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[ Read Online For Better and Worse ì plantagenet PDF ] by Margot Hunt É Then one of two things will happen Behind door number one Robert is convicted, which could possibly give Charlie some sort of closure, whatever that means, and Robert will go to jail for a really long time And then Charley will spend the rest of his life wondering if he did the right thing, second guessing himself, because don t forget, it will already have been planted in his brain that he might not have remembered exactly what happened after all, orbehind door number two Robert is acquitted, and possibly goes on to hurt other kids, and Charley spends the rest of his life wondering if he could have prevented that by being a better witness And either way, he ll always be known as that kid who is molested by the principal Shoreham, Florida is a small town where mom s network gossip , and nothing stays a secret for long OH COURSE THIS IS A SMALL TOWNwhere scandalous secrets are sweeter than hot apple pie la mode The blurb says Shocked to discover Nat s taken matters into her own hands, Will has no choice but to dirty his, also.
SHARING ONE PAIR OF RUBBER GLOVES literally too funny I love a novel that keeps me on the edge dying to keep reading but can make me laugh at the same time.
Maybe I m a sick human being but I cracked up in the middle of this story yet I was still gripping my kindle wanting to know every detail just as much as the snotty smug mom s in town would.
A BLAST OF FUN READINGCouldn t wait to find out how it would end My lips are sealed read it It s a trip This book was definitely entertaining, but I still ended up with some mixed feelings My review contains unhidden spoilers.
Natalie and Will are married with an 11 year old son named Charlie In the beginning, their marriage was good, but as time went on everything seemed to fall apart with Will losing all interest in Nat Their schedules are sort of crazy and everything seems controlled Nat drops Charlie off at school one day and spots the police and questions why they re at the school It turns out that the principle Robert is being charged with a horrible crime against one of Charlie s fellow schoolmates All the parents are shocked, but Nat doesn t even know yet that her son might be involved too Being a defense attorney, Nat decides to take matters into her own hands with plans involving a murder.
The book covers difficult subjects, and I thought I might have to quit reading when I saw the direction it was taking, but because there sgoing on with the characters an interesting subplot I had to discover their outcome On the subject of characters though I really didn t like Will Here s a man who gets bored with his wife Nat , and decides to look for somethingexciting He doesn t do a very good job covering it up either, in fact, he s downright horrible at it, but luckily Nat doesn t even seem to care He becomes so hateful and angry toward her, and I wasn t feeling any love in the relationship whatsoever Of course Nat is preoccupied dealing with the cover up and doesn t have time to investigate what s happening in her marriage This whole ordeal just ended up annoying me though, and I began to wonder how anything could keep this couple together, regardless of the fact that they have a child Nat seems forgiving, while Will becomes somewhat of a basket case who s made poor decisions, and even at the end of the book it still isn t clear whether he s learned his lesson after he states how important his family is to him.
Robert s sick and twisted behavior makes him easily hateable and luckily the author spared the details After the plot to kill Robert, Nat wants to cover up every track, but some of her reckless choices just made no sense, especially coming from someone who knows the law like Nat does It was parts like this that made her character a little confusing and less convincing as a vigilante Just my opinion though.
I enjoyed the writing and appreciated that the author also included Will s point of view at times, however, the ending of the book felt a little too quick and I can t say I was satisfied with it I feel like there was something thrown in the ending that was meant to be a twist, but it didn t feel twisty and really felt unresolved to me Maybe there s another book coming I know it seems that I m being overcritical, and with all of that said, the book was STILL totally gripping and full of suspense It was fast paced, thrilling at times, and I was definitely entertained regardless of the annoyances There were things I didn t like about the weak characters and their behaviors, but I still wanted to finish the book and had a lot of feelings afterward I m definitely looking forward to readingby this author.
If you like thrillers and suspense novels, definitely give this book a try.
5 starsThanks to Netgalley for sharing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions.
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com On Their First Date Back In Law School, Natalie And Will Clarke Bonded Over Drinks, Dinner And Whether They Could Get Away With Murder Now Married, They Ll Put The Latter To The Test When An Unchecked Danger In Their Community Places Their Son In Jeopardy Working As A Criminal Defense Attorney, Nat Refuses To Rely On The Broken Legal System To Keep Her Family Safe She Knows That If You Want Justice You Have To Get It YourselfShocked To Discover Nat S Taken Matters Into Her Own Hands, Will Has No Choice But To Dirty His, Also His Family Is In Way Too Deep To Back Down Now He S Just Not Sure He Recognizes The Woman He Married Nat S Always Been Fiercely Protective, But Never This Ruthless Or Calculating With The Police Poking Holes In Their Airtight Plan, What Will Be The First To Fall Apart Their Scandalous Secret Or Their Marriage Could they get away with murder That is what Will and Natalie talked about on their first date in law school Years later after many years of marriage they must examine that question again when they learn some shocking news involving their son, Charlie Nat is a defense attorney and does not want her son to testify She knows the process and does not want her son to go through the stress Plus, she is angry furious in fact She wants justice and she wants it her way Will is concerned and angry as well He goes along with his wife to keep a secret he has been keeping and because, well, it s too late to turn back now.
