Trailer È All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas PDF by ☆ Suzanne Brockmann

Trailer È All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas PDF by ☆ Suzanne Brockmann I love Jules and Robin Especially Jules This is not the book for a new reader to start meeting them This is their reward for making it through Hot Target and the books that follow You can, however, begin with Hot Target and not necessarily read all the M F romances before it although Jules appears much earlier in the series Hot Target has both M M and M F romances front and center, view spoiler although the guys have to wait for this story for their happy ever after hide spoiler I m not someone who absolutely needs a happy ending to enjoy a bookbut I am a sucker for a good one, and this was one of the best Add to that the fact that the cause of equal rights is one close to my heart, and you ve got a winner This one gets 5 unapologetic, feel good stars from me.
You d think i d pick a better picture of Jules and Robin on their wedding day because well, i ve waited countless books to get to this point for them Just picture them starding up to all those against this marriage, Jules style.
What too away from All Through the Night is that we get to know Robin very well I did struggle with the first part of the book because I felt it was a little rushed, time just jumped forward and I was being greedy I wanted Robin Jules getting to know each other and day to day life See, I was selfish Once I started to really look at what Ms Brockmann was doing with these characters I saw that is was a perfect way to showcase how committed they are to each other Yep, throw some obstacles in their way that should do the trick.
Jules and RobinI was touched and moved by Jules and Robins commitment and utter love for each other This jumps off the pages of All Through the Night It s sweet, moving and so very real If affects every other character in this story, they see it first hand and are moved by their love and commitment to each other and they re marriage Oh Robin, I fell in love with you reading this book You re smart, funny and so committed to your sobriety that you tell Jules everything that might be bothering you He loves that about you too Your commitment to sober and it s beautiful to read Although, Robin finds himself is some situations that can only be deemed something Robin would do and it s so funny because no matter what he does his intentions are for the best Now Jules oh he s so alpha and it s beyond yummy to read His possessive touches and no verbal behavior only adds to this relationship What makes Jule and Robin so fun to read it the way the communicate with each other honesty always makes for a better relationship and for them it s really the only way Their part of this book was done perfectly well except for the same fade to black that was in the last book, but i m not going to dwell on that He did it again, seeking Robin out when a group from Art Urban s studio made the scene Although this time, he pulled Robin even closer, his arm around his waist Robin put his hand over Jules s, interlacing their fingers and holding it there, firmly in place Yes, that s right, babe, I m yours Interestingly, the look that Jules flashed him was faintly apologeticThe Gang is all Here What I LOVE about this series is the opportunity to see those characters that i ve loved come back for little cameos All Through the Night brings all the favorites back and it s so much fun Sam and Alyssa are here of course because they re beyond excited to see Jules and Robin make it official Jones and Molly come and they put the Secret Service on alert Let s not forget Cosmo and Jane along with baby Billy Then you cannot have a Jules book without Max and beautiful Gina This part was just pure fun We get to catch up and see how everyone is doing and apparently we all know what that is I m sorry who s not pregnant in this book There is also a budding new romance between two characters we ve read about but I don t want to give it away because it s also so very fun to read Jules and SamYou cannot have a Jules storyline with out Sam Holy heavens I love Sam and with each passing book I have never read a transformation quite like his before His character has not changed all that much but his ability to understand Jules, be there for him and know that their friendship is so much important than conversations that make him uncomfortable His commitment to Jules is that heavy and I love him to pieces for it in All Through the Night you get some amazing Sam moments and I just have to share thereHow d we both get so lucky Jules asked It ain t luck, Sam s voice drawled, extra heavy with the High Plains Drifter, and they both looked up to see him holding out a vest and harness to Alyssa It s pure, unadulterated skill Come on, Sweet Thing, we got us some Yankee ass to kick You missed your calling, he told Sam You should have been a therapist Shit, Sam said Just kill me now Seriously, Jules said That was pretty freaking profound For a guy who wears cowboy boots and blows shit up, Sam finished with him Jules wiped his eyes as he looked up at Sam Thank you so much for that, he said It s the best gift you ve ever given me And you ve given me some pretty wonderful gifts these years that we ve been friends Aw, hell Now Sam was getting misty eyed, too I m glad I could help Jules took a deep breath Exhaled Let s go home and see Robin s towels Bath sheets, Sam reminded him What kind of gay man are youIn conclusion I want to say that this was the perfect conclusion to Robin and Jules single days I cannot say their storyline because I know we ll get to read about them in the future All Through the Night was filled with sweet and funny moments mixed with a little suspense and the conclusion was a perfect combination I ve said this before in my reviews but these book keep getting better and betterI now pronounce you partners for life What God has joined together let no man put asunder May the love in your hearts give you joy May the greatness of life bring you peace And may your days be good and your lives be long upon the earth You may greet each other now with a kiss A big thank you to Suzanne Brockmann for listening when Robin repeatedly insisted that she write a happy ever after for him and Jules in this book Their story put pressure on my heart and squeezed a tear or two from my eyes so happy for this couple A whole lot of sweet romantic with a good amount of suspense mixed in equals one delicious recipe for a great read The intensity of Jules and Robin s love shines through it all as they battle their demons, both present past, to claim each other and the hea that fans of the series have been demanding for several books This is no doubt THE wedding of the century and a story that simply needed to be told Another Must read in the series Suzanne Brockmann is pissed off She is really hungry cause she has a gay son and she wants that her son can have a normal life and marry the man he loves And from what I understand, in USA some party wing has put in stand by a law that recognize same sex marriage in Massachussetts So when her publisher has asked her to write a Christmas novel usually a tale of good feeling and we all love each other genre she has written All Through the Night, where her gay characters, Jules and Robin, will marry during Christmas time in Boston.
