Trailer ¿ A Father's Promise PDF by Î Donna Lynn Hess

Trailer ¿ A Father's Promise PDF by Î Donna Lynn Hess The book was very enjoyable It had a fascinating story line that drew me in right from the start The author did an excellent job of implementing conversations about God and the Bible into the story without there being a sudden awkward break I also really liked how the author included KJV Bible verses at the beginning of each chapter that pertained to what occurred in the chapter As for the characters, they were fairly well developed, although it was evident that a female author was writing as some of the male characters felt somewhat feminine Overall it was a great book with an intriguing story line that made up for any mild blunders.
i loved this book i read it in like 3 days only becuase my mom made me go to bed and eat breakfest lunch and dinner, it is so sad but truely shows true faith in God, my friend has read this book 15 times at least no joke he loves reading he loves history so do I so our mom s have a hard time finding something that is christian our reading level and true that really teaches amazing lessons this is one of them LOVE THIS BOOK MAKES ME CRY.
Adolf Hitler S Ominous Statements Seem Only A Distant Threat To Eleven Year Old Rudi Kaplan But When The Nazi Forces Invade Poland And Bomb His Home City Of Warsaw, Rudi Finds Out That He Is Hitler S Enemy Not Only Because He Is A Pole, But Also Because He S A Jew And A Christian The Next Few Years Change Rudi S Life Forever With Only His Imprisoned Father S Promise That They Will Be Reunited After The War, Rudi Must Learn How To Survive In Hiding, How To Be Truly Brave, And How To Overcome The Hatred Of His Enemies He Must Learn To Die To Himself And To Trust The God Who Is Mightier Than Any Army Grades Rudi Kaplan is a young Christian Jew living in Warsaw When the Nazi army invades his city, life grows increasingly difficult When things are tough, though, Rudi knows he can depend on his father That is, until his father tells him he must leave As he struggles to survive the war, Rudi must learn to trust his heavenly father as well as his earthly one.
Audience 11 and up, or family read aloud It is a delight to discover this fictional account of a Jewish boy, Rudi Kaplan, sent by his father to survive in the woods outside Warsaw, Poland, as Hitler and Stalin carve up their lives Although written by a woman, I appreciated the masculine tones of the story which make it a particularly strong title for boys Discoveries about community, obedience, heroism, self sacrifice, courage, bravery, and risk are woven into Rudi s experience as he becomes a young man in the countryside While deep losses are acknowledged, the survival of Rudi and others close to him provides a gentle landing to his astonished encounter of Warsaw and her people after the threat has passed Highly recommended.
This was a nice book I read it for the first time in fifth grade, and I loved it Now that I m older, I didn t love it, but I did really like it, and I understood why I used to enjoy it so much The plot has its cliches, but also some original moments that I liked The characters are good, believable for the most part, and fun to read about The writing is done well, thought it is not amazing In general, I would say the quality of this book is a little over mediocre, but for whatever reason I just really liked it Rudi was a sweet and pleasant character, and I loved his friendship with Salek I also liked the promise his father gave him, and the way in which many of them talked about God My final thoughts It s a good book, but not so much so that it astounds me It s definitely for kids.
As always, my favorite books are WWII books This one was exceptionally wonderful I have read many stories, both fictional and non fictional, about those who have been in Nazi work camps, but this is the first I have read about a child who escaped into the forest to avoid being taken to one I cried in several places, but laughed just as hard in others I also really liked how much the characters rely on God for their lives each day Because that s how it was for Jews in Poland while the Nazis were there Without God s protection, there was no way they could live another day.
This was one of those books that my sister had at least when we were younger and to me it still stands as not only being a coming of age story that is also a story of triumph but also a story that will allow boys to relate to a male protagonist Even though it is mostly focused for a male audience it isn t exclusively a book for boys but can be an enjoyable read for girls as well while providing a nice balance when it comes to other Holocaust reads whether fictional or nonfictional Surprisingly the last time I read this book I don t remember it being so spiritual and focused upon God but to my adult reading tastes it added a mature taste to the conflict of not only the soul of mankind in trouble but of the walls raised by friends and family who have differing opinions And for my willing Christian spirit it was a refresher of faith in its own simple storytelling At the same time the book was inspirational The author or whoever was in charge did a great job in choosing a biblical verse that relates to the contents of the chapter thus helping the reader to get a preview of what was to come in that chapter even when months and years had seemed to pass on the general timeline I also further like the inclusion of the story of the trumpeter of Krakow even though the story was suppose to be taking place in Warsaw Further there was a prologue that informed the reader of some important pieces necessary to understand the story while a map and gray scale photographs tucked in the back gave the reader a taste of what wartime Warsaw was put through as well as its Jewish citizens when it came down to the Nazi conquest In the end if you are a Christian and or a YA reader who likes historical nonfiction, especially around the Holocaust, then this may just be the read for you to enjoy as it is also a quick captivating read.

I enjoyed this book, although it wasn t quite what I was expecting For a WWII book, it was pretty light on action, although not on tension and uncertainty This would be a good introduction to the subject of WWII and the Holocaust for children who have not been exposed to the topics, as it s obvious that bad things are happening, but there s no description at all, except for seeing malnourished survivors of the concentration camps.
The style wasn t my personal favorite, although I m admittedly not in the target age range Possibly because of that, I had a hard time really getting to know the characters Not that I didn t like them I just didn t feel like I really got to feel their emotions and struggles in the way that I like to But it was still a good story with a lot of worthwhile lessons.
5 starsContent the Holocaust and German atrocities are touched on lightly a few instances of violence effects of war seen mentions of deaths A Father s Promise is by Donna Lynn Hess I read this book for school and I very much enjoyed it It was VERY good for assigned reading I am impressed 4 stars out of 5.