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é Read Ê Hangman (Timothy Blake #1) by Jack Heath Ê Oh, you haven t heard that one The government struck a bargain with a cannibal, and they use him to dispose of bodies after executionsWhen the FBI is having a hard time solving a case, they have someone they ll reach out to as a last resort You may wonder why it has to be a last resort if it d help solve the case in the first place well, when the payment for help is a fresh body from death row to fulfill the civilian consultant s craving of human flesh, that might explain it.
Timothy Blake is a loner, civilian consultant who helps the FBI when they desperately need it He is a master puzzle solver who seems to always notice the details no one else does He even makes a little extra cash by solving puzzles people send to him Blake has an arrangement with the field office director of the FBI He gets a call to help when a 14 year old boy goes missing on his way home from school and the mother receives a ransom call The case isn t as open and shut as one might think.
I enjoyed the twists and turns this book took It was definitelyon the original side of crime fiction I can honestly say I had never read a book before about a cannibal solving crimes It made for an interesting story Some scenes got pretty gruesome, but that s to be expected when you re talking about eating humans and disposing of the remains At times, Blake reminded me of Dexter I can see how fans of the latter would enjoy this Children fear that monsters exist Adults fear that they don t that the world is just a jigsaw of screwed up people with good qualities as well as bad.
I love that there were riddles at the start of each chapter My brain was reeling trying to figure out each answer, but I won t deny I had to go to Jack Heath s website for the rest of the majority of the answers It was a nice touch that fits in well with Blake s knack for puzzles I m curious if there will be a sequel in the future.
The guy s exquisitely off the charts in his desperate circumstances and exquisitely ugly needs Too gruesome for a lot of tastes Q Oh, you haven t heard that one The government struck a bargain with a cannibal, and they use him to dispose of bodies after executions Definitely bullshit, I clarify Then I take another bite out of Nigel Boyd s thigh c Q I always focus on where I am This isn t just about memory When my mind wanders, I don t like where it goes c Q Hey, are you a reporter I ask I got lots of stories My whole family s crazy My brother, when he s been drinking, he does some funny shit Excuse me a second, the woman says She pulls out her phone and moves to a different seat Reporters don t usually want to talk to anyone who wants to talk to them c Q In the dark subways of their unconscious minds, some people believe that no one else is real that it s all just a single player video game, and the other characters don t matter c Q And I always park in places the cops wouldn t think to look for a stolen car Such as the Houston Field Office of the FBI c Q The name plate on his desk reads Director, Houston Field Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation, just in case I missed the plaque on the door c Q She s rubbing her ring finger with her thumb, as though something used to be there Divorced, probably c Q I wonder what she s into Drugs, booze, gambling, frequent flyer miles Everyone s addicted to something, especially people in high stress jobs If I work out what her thing is I can eventually manipulate her into leaving me alone The FBI is hopelessly corrupt Everyone has a price c Q The wind sweeps across the perfect grass and ruffles his grey hair Q you never went to college Sure I did I bought pizzas there c Q I don t want to get in a car that would have me as a passenger c Q I ve heard him bragging that he never sells anything unless he can personally vouch for the quality Then again, I ve also heard him claiming to be the almighty butterfly king c Q He was a tall, hairy armed guy who hung his head low like a stegosaurus c Q counsellors and psychologists scare me I worry that my face or voice will remind them of the serial killers they studied at college c Q Cops ask the same questions repeatedly for a few reasons One is so the initial investigator s report doesn t bias subsequent lines of questioning everyone on the case gets the chance to form their own opinions The other is to check for inconsistencies, see if a witness is telling the truth Since I m lying my ass off, that s the part that concerns me c Q Anyone who lives in a big city has walked past at least one murderer And they didn t get chills They didn t look twice They kept walking c Q Actually I ve been kind of hoping the kidnapper might come back Next time I ll be ready It ll be like a guilt free delivery of takeout c Tough Raw No holds barred Easy 5 stars A tasty and oh so clever read Review of the audio version to follow Hard copy to be purchased Riddles to read properly and probably shake my head at No puns Audio amazing narrator This was a gritty and fabulously horrendously gripping read Edge of the seat reading from the get go The Hangman rips apart every likable thing about a protag, but forces you to like him still, even after discovering the despicable obsession after all he is a psychopath But I still liked him Is that horrible Is that terrible He steps into cases that cannot be solved in exchange for a bizarre payment, he is clever, witty, and unafraid to be crazy.
