↠´ Her Dad's Friend ↠´ Download by ↠´ Penny Wylder

↠´ Her Dad's Friend ↠´ Download by ↠´ Penny Wylder I listened to Her Dad s Friend on audio and I didn t like the female narrator at all This book was a super quick smutty read I enjoyed it okay but there were some cringe worthy lines in this book I don t need to hear about her pushing the cum out cream pie and the way it s overly detailed ewwwww just sayin.
5 StarsI am a total cock gobbler for Father s friend age difference books and, with this being both of those, I swear if I had a penis I would have jizzed in my pants just from the description Oopsie Anyway, clearly I enjoyed it and let s add a quick hooray because there were NO hymens in this This was my guilty pleasure birthday read I read it spur of the moment when I saw a friend s review It did not disappoint.
Rachael is 21, a college student Paul is about twenty years older than her yes, it s one of those and her dad s best friend They have secretly harbored crushes on each other, end up hooking up, sparks fly, they fall in love, HEA The author describes Paul as resembling Gerard Butler with Bradley Cooper eyes, but I kept picturing someone like a slightly older Taylor Kinney although he is really rocking the silver fox look these days This story is less than 100 pages and checks all the boxes for me 1 No drama2 Short and to the point3 Hot sexBe warned that the two of them are not responsible when it comes to sex no protection , but that is part of the main plot and the result of this pregnancy is even mentioned on the cover I think this was a very well written novellla It had a perfect blend of everything It felt like a whole story, even if the end was a bit rushed and predictable The two leads had great chemistry, the pacing was good, and there was humor.
Favorite descriptions linesI practically had to unhinge my jaw like a snake to fit him into my mouth Thecashmere underbelly of his beautiful prickand hisspongy tip.
Now let s talk about the ew factor Too much cream talk STAHP Thankfully this was at the very end view spoiler He drinks her cream like warm milk NO Just NO hide spoiler

I ve been looking for a hot taboo book for awhile, so I was really excited about this one when I came across it on KU Unfortunately, though, it fell short for me and wasn t exactly what I had wanted Was it taboo Sure But it didn t keep my interest very well and I found myself skimming some Basically the story is Rachel who wants Paul, her dad s best friend Not much else to it, which is okay Don t get me wrong, I had no problem with the plot It was the story as a whole that I had issues with I felt like there wasn t enough depth to the characters to keep it interesting Honestly I just felt like everything was very anticlimactic and I kept looking for to come from the book It was this weird combination of no information and too much information If it was pure smut I wouldn t have minded But instead we re told facts about the characters and their lives that weren t followed up, leaving me wanting to know At the very very end we did get a few answers that I had been wondering about, like the characters actual age, but by then it was too late Overall, I think anyone that likes a fast and dirty story will enjoy this and I still recommend it for anyone looking for a taboo, smutty story.
5 Seductive Stars.
Dirty, Sexy, smutty little quickie read, it could have used a bit story buildup, but the lustful sex between the two main Characters, Paul and Rachel, made up for it, and it was a freebie, so it s a win, win, with a HFN OMG This book was hot I loved it Rachel is a 21 year old woman who has always had the hots for her dad s best friend Paul She wants him like she has wanted no other During a night of drinking a dirty text is sent and Rachel doesn t know what is going to happen to her relationship with Paul This book is seriously sexy and smoking hot Paul is the perfect blend of sexy and kinky and completely loveable I devoured this book in one sitting, I couldn t get enough Now excuse me I have to go change my panties, lol 4 for this super short and sexy read He Was My Dad S Best Friend And My First CrushFalling For Him Was Bad Flirting With Him And Trying To Get In His Pants The Night Of My St Birthday Party Was Definitely Worse But Can You Blame Me I Hadn T Seen The Guy In Years And He Comes Back Looking Hotter Than Ever Our Fling Shouldn T Have Even Begun But Now That It Has, I Don T Want It To Stop I M Crazy For This Guy And He S Obsessed With Me Too Bad My Father Will Kill Him If He Finds Out So We Can T Tell Him We Just Have To Keep It Secret Right That Might Have Worked Until He Got Me Pregnant How Can We Keep What We Ve Done A Secret And What If He Doesn T Want Us To This was a fun little smutty read Raechel has wanted her dads best friend for years He s secretly wanted her since she was about 18 He fought his feelings to the point of moving across the state and trying to forget about her A drunken text brings them back together and it s explosive Wish the epilogue had been a little further into the future I would ve liked of Paul s POV as well But a cute quick read.
Very quick and pretty decent read Predictable plot.
Older man What s not to love.
Great fuck like a rabbit Why not My favorite scene is when they bought sex toys and try them all Whoah Everything was so agreeable and fast paced I didn t feel any emotion beside lust and love However, the ending was too soft and fairy tale Over the top kind of romance No love no hate This is a kind of a book for short escape from shitty reality