Jules is a recurring character in Suzanne Brockmann novels, but he has met his life partner only in Hot Target and they have started a relationship in Forces of Nature, the last novel in the Troubleshooters series Jules is an FBI agent, Robin a drunk movie actor in the closet and now an outed rehab fiction actor They live in Boston, where Robin works, and they try to organize their marriage, among the renovation of their Victorian house, an ex of both Adam who doesn t accept a no like answer, a reporter who is too good in his work and manages to gain a lot of private info, and even a Jules mission gone bad.
Like all the Christmas novel I have in mind, for example, Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan it s a way for the author to collect all her favourite characters and makes a gift to her fan So the plot is not essential and it s a collection of glimpses in the life of various couples of the past But what I find really strange is that, usually Suzanne Brockmann is a bit sexy author, and in this book there is no sex at all When you arrive to an hot moment between Jules and Robin, the chapter finish or worse, it starts when all is just happened What I want my sex scenes, you can t give me two panting hot males without tell me why they pants Ok, ok, it s a Christmas novel, I know, and it s the first time a mainstream romance author has the courage to write a M M novel, so, I can only say Thank you Suzanne Brockmann, and I will buy also Forces of Nature and Hot Target, and I will buy also your next M M novel Adam and Tony s story I think , but please, next time, could you give me a bit of flesh Of Jules and Robin, what can I say Jules is the action less words type Quiet, strong and honest man Maybe a bit jelaous, but when he is so gentle and caring with Robin, does it matter if he is a bit possessive No Robin is deeply in love Point He has eyes only for Jules, and maybe he is a bit distracted by this, but to be true, also the world around doesn t help it seems that all happen to put him in trouble But luckily he has an entire team of Troubleshooters to help him.
As I say, in general, Christmas novels don t have a strong plot, so, after all, I think this one is pretty good being one in the genre And well, I read it in one day, so it s also a pageturner.
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Qu preciosidad No puedo adorarlos m s a Jules, a Robin y a Ms BrockmannWhat a beauy I notice some Goodreads reviewers complaining that this book is silly and schmoopy and nonsensical and everyone s pregnant Well, yeah it s a Christmas novella Christmas romance novellas are like little love letters for hardcore fans They re not a good starting place if you ve never read the author or the series For longtime fans of Brockmann s gay FBI agent Jules and his tortured love affair with actor Robin, this book is total wish fulfilment Having finally gotten together at the end of Force of Nature in which their story is much interesting than the main, heterosexual plot , Robin and Jules move to Boston and tie the knot with some interference from ex boyfriends, the media, and the War on Terror Being a Boston native, it was amusing to see my stomping grounds as a romance setting yay, Massachusetts state supreme court In addition to Jules and Robin being insanely cute although sadly not having enough steamy sex , there s a charming romance between Robin s assistant Dolphina who was intriguing in the last book and a reporter named Will All in all, a cupcake of a book but only for longtime fans.
FBI Agent Jules Cassidy hurries to Boston to propose to the love of his life, movie actor Robin Chandler The two are ecstatic as they plan to buy a house and live in Massachusetts, the only state at the time that recognizes same sex marriage But as the days to the wedding count down, a reporter crashes their engagement party, an ex lover keeps contacting them, the house renovations are an on going problem, and there is a stalker who could ruin everything.
This addition to the Troubleshooters series was all about the upcoming wedding of Jules and Robin It feels like we ve been waiting a long time for Jules to find love Many of the characters from the series are in this one, including Sam and Alyssa There is also a secondary story involving Robin s assistant, Dolphina Patel, and Will Schroeder, a reporter who wants an interview with the happy couple This was a very romantic and sometimes funny story It could have used a little suspense, but I loved it anyway My rating 4.
5 Stars.
I loved reading about Jules getting his happy ending He s such a fantastic character and I ve enjoyed reading his role in the many Troubleshooters books Robin grew on me after disliking him completely in Hot Target So this was a fun book to read Lots of guest appearances from past characters and some great general comedy I loved the breaking out of the bathroom scene And I applaud Brockmann for taking a chance on such a controversial subject matter for the book.
What I could have done without The whole Will Dolphina thing Cuz really I didn t like Will even the slightest I just wanted him to go away.
A good, light hearted read though for fans of the Troubleshooters.
It S Christmastime In Boston, And This Year The Silver Bells Will Be Wedding Bells As FBI Agent Jules Cassidy Ties The Knot With The Man Of His Dreams, Hollywood Heartthrob Robin ChadwickThe Pair Plan A Quiet, Intimate Ceremony, To Be Witnessed By Family And Close Friends From The FBI, SEAL Team Sixteen, And Troubleshooters, Incorporated, Including Sam Starrett And Alyssa Locke But The Holiday Season Brings To The Happy Couple Than They ExpectA Waterfall Coming Through Their Kitchen Ceiling, A Bat Colony In The Attic, Old Family Tensions Even An International Incident Can T Dampen Their Spirits But Add To That A Parade Of Unexpected Guests, Including A Reporter Looking For A Scoop, An Ex Lover Hell Bent On Causing Trouble, And A Dangerous Stalker, And Suddenly The Wedding Is Poised To Unravel In ChaosBut Nothing Will Stop Jules And Robin From Getting Their Happy Ending, Because Along With A Guest List Featuring The Most Elite Counterterrorism Force In The World, They Have Their Own Secret Weapon True Love