I met Jack Heath, he is young, fresh and unafraid to talk his craft in front of an audience I d like to know where he gets his ideas from This really is very good reading, perhaps at its best read it and look forward to number two, just as I am.
This book has a totally unbelievable premise about a cannibal with a photographic memory who acts as a consultant for the FBI on missing child cases With me so far I m not going to kid you There are some really gross scenes in this book Well, what do you expect when you hear the word cannibal The mystery itself is decent You re not really sure what s going on with the current kidnapping cases, if they re connected or not Or even if there is a second kidnapping The writer keeps you guessing Timothy Blake isn t what I would call a really fleshed out character Pardon the pun You re given his history and his thoughts, but I still just didn t feel that he was real Coming down on this one as a solid three It s a story driven, not character driven, book in my mind I had no clue as to who the bad guy was Each chapter starts with a riddle If an inability to figure out all the riddles is driving you bonkers, check out Jack Heath s website where he gives the answers But don t read ahead, because he gives you reasons a riddle was attached to a certain chapter which can act as spoilers The website is Jackheath.
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books with FBI agents should have their own sub genre since so many mysteries and thrillers feature the FBI In addition, FBI books seem to have their own sub genres A reader can find no frills crime stories, romantic suspense, paranormal, profiler , prepper FBI, criminal FBI agents, espionage FBI agent, undercover agent, trashy love stories, and now there is Hangman Hangman deserves its own category.
This is going to be very hard to rate Hangman was very well written with a great plot Although I found parts of it a bit weak But the characters, oh the characters I had a terribly hard time warming up to the main character, young, twisted Timothy Blake Scary Timmy who was an FBI consultant due to his incredible eye for detail For example he could be brought to a money drop in a large parking lot and from the cars and people walking around and extrapolate the criminal picking up the money When Blake explains how, it makes perfect sense Scary Timmy is brought in on a kidnapping case He doesn t do well with it and is stymied at every turn At the same time, his life which isn t much to begin with, begins to fall apart The director of Houston s FBI office, Peter Luhzin, found Blake s talents invaluable for solving cases with the FBI Each knows the other s secret and so have each other s backs oraccurately, over the barrel While working on the case, Blake finds someone from his past, who also shared the misery of the foster system Scary Timmy was one of the hardest characters I have ever read Ever And yet, when he faces great adversity, I wanted him to overcome it and at the end I was happy to see new employment opportunities for Blake I m sniggering here and the vague niggling thought of I wonder if there will be another book Blake makes a charming, amusing, but revolting narratorHangman is a difficult book to read, not for those of delicate sensibilities but I can t say it isn t orginal Blake might stay with you for a long time You should hope not The FBI gift shop keeps a small selection of mysteries and thrillers I think I might suggest they include this one I have also started suggesting it to agents Heheheh.
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Well this wasn t what I was expecting Timothy Blake is a bit of an outcast, but an intelligent, perceptive one who sees things that others don t He is also a psychopath with most unusual appetites Under his codename of Hangman, he makes a living solving difficult puzzles and riddles sent to him by his fans, but he also consults for the FBI when they need his special insight to help solve troublesome cases and receives his payment in a most irregular way Blake s current case is a kidnapping where nothing makes sense It s a complex case with many twists and turns before the pieces all fall into place The writing is gripping and imaginative and Blake is a most unusual character The book won t appeal to everyone due to Blake s unnatural appetites view spoiler He likes to eat human flesh hide spoiler Whoa what did I just read Before I start my blab, first things first This is a well written gripping crime suspense story with a compelling MC But it s not for the squeably Seriously Ok, we re going in.
Timothy Blake is not your typical FBI consultant He has little education, lives with a paranoid drug dealer has about 5 to his name Years ago he had a run in with a cop named Peter Luzhin that left a lasting impression on both of them Luzhin is now director of the FBI office in Houston when a case can t be cracked, he calls Blake A successful resolution means Blake gets paid with the only kind of currency he wants.
