Trailer Å Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying PDF by ¹ Jerry Belanger

Trailer Å Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats: Breeds, Care, Dairying PDF by ¹ Jerry Belanger great reference and beginner guide for those of us looking to expand into dairy goats.
This is certainly a good book for the budding goat enthusiast although some of the information is outdated it is a bit folksy I would like to have seen tables and charts with up to date information from the leading goat registries In short, it is of a neophyte s book rather than a book for the experienced goat keeper.
For Years Readers Have Turned To Storey books For Advice On Raising Animals Our Modern Way Series Of Six books Has Sold Than ,, Copies In An Effort To Provide Readers With The Best How To Animal books On The Market We Are Completely Updating All Six Modern Way Titles And Reintroducing Them As Part Of Our Guide To Raising Series Written By Experts, These Guides Give Novice And Experienced Livestock Farmers All They Need To Know To Successfully Keep And Profit From Animals Each Book Includes Information On Selection, Housing, Space Requirements, Breeding And Birthing Techniques, Feeding, Behavior, And Health Concerns And Remedies For Illness The books Also Address The Business Of Raising Animals Processing Meat, Milk, Eggs, And The Authors Were Chosen Not Only For Their Expertise But Also For Their Ability To Explain The Ins And Outs Of Animal Husbandry In An Inviting And Authoritative MannerWhether Readers Are Ready To Start An Entire Herd Or Flock Or Are Considering Purchasing Their First Animal, Storey S Guide To Raising Series Offers Vital Information Each Book Is An Indispensable Reference Once again, Storey s guide is the authority on animals We just bought two saanens and needed the lowdown on raising them in a hurry This book was great for that purpose The only thing I wish he covered in detail was basics of owning a goat, such as how often to change their bedding, how much to feed them, if they can stay outside all day, etc But all books sites seem to overlook those necessary details, so Storey Belanger isn t alone I did appreciate Belanger s unique tone and dry humor, something I didn t notice in the other Storey books I read.
Very helpful for my pygoras, a hair breed Not a lot of info out on hair breeds, but this book rocks as a basic guide to goats I enjoyed this book but it s lacking in some practical advice Admittedly it s not an encyclopedia but each section skims the surface Still a very enjoyable book that tries to reach a wide audience.
Great reference guide.
One day I will have a goat of my own Maa

I think I want to become a certified veterinarian before I take on goat raising I also don t believe in drowning animals of either gender, just because YOU don t need or want them I turn to this book over and over again for practical solutions and advice I highly recommend it