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[ Pdf Turbulence Ù american-revolutionary-war PDF ] by E.J. Noyes ☆ Turbulence is essentially a story about a one night stand slowly turned into a relationship Both main characters have trust and daddy issues They not communicate through conversation, but through sex A plot already seen quite a few times in lesfic, so nothing unique there, but the story is well written with all elements done properly There are a lot of steamy scenes, but they are not boring by any means, and they made perfect sense related to said way of communication I liked Turbulence because of its very likable protagonists, some great secondary characters, nice dose of humor, and a nice satisfying ending I could easily recommend it to all romance fans who enjoy steamy romances with a meaningful plot.
4 starsSep 26, 2017 A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.
I found this to be a very good read that falls into a straight forward, pure romance category Turbulence is an f f story where the romance leads with sex first, followed by heart Though sex is immediate and often, I wouldn t exactly label this as erotica And, because the chemistry strikes from the first page, intimacy exists right away and builds as the story goes along We get warm fuzzies from page one There s not a lot going on to muck up the waters outside of the leads own insecurities at play and even that is fairly mild Reading this book is a bit like taking a Sunday drive over a gentle hill The journey is still enjoyable but mellow.
The story has a certain element of fantasy, with Audrey being a drop dead gorgeous near perfect saint while Isabelle, the lead whose perspective we re in, is a beautiful, down home, near billionaire with a short temper but a heart of gold Both of our leads are likable, Isabelle has some good humor, and everything is just greatmaybe that s where the story felt at an arms length for me Everything is a bit too pat and easy, even the drama All people really need to do is talk to each other and, voila, all is well.
Despite the easy ride, which yes started to feel a bit long, I still felt compelled to read I was never bored and really enjoyed it My reaction wasn t omg, this is amazing but this is solid It s well written.
And, I give bonuses to 1 no instalove and 2 the speech affectations given to Isabelle when her Southern was showing.
Sometimes we just need a happy, feel good story with little angst And, for that, this is about as good as it gets.
Gentlemen and my dear nieces please excuse yourselves from reading this review Strictly for the ladies only Thank you Oh My Noyes What the ever loving did I just read Confession, books that started with ONS never held my interest They were usually predictable after that first magical day night the m f would come out with a no strings attached buddies relationship and the rest was history I wasn t convinced with the love element, it felt like it was just sex Turbulence was the complete opposite the depth of feelings, the amazing characterization of the hs, the built up to the steamy scenes and the eventually over the volcanoes sex scenes, the hs A chemistry biology physics, how extraordinary well they fit into each others lives placed this book in a league of its own Seriously, I can t gush enough about the book Is it perfect Of course not, but the hits outnumber the misses Audrey and Iz s journey from labeless bond to something delicious and heart stopping is a must read to you romantic souls out there For those who are going to join Audrey and Iz s bandwagon besides staying away from public places public and the daylight when you read it, you might need to do laundry first because if you re like me then after most of the steamy talks scenes A dry one is much needed appreciated.
Dear Ms.
Noyes, imitating Randy Newman s voice and singing You ve Got A Fan In Me 4.
75 Stars rounded up to 5 STARSSo how long before the next E.
J Noyes book I m know her debut novel, Ask, Tell will make it on my Best of 2017 list and this, her second will too This book differs from her first as it is a romance through and through If you love romances, you will most probably love this book.
As with Ask, Tell Noyes writes it in the First Person I haven t read many in this style, but this maybe the 3rd in the last month or so I ll have to add a tag In this case the narrator is Isabelle Rhodes.
Isabelle, is a star stockbroker, on the top lists as one of the wealthiest woman and successful business person She started the company with her best friend Mark, also a broker, he takes care of personnel and as Isabelle describes it, he is the showman, all about company image while her talents were the actual money making side of the business On a business trip, Isabelle has her first one night stand only to find out the next morning that her one night stand is Captain Audrey Graham, her newly hired company pilot And off we go I loved Audrey, but maybe because Isabelle does too They keep their relationship, no strike that, their no strings arrangement quiet from everyone to avoid problems at the company and because you know, this was just casual, fun, sex But wow There is no denying their chemistry, and add to that their growing friendship and you have a fabulous romance.
There are well written minor characters especially Isabelle s Southern Mom and her driver un official bodyguard, Penny It was fascinating as we learn about Penny in little bits and for that matter, so does Belle.
One of my favorite quotes I d always prided myself on treating employees respectfully Did orgasms count as a respectful employee treatment If so, color me super respectful Isabelle after recognizing their new pilot, Captain Graham.
So after hearing all the hype about this author, I finally picked up my first book by Noyes.
Within the first 20% I was captivated, and the fear I had of not loving what everyone else was raving about abated Sadly, that changed around the 80% Mark Speaking of Marks, I really could ve have done without Mark, he was so 2 dimensional, I didn t give a crap about what his issues were To think, the issues with him were the driving conflict was just plain gutting.
