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[Arthur Herzog III] ↠´ Heat [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Read Online ¿ With Uncanny Skill, Arthur Herzog, Best Selling Author Of The Swarm And Earthsound Has Blended Fiction And Fact Into A Terrifying And Highly Plausible Story Of The Near Future A Time When Tensions Mount As Ecological Doom BeckonsLawrence Pick, Engineer, Gathers Startling Evidence That The World S Weather May Be Rapidly Changing, As A Prelude To A Fundamental Alteration In Global Climate In A Secret Underground Laboratory, He And A Team Of Equally Skilled Scientists Learn That The Level Of Carbon Dioxide In The Atmosphere, Largely Due To The Overuse Of Energy, Will Ascend To The Point Where No Living Thing Can SurvivePick S Predictions Become A Reality As Freakish Weather Conditions Prevail Extraordinary Tornados And Hurricanes, Droughts, Violent Hailstorms, And Windstorms And Savage Waterspouts Condition Green Is No Longer A Theory As Destruction Runs Rampant, But Still Neither The US Government Nor The People Will Listen Too Late, The Result Of Man S Indifference Is Everywhere With Only One Hope For Survival Arthur Herzog s Heat 1977 has a high novelty factor, in that it s a 40 year old novel that speculates about one of the most controversial issues of our time global warming climate change Despite that novelty, however, there s not a whole lot to recommend Heat Apart from a couple great sections in the last fourth of the novel that cast a sociological eye on a warming event, most of the narrative is scientists in rooms, talking The prose and expertise on display are impressive, but Heat s lack of characters and character development seems almost derelict for a novelist Yes, there are some passages that you ll eagerly share with those around you e.
, And keep in mind that this guy wrote this in 1977 or something to that effect , but even at less than 200 pp you ll likely find Heat to be a slog.
Set in the late 20th century, this story is shows how the world becomes dystopian in a span of a few months And it is one man s job or so he thinks to save the world from a runaway greenhouse.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book, although i was baffled at some places by the human response behavior the author imagined But that may be so, because this story is of a dystopian society, and I am none the expert on it There are several opinions expressed by the author, which may be his own or from the scientific community in general, in the book which i completely agree with.
Lawrence Pick is the guy who carries the world s burden on his shoulders, a workoholic and the messiah in a polluted consumerist globalized society This book reminds me of the ongoing debate on global warming and human corruption of this planet No, the story will not bore one to death with innumerable scientific jargon unless he she doesn t grasp the basic idea of basic science I should mention here that the author has quoted some real studies and papers in the story While the book certainly catches one s attention, it still seems a little far behind considering the time period between when the book was written and now as I am reviewing it.
It is a pity that, like most scientific articles and talks on the said subject, this is just another work on the same that is going through my read forget process.
A ridiculous book in many ways, with ridiculous characters doing ridiculous things It s a quick and easy read, though, and I enjoyed this for its cheap cheesy camp value The sexism is egregious, and that will be a show stopper for some readers While not a good book, it is notable for a couple reasons.
1 There is a smattering of science in this fiction I mean actual, honest to goodness citations from contemporary nonfiction publications Footnotes right in the text I don t recall seeing that in any other science fiction novels, though I m sure it s been done before and since.
2 According to Eco Fiction, this is one of the earliest novels that comes close to scientific realization about what we now know about climate change it goes into ocean acidification, carbon emissions, and so forth As such, it s required reading for anyone interested in how this critical issue of our time is represented and reflected in popular culture Whatever the literary shortcomings, you gotta give Herzog some props for that.
it took a long time to get the main point and when it did it kept dragging on The idea was great but it could have been done better.
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