Trailer Ù Emeralds for the King PDF by ✓ Constance Savery

Trailer Ù Emeralds for the King PDF by ✓ Constance Savery This was fun, exciting, and sweet Thanks so much, Eva, for sharing it with me Also, Tosty is the best name ever.

Three brothers, fighting on different sides but with the same goal the emeralds A sweeping story set in England during the wars with King Charles and Cromwell, and fitted with strong, varying characters The younger brother, Austin, is set on a mission by his Royalist aunt to seek the lost treasure in the Yanborough caverns, and to gain the emeralds before his half brothers, Miles and Giles, can find them for Cromwell s side It isn t easy work however when they have already found out the reason for his coming and find him much to do in the opposite direction he wishes to be in On top of that he has the kindness and proven love of one brother, while fearing and avoiding the other, who is a hot tempered Puritan But when all three are dashed into a critical point, can he make his stand for the brothers he has come to know so well, and win for them I wish there were books in the world like this, with siblings that are close knit and loyal We could sure use them in this day and age This is a terrific book Constance Savery s characters are as usual extremely well done The story is told from the eyes of young Austin or Tosty , a thirteen year old boy who is sent to look for hidden emeralds for the British king in order to keep them out of the hands of Cromwell and his men Unfortunately, Tosty s half brothers Miles and Giles, who are in sympathy with Cromwell, learn he s been sent to find the emeralds This is a wonderful story of brotherly love and adventure in a period of English history that hasn t been written about much I m sad this book is out of print It Was Midnight When Young Tosty Was Roused From His Sound Sleep And Invited By A Rude Mud Stained Stranger To Search For A Great Treasure To Aid His King Before The Dawn He Had To Memorize A Secret Map And The Map Was Then Destroyed Woe To Him If He Forgot His Hastily Conned Lesson Tosty Sets Out For His Brothers Home Hoping To Get The Treasure Before Anyone Knows His Mission But Unfortunately His Brothers Have Excellent Wit And Know Just Why He Came While They Struggle To Find The Treasure For Cromwell Without The Map, Tosty, Who Knows Just Where To Look, Is Held Prisoner And Cannot Serve His King But The Boy Does Escape Time After Time And Often Without Light Or Proper Equipment Makes His Search Among The Adventures In This Book Is A Struggle With An Underground River, A Climb Down The Sheer Face Of A Cliff, A Long Visit To A Kindly Old Lady Whom Tosty Thinks Is A Which, And Such Riding And Excursions And Alarums As Generally Fill Three Or Four books England Is Described With Miss Savery S Usual Beauty Of Expression And Tosty Is A Very Real Boy Just Wait For The Chapter When He Meets King Charles The First