↠´ Between Here and the Yellow Sea É Download by Û Nic Pizzolatto

↠´ Between Here and the Yellow Sea É Download by Û Nic Pizzolatto Moody, raw and touching, this collection of short stories is the work of Nic Pizzolatto, the sole writer behind the TV masterpiece True Detective While all of the stories take place in the southern states of the US, and many deal with modern and real traumas war veterans, teenage angst, racism and families that are falling apart there is something provocative and touching in each tale, neatly brought to life by Pizzolatto s fine command of language and creating moments the reader will relate to and remember.
My favourite stories were Two Shores and Haunted Earth.
Es indiscutible que sabe escribir Y muy bien Domina las historias en ambientes rurales y deprimidos, como demostr en True detective En este libro de cuentos, salvo dos o tres, narra unas historias profundas, con personajes muy bien perfilados y que, al leerlos, me ha resultado imposible no visualizarlos en blanco y negro.
A Debut Collection Of Short Fiction From This National Magazine Award In Fiction Finalist Set In A Variety Of Southern And Midwestern Landscapes From Missouri S Ha Ha Tonka State Park To A Crop Circle At A Minnesotan Farm The Stories In Between Here and the Yellow Sea Excavate The Ambiguous Terrain Of The Human Heart With A Forceful And Compassionate Voice, Pizzolatto Finds Beauty In Loneliness As His Characters Attempt To Bridge The Gulfs Between Themselves And Others, Past And Present, And, Sometimes, Between Their Inner And Outer Selves In This Both Heartbreaking And Humorous Collection, We Meet A Base Jumping, Samurai Park Ranger Who Parachutes Off The St Louis Arch A Stained Glass Artist Who Struggles Over His Masterpiece And Learns Through Great Loss What His True Subject Will Be And A Religious Elementary School Teacher Who Tries To Understand Her Rebellious, Militant Son In The Title Story, Which First Appeared In The Atlantic Monthly, An Orphaned Young Man And His Former High School Football Coach Set Out To Kidnap The Coach S Daughter From Los Angeles And Bring Her Back To East Texas With An Assured, Poignant Voice, Pizzolatto Places Us At The Crossroads Of Memory And Desire, Somewhere Between Here and the Yellow Sea I ll go ahead and get this out of the way first Yes, this is the TRUE DETECTIVE guy, and, no, this book doesn t compare to TRUE DETECTIVE.
I ll also say that I noticed a lot of other reviewers say that these stories, for the most part, didn t stick to their bones And, I have to agree After finishing, I have a hard time recalling much of what I read here Maybe that s my fault, and the other readers Maybe we have something wrong with our brains.
I am than aware, however, of the quality of writing presented in these stories, and the darkness that seeps around the edges I m also aware that this is likely a collection of his first fully formed short stories i.
, maybe written in school or just out of school It has the feel of an author finding himself And, with TRUE DETECTIVE, he clearly found his way, but not here in BETWEEN HERE THE YELLOW SEA While this has the sense of being written by a new author it was published in 2006, so he was 30 or 31 or something , I can say it doesn t read like your typical MFA student s collection of stories that is, really dry, uber detailed diary writing, which mostly centers around childhood or family, typically the mundane elements That s my take on the MFA factory drivel, anyway Altho, my nutshell take on MFA fiction is shitty snooze bombs But, these stories aren t that They do, however, drip with LITERARY ISM Sometimes that s cool, sometimes it s too obvious the story is attempting to be BIG AND MEANINGFUL.
So it goes.
That is not to say this isn t a book worth reading And I ve heard his novel, GALVESTON, is excellent This book is good enough that I want to continue reading his fiction And will.
Also, just to clarify, there were three stories in here out of nine that definitely stuck to my bones GHOST BIRDS, 1987 THE RACES, and NEPAL.
I m adding this because it s from the guy who created True Detective and I m curious.
Nic Pizzolatto is a writer who CAN tell the tales I love how he creates such tension in simple stories and his prose is poetical and fresh I liked literary referenes Rilke, seriously It was great.
