☆ Kathleen (Sunfire, No 8) ¹ Download by ☆ Candice Ransom

☆ Kathleen (Sunfire, No 8) ¹ Download by ☆ Candice Ransom So, you re stuck in the cargo hold of a ship that may or may not fall apart in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at the first sign of a brisk storm Your mother just succumbed to the fever that killed your lover and your younger siblings Your father is lying near death of this same fever You re headed to a foreign country were you don t have a job or know a soul Your only possession is an English grammar book So, what do you wish for Why, to fall in love, of course.
Things that remind Kathleen of Rory flowers, skies, lakes, flames Things that remind her of her parents um, people throwing dirt on the pier I have just seen the shoulders and the back of the head of the son of my employers I am in love Curls falling like ribbons, ginger curls, burnished curls, russet curls Kathleen doesn t have hair, she has curls Soooo, why does the cover model have stick straight hair I have VOWED to hate all rich people forever and ever Kathleen, you re the best est ever jewelry maker So, I m pretty sure maids had to wear uniforms not wisteria green organdy gowns when working And no woman would leave the house with her hair unbound in the 1840s Even if it was waist length, red gold curls This book would have been much, much better if the idiotic love story was GREATLY reduced and the author focused on Kathleen s dream to be a goldsmith.
5 stars Date below not first reading Waxing Nostalgic 14 This book is full of adventure, starting with Kathleen s tragic journey from Ireland, her stint as a pick pocket in Boston, and then her employment at the wealthy Thornley home She is a strong and tender girl but the love that she finds makes me question whether it would really blossom at that time of prejudice against the Irish and the societal class differences.
I have to say, this held up pretty well The writing isn t bad at all The heroine is a COMPLETE Mary Sue, but if you can get past that, it s a good way to get a little light romance and learn about Irish immigration in the 1800s What could you want This character is a bit depressed most of the time She endures great hardship and that s certainly part of it However, the book s progression is slow and sad for a long time Also, she has about 6 conversations with her love interest before they end up engaged It s a bit ridiculous.
My all time favorite book I read it to pieces and had to buy another one Just a feel good easy read So amazing About an Irish girl who comes over wearing the great famine to America She becomes a servant in Boston and falls in love.
Behind Her Was The Home She Could Never Return To Ahead Was The Shining Promise Of Americaand Love There Were Times She Wished She D Never Come To AmericaPretty, Spirited Kathleen O Connor Arrives In Boston On A Coffin Ship From Ireland She Has Escaped The Devastating Famine, But Her Boyfriend Died At Home And Her Parents Didn T Survive The Voyage To America Still, The Promise Of A New Life Gives Her Hope Patrick, A Friend From The Ship, Finds A Job For Her As A Maid With The Wealthy Thornley Family They Remind Kathleen Of The Landowners In Ireland Who Forced Her From Her Home She Wants To Despise Them, But She Can T Hate David Thornley, Who Is Tender And Handsome, And Obviously Attracted To Her Her Secret Love For David Could Force Kathleen To Go Back To Ireland Or Make Her Dreams For A New Life In America Come True 2 nostalgicKathleen flees Ireland with her family during the Potato Famine, only to lose them to sickness on the ship A fellow Irishman helps her find employment, and possibly love.
Kathleen didn t even bother to establish herself as a person before she commited to romance I didn t think her romance was very genuine at all.
I finally have completed my collection of Sunfires Or at least the thick ones that are, in general, the best of the bunch This one was, by far, the hardest to come by Every search led to a price tag of upwards of 100, and I wasn t paying that Finally found a good copy on for 67 cents, plus tax.
With a price like 100, I expected this to be a really fantastic book Like a super rare book because it was so good The plot has everything you would think you would want The immigration of the Irish to America is a fascinating topic of discussion It just goes to show that Americans will find something to nitpick about no matter what race comes into the country But I digress.
So we have an interesting part of history We have a tragic, lonely main character who has to survive a new country by herself Everyone she has ever loved is dead and she has been starving for the past two years The trip on the ship is horrible The story is so engaging at this point, what could possibly go wrong The freaking romance.
Everything about the romance story in this plot snatched everything that was amazing and engaging about this book and made it a to a snooze fest Instead of our heroine struggling to find herself and her place in a new land, we have her in a good job that she happens to be perfect at with two perfect boys to pick from I m terribly sorry if that is harsh If I had read this book in high school, maybe I would have enjoyed it But the romance seemed forced and unrealistic After Kathleen going through such hardships, I don t want her to have some rich, aristocratic boyfriend I want her with someone who will understand her pain and support her in her endeavors With the romantic suitor plot, it brought down my opinion of Kathleen I really wanted to like her feisty, shy, and dreamer nature, and I did She s a likable girl There is a chapter after she arrives in America of the harsh conditions she finds herself in That s perfect Despite being the BEST MAID EVA, her coworkers sabotage her and the family she works for are snobs mostly That s fine She has a whole subplot where she goes to be an apprentice for a jeweler, and she wants to change the negative stereotype of the Irish in the Americans eyes That s great But then we have to slug through her feelings toward two boys I don t like either one of her suitors really, don t even remember their names Both of them seemed to want to tell her what to do and feel at every turn, and neither seemed to be a good fit for her.
In the end, I feel like this book could have been AMAZING The romance, which is the whole point of the book, just isn t there for me It doesn t mesh It s definitely better than some Sunfires I ve read, but I d rank it at about 10th place out of 15 if we are just looking at the longer Sunfire novels.