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[ Read Online Dope Ð zen PDF ] by Sara Gran µ I bought this book because Kent Gowran posted its striking cover awhile back Gran writes with force and style, crafting a tale that becomes increasingly complex The main character, Joe, is an instantly likable lowlife trapped in a bleak world that despite her best efforts proves difficult for her to escape This is a period piece with plenty of Ray Chandler vibe that somehow also feels modern.
Meine Rezension findet ihr hier 1 2 Sometimes, if you ve been unlucky enough to find out the truth, you re better off forgetting it Especially when there s not much you can do with it.
For a while now, I ve been pretty over reading standard detective mysteries I ve begun to find them terribly boring, mostly featuring a slightly flawed investigator running around asking the same questions for most of the book it gets pretty tedious and repetitive after a while These days, I m interested in dark crime and noir stories that are a little creative and substantial So I m not sure why I expected something different when I cracked this open.
The thing is, author Sara Gran really creeped me out with her previous demonic possession novel, Come Closer, impressing me with her matter of fact, conversational prose So I really wanted to read of Gran s work But Dope doesn t offer much than most of the other usual crime mysteries It really is mostly just about ex Dopefiend Josephine Flannigan stalking around Manhattan searching for a missing girl Gran does give us a bit with her exploration of Josephine s past and her fight to stay on the wagon Other than that it was all pretty forgettable There s nothing inherently terrible about Dope, I just found it unremarkable But hey, it might just be me and the way my taste has been changing.
original 2011 review Sara Gran, where have you been all my life Or specifically, the last two weeks, when I couldn t find anything to read that inspired than a meh This book is superb The writing is sharp, crisp, fresh, bracing, a punch in the jaw I finished this in roughly two hours on Sunday night I am still thinking about Joey and the raw old hand she got dealt Magnificent.
2014 re reading review I m doing a Sara Gran re read leading up to Halloween because I don t have enough on my to read table as it is yeah right Some authors are just worth the time it takes to revisit their work, and this is just as damnably exquisite as I remembered The only thing that s changed is me I ve now read quite a bit 50s noir I can see even clearly how well Gran can hang alongside the big boys girls of the genre Every word in this is perfect, nothing wasted nothing out of place This book is still a punch in the jaw but a beautiful one and the ending is just as heartbreaking spectacular as it was the first time.
This is probably the finest piece of American noir I ve come across.

Sure as shit ain t like Pleasantville around these parts.
Sara Gran s look at the seedy flipside of 1950 s America is a fantastic slice of noir that calls to mind greats like James M Cain and early Lawrence Block Joesephine Flannigan is paid to find a college girl slumming it as a Dope fiend and using the contacts she built up through a lifetime of stealing and whoring and scoring Dope gets hooked on solving a mystery much darker than she ever anticipated This is everything the good clean housewives of the suburbs were worried about whilst wearing those fake smiles and baking their grandmothers apple pie on American sitcoms of the period.
This type of novel relies on a few key ingredients and Dope has them all lined up nicely The protagonist is a well rounded and believable character, the mileau she moves through is painted in just the right tones of shadowy black and sickly grey and a seemingly obvious plot with some twists thrown in to keep you guessingI never met an addict who came from a nice home I ve met addicts that came from families that had money and nice houses But never from a nice homeI was 10 pags in when Leah demanded I take her out for breakfast, that s when I knew I was hooked on this one The combination of first person semi detached existenialist tone, minimalist noir writing and the situation combining to keep me flipping through, enjoying myself immensely There s a slight dip part way through, my mind wandering as the pace slows but that was soon rectified.
If you haven t tried Sara Gran yet I believe this is a good place to start.
I couldn t put this book down Sara Gran writes a great noir mystery with none of the usual male BS Instead, like City of the Dead, she burrows into the underbelly of a city this time 1950s New York , and portrays each character with a clear eyed humanizing portrait Not that it makes them likable characters, necessarily, but understandable and real Her dialogue is sharp and her handling of situations is equally sharp While I would never use adjectives like elegiac lush or evocative whatever the usual adjectives reviewers like to use about most literary fiction written by women , instead, refreshing gritty realistic shocking are the words I would use.
If you d like a good read for a few hours, I highly recommend this one and City of the Dead is even better.
Small in stature big on story A reformed junkie goes off the grift for a legit job of finding a missing girl and is thrown into a world Hell s Kitchen 1950s she had been trying to avoid in order to stay clean I had trouble feeling very sympathetic to her situation until the plot started twisting and the tables were turning Good storytelling Thanks again Bethany In the book Dope by Sara Gran, Gran s heroine, Josephine Joe Flannigan, is a former heroin addict Dope fiend and hooker whore, Gran s words who has recast herself as a petty thief and con woman Gran places the story in 1950 s Manhattan and our ex Dope fiend is offered a 2,000 proposition from a wealthy Westchester couple looking for their gone astray daughter, and Joe thinks she has the where with all to find her I wanted to rate this novel higher However, Gran went astray by spinning Joe s story with a Walt Disney influence of her being the clich d hooker with a heart To my way of thinking, as the novel progressed Gran became preachy with her stance of the evils of the 50 s Dope culture permeating the city and corrupting the population.
It s easy to see Gran was attempting to create a Noir story However the novel turned out to be surprisingly bland by Noir standards The setting and characters never rise above the generic, and the often utilized in such stories and I love this genre Gran makes the narrative occasionally seem a little too polished to be the product of a reformed junkie with a ninth grade education.
Hopefully Ms Gran used this book as a learning tool and received some honest feedback as her next book, the first of the Claire DeWitt books, is certainly a bit honest.
This hardcover is signed by Sara Gran.
From The Author Of Come Closer And The Claire DeWitt Series Comes A Highly Acclaimed And Unusual Gritty Thriller About A Missing Girl And The Addict Tasked With Saving HerJosephine, A Former Addict, Is Offered A Thousand Dollars To Find A Suburban Couple S Missing Daughter But The Search Will Take Her Into The Dark Underbelly Of New York She Thought She D Escaped And A Web Of Deceit That Threatens To Destroy Her