about to go lopsided, and a tendency to pick up all sorts of magical marks and tokens by attractive elf men who give them to her for as of yet Unfathomable Plans 3 A love triangle looms on the horizon 11 books of love triangle maundering No thank you I d rather clean out my sock drawer.
4 I am just way too old to find gorgeous men who act like dicks and almost all of the ones in Cast in Courtlight are uppity, high handed, unforthcoming, or actively manipulative in any way attractive No.
I will concede that my enjoyment was reduced by the fact that I didn t remember much of what happened in book 1, much less who was who and why all these nudge nudge significant understated encounters matter I rounded my rating up because the worldbuilding is ambitious and the sense of humor evident But it would be a hard sell for me to continue, even if this were a trilogy instead of a uh, triskaidekology You could read a lot of interesting books in the time it would take you to get through all 13 of these.
I m going to write this review like the author wrote her book I both liked and disliked this book Grimace it was It was both complicated and uncomplicated, startling and familiar Like an old pair of jeans you slip on then realize they are out of style Shrug Like that, but then Not Frown some comments about eye color changing More about eye color Even so, well You know what I mean right The book was both confusing and made perfect sense.
This is the kind of book that makes me forget I like reading It is so excruciating for me to get through that I don t only not want to read it, I don t want to read at all.
Action happens It s kind of incomprehensible and jumbled Then since Kaylin hasn t gotten any sense of politics, magic, history or anything else, she has to have someone else inform her of the greater significance of what just happened So then she relates the events that just happened in detail to another person so they can explain to her the audience what just happened I was like, I JUST read THAT EITHER EXPLAIN IT AS IT IS HAPPENING OR DON T GIVE US THE ENTIRE SUMMARY OF WHAT I JUST read It was aggravating Step it up, Kaylin I don t want to have things explained to me like 6 times just because you are too ignorant to draw conclusions by yourself.