By around the 90% mark, I started skimming pages, and that is never a good thing The ending left me feeling flat, another thing that s never good With all that said, there is plenty to love about the story Noyes is a talented writer, there s no denying that I love her wit, and as a reader partial to erotic scenes, I than got my fill.
5 stars for most of the book, 3 stars for the last 1 4 Overall rating 4.
25 star.
First of all, do not judge this book by its cover which in this case doesn t fit the tone of the book at all The characters and story are a lot complicated than the fly me cover.
I enjoyed this story, quite a bit actually, especially the first half or so The neurosis and self deprecating humor of the main character, Isabelle, was amusing The writing style throughout the book was quick and intelligent Both characters are damaged by events of their past and with their newly discovered serious relationship, this damage needs to be confronted and dealt with The sex Really I think this story has orgasms that the rest of my books read on GoodReads combined The author could have cut maybe 112 of them and the story would have benefited I also would rather have the main characters psychological issues begin to heal from therapy, conversation or their own epiphanies, not as the result of the inevitable, it seems in fiction anyway, big event.
I think E.
J Noyes has real talent with writing a well crafted story without many hiccups.
Stockbroker Isabelle Rhodes Has A Lot Of Money, A Lot Of Trust Issues, And A Whole Lot Of Reasons To Believe Her Ex Girlfriend Was Right When She Said That Isabelle Sucked At Relationships With That Accusation Stuck In Her Head, Isabelle Throws Caution To The Wind And Dives Into Her First One Night Stand Checking That Off Her Bucket List Should Be Something To Celebrate Except It Turns Out That The Woman She Just Spent An Earth Shattering Night With Is Actually Her Newly Hired Company Pilot, Audrey GrahamMs Never See You Again Just Turned Into Ms See You ConstantlyConcerned About The Stigma Of Workplace Dalliances, Isabelle Vows It Can T Go Further Than The One Night Good Plan If Not For An Insistent Libido And An Even Persistent Audrey Who Conspires To Break Isabelle S Resolve Soon Their No Strings Arrangement Starts To Feel A Lot Like Dating, And Isabelle Finds Herself Wanting Than Just Casual Nights TogetherGenre RomanceEditor Cath WalkerCover Designer Judith Fellowshttps Bellabooks This is a simple and traditional romance without big angst and deep story After reading Noyes first book Ask tell one of my fave books from 2017 , my expectations were very high, and this isn t a good thing because you can be easily disappointed However, that didn t happen because the author has written a beautiful story where two people fall in love, a love full of insecurities but also full of emotions.
Wow and when I say wow I mean WOW After the author s debut novel Ask, tell got to my list of best books of 2017, I was wondering if that was just a fluke Fortunately for us lesfic readers, now it s confirmed E.
J Noyes CAN write Not only that, she can write different genres Ask, tell was a military story romance, this one is a traditional romance with exactly the same competence.
This is the story of Isabelle, a rich stockbroker who has a one night stand with Audrey, unaware that she is the new hired pilot of Isabelle s private jet Having to meet each other almost every day, the plot focuses on how their relationship evolves The book blurb might seem to describe a superficial romance between a rich woman and her f k buddy employee but nothing could be remote There are quite a few sex scenes, but they are justified within the plot as they showcase the evolution of their relationship Additionally, they are all described tastefully.
Written in first person from Isabelle s point of view, the reader gets into her headspace with all her insecurities, struggles and character traits Alongside Isabelle, we discover Audrey s personality, her life story and, most importantly, her feelings The subplots and supporting characters add realism to the story, specially Isabelle s mother who shows her daughter in a different light Throughout the book, Ms Noyes pushes us down a rollercoaster of emotions as we accompany Isabelle in her journey of self discovery In the process, we laugh, suffer and enjoy the ride.
Overall, a very easy 5 stars Highly recommended if you like romances with a bit of substance and don t mind a few justified sex scenes.
ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
See my other reviews atwww.
com It s safe to say that 2017 was an exeptional year for E.
J Noyes with two fantastic novels being published by Bella I loved Ask, Tell and now Turbulence is going to join my favorites shelf as well Wow, what a super book Stockbroker Isabelle Rhodes has a very satisfying one night stand with Audrey Graham but when the latter turns out to be the new company pilot things get complicated Isabelle wants to end it right there knowing workplace shenanigans are a slippery slope, but her healthy libido is nixing that idea pretty quickly So the two ladies embark upon a clandestine liaison but we all know that those no strings arrangements never really satisfy for long.
It s a perfect romance novel with two very likeable main characters who have to discover what kind of relationship they can have besides the mind blowing sex Next to Isabelle and Audrey, there is a great cast of secundary characters to enjoy There s not too much drama and I kinda like that for a change.
J Noyes is one of THE discoveries for this year another bright Aussie jewel in the lesfic crown May she shine for years to come f f explicitThemes such a fine romance, lovely cover art, I have a thing for pencil skirts and stilettos , I hope this writer stays prolific.
5 Huge stars