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[Susan Mallery] ½ Sheiks Of Summer [japanese-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download º First one was ok, the second I was bored but hated the h The 3rd was good, I like the idea of soul mates being reincarnated and finding each other.
I like the first and last story The middle one was hard to get through I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them but not this story.
The Sheik S Virgin By Susan MalleryHe Was The Brazen Stranger Who Had Made It His Mission To Chaperone Innocent, Beautiful Phoebe Carson Around His Native Land But What Would Phoebe Do When She Discovered Her Suitor Was None Other Than Prince Nasri Mazin And He Had Seduction On His Mind Sheikh Of Ice By Alexandra SellersShe Came In Search Of Adventure And Discovered Passion In The Arms Of Tall, Dark And Handsome Hadi Al Hajar But Once Kate Drummond Succumbed To Hadi S Powerful Touch, Would She Succeed In Taming His Hard Heart Kismet By Fiona BrandA Star Crossed Love Affair And A Stormy Night Combined To Bring Laine Abernathy Into Sheik Xavier Kalil Al Jahir S World Now, As She Took Cover In Her Rugged Rescuer S Home, Laine Wondered If It Was Her Destiny To Fall In Love With The Mesmerizing Sheik I thoroughly enjoyed this one I bought it for the Susan Mallery story, but enjoyed all three Mallery s story is about a young woman taking a trip of a lifetime to a beautiful island where her beloved aunt grew up She meets a handsome stranger who offers to show her the island and only later discovers that this man, who she s fallen in love with, is actually the Prince who rules the island In Sellers Sheikh of Ice, Kate is a successful businesswoman who comes to explore an island to develop an adventure trip for her travel agency clients, only to fall for the guide assigned to her He seems to have a heart of ice, but Kate begins to see another side of him as they explore the desert and mountains of his land And finally, Brand s Kismet is a wonderful past life story Hundreds of years have passed, but the current day sheik is assaulted by a familiar passion when he meets the small town librarian It s not just coincidence that she s been dreaming about this man she doesn t even know I found Susan Mallery s story The Sheikh s Virgin uninspiring She is so foolish, so lacking in any kind of self knowledge or confidence He on the other hand is this delicious older man who even calls her a little fool on one occasion Hmm not that nice 2 stars.
However, Sheikh of Ice by Alexandra Sellers was a much better offering The whole explanation about the need for mythical places like Camelot, as symbolised by the Valley was a wonderful device and it really made the story richer and inspiring I d give it at least 4.
5 stars.
Similarly, Kismet by Fiona Brand was excellent I loved the whole reincarnation twist to the story, and Kalil and Laine are lovely I just wish there was time to explore the story in detail It just felt rushed I liked the whole Crusaides as a background theme too Especially because he s not on the side of Richard the Lion Heart, but one of Saladin s generals Lovely Another 4.
5 stars.
This book contains three typical Silhouette romances Nothing new, but entertaining nonetheless.
In The Sheikh s Virgin , Phoebe Carson arrives on the island of Lucia Serrat, she feels a bit lonely and out of her depth So when a handsome stranger offers to show her around the beautiful sites, she jumps at the chance Only she doesn t realise, and he doesn t tell, that she is the company of the Crown Prince.
In Sheikh of Ice , Kate Drummond arrives in the Barakat Emirates to research the tourist potential, she immediately dislikes the guide she is lumbered with But handsome Hadi al Hajar has than one secret, not least that he is a Cup Companion to the Sheikh.
My favouite is Kismet which starts off on a battlefield during the crusades Laura is madly in love with her warrior prince, and he with her, but he is killed by his own falcon dagger trying to protect her Jump forward in time and Laine Abernathy is clearing out her Aunt s house, which was bought after her death by the mysterious Sheikh Jahir Cutting herself on a dagger, she is taken ill and rescued by the Sheikh, a man haunted by memories of the crusades and a falcon embossed on a dagger s sheath.
After my grandfather died, I pretty much stopped sleeping I started reading this during the hours I wasn t sleeping It was written just well enough to keep my attention while being, for lack of a better word, inane enough that it really didn t matter if I was comprehending anything or not I wasn t Honestly, I have no idea what I read To be fair, it was me and not the book Perhaps I ll go back and re read this someday for a better review.
I d give the first story The Sheik s Virgin a 1 star, the second Sheikh of Ice maybe 2 stars, and Kismet 3 stars The first two really were pretty bland in terms of character development and plot, but I really liked the characters and story in Kismet.

love this book and all 3 stories but LADIES you have to have to have to read the last one, its breathtaking, romantic and sweet its the i can t put into words because its that good story, it gave me goose bumps just reading that storyI think you should buy this book its a keeper i know i said all three are good but when you read the last story you guys will know why its soooooo romantic.
Usually in anthologies, there is one story that disappoints This anthology was different I really liked all three novellas I recommend this to romance readers.