This book is interesting as we know from the synopsis most of the plot Something bad has happened and the characters take matters into their own hands What lengths are they willing to go to obtain justice What gives someone the right to take justice into their own hands Can you get away with your actions How does one plan and execute the perfect crime Can someone ever cover up their tracks entirely Both parents in this book are lawyers and I was shocked at some of the poor choices and bad judgement calls they made I m pretty sure anyone watching true crime tv, CSI, Criminal minds, forensic files, could do the same if not better than this pair Having said that, they are under stress and emotionally involved so some of their mistakes make sense.
It is always interesting to read a book when you basically know most of the plot The reader is given a lot of information and the true question is will they get away with it There were parts that I thought Seriously and then there were parts where I thought this is what I am talking about This was a fast read for me and there were some good moments It may have the reader questioning their stance on vigilantes, what they would do if they were Charlie s parents, and how they might have done things differently or would the reader take the course of action Nat and Will took This was pure escapism reading for me Yes, it does deal with a difficult subject Thankfully the reader is only given enough information about what happened to Charlie nothing too graphic but enough that it is unsettling, and it is obvious what happened Plus, Will has his side action ahem , I meant subplot going on So, I was waiting for that high heeled shoe to fall It was fun, watching the duo squirm when the police arrive Reading both Nat and Will s POV was also enjoyable The reader is privy to their thoughts about each other, what is going on, their own actions, etc Both had some interesting thoughts There is a lot to discuss with this book It deals with a pedophile Molestation is not an easy subject for various reasons What lengths will a parent go through to protect their child Vigilante justice do people agree or disagree on it These are two of the issues Although molestation has occurred, the book focuses on the parent s reactions and the lengths they will go through for their child Will they get away with it Will the police uncover the truth Will this make them stronger or wear them down Although this book does deal with heavy subjects, it does so in a lighter way Be warned, some may experience triggers while reading this book and may have an issue with the book taking a lighter stance Then there is that ending I don t feel I can discuss it without giving away any spoilers, so I will just say that the ending was interesting Thank you to Harlequin Mira and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
Natalie and Will met in law school Their first date consisted of all the awkward conversations that come with first dates Who hasn t been there Including an interesting little game called getting away with the perfect murder Just a gameright Now married with an 11 year old son Charlie, life in small town Florida has become slow and easy.
That quickly changes when the principal at Charlie s school is suddenly dismissed, now under suspicion of being a pedophile.
What lengths would you go to protect your child Natalie and Will have a decision to make Go to the police, orwell you get the picture Margot Hunt writes a very clever and entertaining thriller that will captivate you, keeping you glued to the pages This is a super fast read I devoured in one day It kept me interested and on the edge of my seat beginning to end This is the second book I ve read by this author, and I m ready to stand in line for her next My only issue was the ending felt a little rushed After such an explosive read, I wanted the ending to match the intensity Overall, still enjoyed it and would recommend for anyone looking for a fast, entertaining read A speedy buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin MIRA and Margot Hunt for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
On your mark, get ready for the twists and turns I picked this one up to just read a few chapters and ended up staying up waaay past my bedtime Now that is the sign of a good book IMO Who discusses planning a murder on their first date Well Natalie and Will do It was years before they were married and parents of an adorable eleven year old son, Charlie They both are intelligent after all and why wouldn t they be able to pull off the perfect murder Natalie happens to be a defense attorney and Will is a successful real estate attorney They have a good life and they love Charlie to pieces Even if Will did have a little something to hide Yep Let the plotting begins Natalie never expected what was coming and never planned on plotting murder in her real life , but when she receives devastating news that crushes her, she begins to plot and scheme and use all her tricks of the trade Lets just say that she becomes a little jumpy and thinks why can t these people leave me alone and let me plan this murder I was laughing hysterically at some of her and Will s tactics Could they possibly flub this murder up What I was thoroughly entertained, on the edge of my seat, and gasping through out Lets just talk about that ENDING.
I was bewildered Can you tell I Loved It 3Thanks to Harlequin for my digital copy Review will post to my blog closer to Pub Date The blurb basically tells you most of what happens in the book For me that already eliminates a star , there should bemystery left for the reader to discover Here is part of the blurb Their young son Charlie s principal is accused of molesting a troubled student It s a horrifying situation and the poison spreads rapidly One night before bed, Charlie tells Natalie he is a victim, too In that moment, her concept of justice changes forever Natalie decides the predator must die.