It all begins with a missing teenage boy There are plenty of red herrings inconsistencies but eventually Blake is sure he s got it sussed Besides, he really needs to collect his fee Unfortunately it s not that simple Blake is soon caught in a complex web designed by a devious intelligent killer Being partnered with a new handler is not helping Special Agent Reese Thistle is not thrilled about her new assignment, either She doesn t understand why Luzhin has brought in this odd outsider who looks likes a homeless guy But then she sees him work.
Blake is a master at solving puzzles His sharp, analytical mind notices the tiny details everyone else has missed Anything out of place, something missing all the little facial tics vocal tells that make up a lie Initially you wonder how this brilliant guy ended up in such dire straits But through flashbacks interspersed with the story we get the 411 on Blake s childhood begin to piece together how the little boy became this man The investigative aspect of the story is fast paced layered, But what really kept me reading was Blake And believe me, given his proclivities, that s no small feat He s smart, complicated dryly funny His history present circumstances are heartbreaking at times Then reality would come crashing in I d be utterly repelled by his behaviour No matter what you end up thinking about him, you have to be impressed by the author s ability to make you feel such polarized emotions so keenly.
So there you have it It won t be for everyone no doubt there will be lots of chatter about this one My best advice if you re thinking of cracking the cover is choose a brightly lit room, take your heart medication maybe keep a wee beverage nearby You ll probably need it.
I was really surprised that I enjoyed this book As the main character, Timothy Blake, tells his story, we learn about his childhood, upbringing, and lifestyle He is not an agent, but he works with a certain FBI Field Office Director to find kidnapped children He is rewarded if he is successful He is unlike any character I ve ever come across, and the author got me to like him After some initial reservations, I found this book to be an addictive read The kidnap for ransom case Blake is involved in is weird and compelling I really wasn t sure what was going on when a second child was reported missing In spite of Blake s inner demon, I wanted him to succeed.
If you are reading this and other reviews to see if you d like to pick up this book, you will know what you are facing You may initially be repulsed by the main character in this book I certainly was But think about P T Barnum s freak shows, oddities of nature, even tragic accidents and how mesmerizing they are to see Think about Jeffrey Dahmer Go ahead it s okay to read this book.
OMG What a cracker of a book.
Timothy Blake is a consultant for the FBI in Houston, Texas Smart and observant, he is an expert at finding kidnapped victims This time he is called in after the kidnapping of a fourteen year old boy, but everything is not as it seems, and Timothy is pulled into a confusing web that even he gets lost in And during it all Timothy is nursing a dark, dark secretPrepare yourselves for a rollercoaster ride like no other Hangman is an amazing, original thriller, and Timothy Blake is like no other character you ve ever met before I could easily find myself addicted to this series Highly recommended.
AYear Old Boy Vanishes On His Way Home From School His Frantic Mother Receives A Disturbing Ransom Call It S Only Hours Before The Deadline, And The Police Have No LeadsEnter Timothy Blake, Codename Hangman Blake Is A Genius, Known For Solving Impossible Cases He S Also A Sociopath The FBI S Last ResortBut This Time Blake Might Have Met His Match The Kidnapper Is Cunning And Ruthless Than Anyone He S Faced Before And Blake Has Been Assigned A New Partner, A Woman Linked To The Past He S So Desperate To ForgetTimothy Blake Has A Secret, One So Dark He Will Do Anything To Keep It HiddenAnd He Also Has A Price Every Time He Saves A Life, He Takes One Already Sold Into Five Territories, Hangman Is A Mesmerising Dissection Of The Criminal Mind And A Bulletproof Thriller Jack Heath S Hangman Is A Perverse, Twisted Take On A Crime Novel And I Loved Every Page Of It What A Rarity To Find A Thriller As Dark As A Palahniuk And As Compulsively Readable As A Patterson Two Well Chewed Thumbs Up For Hangman Gregg Hurwitz, NYT Bestselling Author Of Hellbent Jack Heath S Writing Grabs You By The Throat, Gnaws On Your Bones, And Washes It All Down With A Hefty Dose Of Funny Sick, Twisted, Violent, And Oh So Good In Timothy Blake, Heath Has Created A One Of A Kind Character I Hope Emma Viskic, Internationally Bestselling Author Of And Fire Came Down Wild And original, HANGMAN Stamps A High And Bloodied Mark On This Dark Genre Hannibal Lecter Will Be Adding Jack Heath To His Reading List Ben Sanders, Internationally Bestselling Author Of American Blood