É Caged Ò Download by ↠´ Onaiza Khan

É Caged Ò Download by ↠´ Onaiza Khan Broken toys can be replaced with new one, but broken trust Is it that simple to lead a simple life.
Noor Qureshi belongs to Delhi, fall in love with a guy in New York and ran to get married off against her family s will but little she knows, all that is, is planned by someone she loved and trusted all her life Why they did so They think Noor have some special power which if taken can make them undefeatable Unwittingly she falls prey and become victim of someone s ill will who confined her in a room neither let her die nor let her free Then how will they take her power Or is there any such power Her life takes a turn when she finds a man in imprisonment like her for his power.
A story of a girl who wants to lead a simple life with her love and to get loved The story is simple and there is whole lot of scope for the book to be fall in a genre of psychological thriller The story is not exactly, the book claims it to be.
DNF 60%I understand that English may not be the author s first language but this book was really messy The scene changes were random and disorganized, and in terms of spelling and grammar this book needed heavy editing Ex stories was spelled storeys I honestly tried to keep going but I wasn t understanding anything so I didn t really see a point in finishing.
Keep Your Mind Right, Put Your Body In Action And Let Your Spirit Guide You These Are The Words Keeping Her Sane After Her Husband Takes Her Into Isolation In Northern Canada But After Three Months With Only A Servant, A Television And The Screams Of Another Captive Keeping Her Company, She Begins To Lose Touch With Reality Even Forgetting Her Own NameWith The Help Of An Unexpected Ally, She Discovers An Inner Strength And Powers Previously Unknown Changing Her Perspective And Realigning Her Past, Present And Future CAGEDWritten by Onaiza Khan2016 Inkitt 130 Pages Genre suspense mystery, paranormal, fantasyRATING 1 STARCaged had a promising premise of a suspense novel unfortunately, Onaiza Khan does not deliver The main character mentions the movie Room based on the book written by Emma Donoghue about a young woman abducted, kept captive for years and even has a baby with the abductor After a few pages you realize that this like Aleatha Romig s Consequences a young woman finds herself kidnapped by a wealthy man and is confined to a room at his whim This short novel tries to build up suspense like the books I mentioned but it is very scattered The writing seems choppy moving from scene to scene without explanation at times so you don t get the sense of suspense that the author is trying to build Then, to explain the mystery, the author kind of cops out with delving into the paranormal almost out of the blue After Noor, the main character, meets Christian I found myself reading just to find out how Khan would wrap it all up Some of the conversations are bit whiny and childish And, it brings up Twilight randomly to explain things I found it also weird when Daniel asked Noor what her favourite movie was she says a Hindi title and then is mad when he asks what it means That kind of sets the theme of this book I think while the author has good ideas she failed to execute it and it seems like it lacked an experienced editor I received an ARC from the AUTHOR PUBLISHER My Novelesque Life Much has been written about long term captives developing relationships with their captors In this book, Khan explores what happens when a husband imprisons his wife Psychological elements create tension and interplay between Noor, her husband, another prisoner, and relatives The plot relies on characters that have magical powers than any meaningful character development There is some graphic violence The story line shows promise but is not well executed.
Onaiza Khan s Caged is an interesting supernatural thriller about a newly married woman who is being held captive by her husband Written in the first person, you, the reader, get to unravel the mystery as Noor, the protagonist, does Why is she held captive by the man who claims to love her Who is she and what is her past Who else is imprisoned and being tortured How can she escape It is easy to relate to Noor s character Perhaps because this is a relatively short book, some of the players are not as well developed Since this is a first in the series, I imagine about the characters will be revealed in the subsequent books.
I enjoyed the story but was distracted by the lack of editing If that doesn t bother you, you might enjoy this book by the up and coming writer.
The writing felt a little as though English wasn t the author s first language but since the main character was from India, it felt authentic The plot caught my interest and kept me turning pages to see how it all ended It was a quick, easy read that dealt with a difficult topic I loved the reference to another book about the same topic.
I reviewed a complimentary copy.
It jumps right into it Noor is a Indian woman, trapped and all alone in a square bedroom except for her capture, a maid and a couple guards For a couple years that s all she has known But what she doesn t understand is all the dreams and truths coming out And the newest addition to the house a man yelling from the basement maybe How will she get out and escape her husband.

Onaiza Khan When she first sent me friend request on GoodReads, I thought she must be a book lover like me But I didn t expected a cute looking girl she looks not than 15 in below picture could be author I could not believe that she can bundled books movies series and make a good story out of it.
Yes, I am talking about book Caged When she first sent me book for unbiased review, I checked book details on GoodReads and also googled about author And what I found was amazing it s not a selfpublish book but Onaiza was winner of the story peak contest.
Story started with a girl who was locked by her husband directly after their marriage She has already spent 3 months in that room She had all the luxury in that room, but her world was confined in that room She hated her husband for this betrayal Surprisingly she didn t remember few substaintial parts of her life like her name, family members names, phone numbers She recently started hearing screams of another captive that her husband brought Whenever she didn t comply with her husband, she will hear another guys screams And she was feeling guilty about it During this period few strange things started taking place Her husband started being nice to her, she got first series of the Lost , she found lock of library inside her room was open Things became and mysterious Book and story is short so I don t want to spoil it Detailed Book Review interview This is a short story, quite easy to get into, and at first appears straight forward.
A wife being held captive by her husband A servant named Alba bringing her breakfast, lunch and supper.
Alba never speaks, just smiles.
Her husband only comes on the evening She hears screaming ugly cries from another part of the house She only has residence of one room.
My mind was torn between her imagination or was this real.
Quite a fair start to the series.
My downside to some were the childish remarks when she found her way to the chained up man.
Sometimes I felt certain paragraphs were slightly immature to its descriptive meanings, and how could you have a sense of humour descovering the man heavily tied in chains Some of the remarks and observations were a little infantile for my liking.
I found myself raising my eyes to the ceiling and tutting.
not a good sign.
It needs editing, it needs discussing with someone how to put what could be a better presentation over better to a wider audience to be believable.
This could be oh so much better.