To shelter Charlie from the trauma of a trial, Natalie concocts an elaborate murder plot and Will becomes her unwilling partner The Clarkes are about to find out what happens when your life partner becomes your accomplice and your alibi To this reader I did not find that Natalie concocted an elaborate murder plot but a method of killing someone that has been used by hundreds of authors in mystery books for at least the last 50 years So this was a huge disappointment, I was waiting for a unique murder plot but what I read was very mundane.
The main characters, Natalie, Will and Charlie were not very well described We jump from law school to this event 15 years later in their marriage I didn t like either Natalie or Will, they were both self serving, narcissistic and completely dishonest with each other I need to have characters that I can care about and understand.
The worst part of this book, for me, was that it took a very sensitive topic, children being molested, and turned it into a story of vigilante justice, which is never alright even if the crime committed is terrible, scary and horrific to parents One of the police officers, Reddick, stated this well You see, vigilantes piss me off They keep me from doing my job He pointed to himself If you d come to us, filed a report, we could have nailed thatIt s how it s supposed to go We work the case, we take the bad guys down, they rot in jail for the rest of their lives I believe in that system I guess I believe in that system also.
I was hoping for a really good ending, but that did not happen The ending is very unbelievable and then the Epilogue One Year Later wasn t any better.
I guess the two stars would be for an interesting premise and it did make me turn the pages and was a quick read I will need to bepicky in choosing thrillers because I seem to be in the minority when it comes to this book.
I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
Some people just need killing OOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGI can t praise this book enough I loved everything about it The writing is to the point without excruciating details The characters are believable, likeable and relatable The plot is fresh and unlike anything I have ever read.
The story moves at such a quick pace that it left me breathless at times The author doesn t allow time for the reader to digest what just happened before she throws the next curve ball at you Unrelenting, absorbing drama I can t wait to see what comes next from this author.
Bravo Margot Hunt Thanks for the ride.
I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Entertaining but forgettableFor Better and For Worse is a psychological thriller with an intriguing premise that, unfortunately, falls flatWhen Natalie, a criminal defense attorney, discovers that her 11 year old son has been sexually abused by his school principal she decides to take matters into her own hands and plans for revenge She believes she s smart enough to pull off the impossible commit the perfect murder.
However, things don t go as planned and Natalie is forced to reach out to her husband, Will, to help her cover up the crime Not only are Natalie and Will in danger of being caught, but also their marriage is about to implode I love the idea of For Better and For WorseWhile it serves as a good mindless reading, it s lacking some elements that make it a memorable thriller Natalie and Will s characters embody cliche after cliche they lack nuance and intelligence I was hoping to be intrigued by their characters and the plot, but it was not so It gets old rather quickly I was drawn into the story in the beginning especially during their first date when they discuss how to commit the perfect crime But we never find out the details and when Natalie executes her plan to take out the abuser it was a bit of a letdown I found the ending to be anticlimactic, even though it s meant to be muchThis isn t a bad a read It s enjoyable, but lacking in execution I received an ARC of this book from Harlequin MIRA and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
How to get away with Murder Or not loved it This was a fast entertaining read that kept me engaged throughout what would your reaction be if you were out on a first date and the topic of conversation was how to get away with murder Well if I m being honest I would probably be a little intrigued with the conversation, but never thinking it would ever come to fruition I don t believe Will did either, but Natalie had other plans.
Such an intense story that kept me on the edge of my seat throughoutthan 10 years after the afore mentioned date Will and Natalie are married with a young son Charlie both are successful lawyers Natalie is a defense attorney and Will is a real estate lawyer they have a good life although they both take one another for granted Natalie is pretty controlling and Will could grow a pair although I have to admit as an outsider the argument they had over the whiteboard calendar was quite humorous So what will this couple do when they find out someone has done the unthinkable to their child And what will Will do when he finds out that Natalie has taken things into her own hands Is murder ever justified This book definitely gave you a lot to think about what would you do if you were put in this couple s situation What if somebody did the unthinkable to your child I don t think I could ever kill anybody, but if I could it would be because somebody hurt one of my kids didn t even really like Natalie or Will, but I sure wanted them to get away with this My one little niggle with this book was the very stupid mistakes Natalie made in both the planning and execution of this crime seriously she is a defense attorney and my only knowledge of the law is from TV shows like Law and Order and I knew better than her when it came to some of these little mistakes, maybe she needs to get out of the courtroom and turn on the TV however this did add to the tension of the story, the entire time all you could think was, are they going to get away with this or not And should they An enticing story that will keep you glued to those pages And the ending both satisfying and surprising And a apologue that made me gasp, but just confirmed something I already figured out Absolutely recommend this is a quick addictive escape of a story Big thanks to Harlequin for my copy of this book