This book was a little hard to find, but I did so because I am consuming everything he puts down He is from the deep south, in Louisiana, and has written beautifully and accurately about this time and place I believe the author spent some time in the Midwest Arkansas , so his stories find their way into the Midwest, and even into my native Missouri.
These stories are propelled by great plot lines and superbly drawn characters from every walk of life The author reminds me of Raymond Carver some, especially his talent from writing from a woman s point of view, and the push and pull of relationships He also writes superbly of children s relationships with parents, and the especially the father son interactions and where they are broken and lacking But the characters often have pluck, and intelligence, some even rise above and out of their situations The end of the title story disappointed me a bit, it felt like a writer s workshop experimental foray, and could have used a proper ending But overall these are viscerally real stories, dripping of sweat, grime and overwhelming pathos just the antidote for my comfortable, seemingly risk free lifestyle Thanks Nic for bringing me back to earth and creating sympathy for real people and pushing me to get out and do something in the real world.

Ghost Birds and Between Here and the Yellow Sea are the best stories in this collection While Ghost Birds suffers from the protagonist s aspie like barrage of literary references, this seems to be a feature of Nic Pizzolatto s work and reminds me of True Detective Season 1 Constant, self serious references to good books are a quirk that I can t decide whether I enjoy or not.
The other stories are fine, mood pieces than anything, clearly the work of a talented but young writer Twenty pages that capture characters and moods, even though the plots go nowhere, that s these stories However, the last 100 page Nepal, no thanks For every moving and dreary moment, the story was sluggish, and it was not quite a novelette but than a short story Pizzolatto seems to be obsessed with people who self destruct because they experience childhood, or recent, trauma that they cannot move past This seems like his personal, lazy writing trope Consistent self destruction should not necessarily be conflated with complexity or beauty Often, it is simply the opposite of surviving Definitely in True Detective Season 2, and in some of these stories, I think Pizzolatto shortcuts by chronicling self destructing characters in a bid to signify all their anger and noise as something grandly tragic Sometimes there is grand tragedy, and sometimes there are just assholes in life and in his work I recommend Pizzolatto s Galveston as a solid noir novel instead of this collection of early stories.
Before he created the acclaimed television series True Detective at least the first season , before he wrote the superlative thriller Galveston read my original review from 2011 , Nic Pizzolatto wrote a short story collection called Between Here and the Yellow Sea in 2005.
It s always really interesting to me to read an author s early work, especially when you ve read their recent books Sometimes you see them struggling to take control of their storytelling ability, their voice, their imagery, and other times you find flashes of genius, genius which becomes even pronounced as their career progresses Pizzolatto s collection of nine stories apparently has another version of the collection with two stories not included in the original, but I didn t read that one is moving, poignant, and thought provoking, and a number of stories pack a punch.
The characters in these stories are struggling with loss, adolescence, demons real or imagined, and, of course, all types of relationships All but one of the stories worked for me, although I had a number of favorites, including Ghost Birds, in which a park ranger and BASE jumper wrestles with emotional crises and confronts the fears instigated by his risk taking girlfriend 1987, The Races, which tells of a young boy forced to provide emotional stability and companionship to his father, who has been slower to recover following his divorce from the boy s mother Two Shores, in which a young man struggles to understand his feelings and control his curiosity after the reappearance of an old girlfriend Amy s Watch, about a teenage girl forced to make sense of the various relationships in her life and the fantastic title story, which follows a young man and his high school football coach as they drive to California, ostensibly to kidnap the coach s daughter and bring her back to Texas where she belongs.
I read a lot, but even when a book is really well written and enjoyable, after I finish reading it I sometimes have trouble recalling specific plot points But a few days after finishing Between Here and the Yellow Sea , I can t seem to get some of these stories out of my head I ve said before that the true sign of an excellent story collection for me is if I can envision some of the stories as full length novels, and I definitely could here with than a few of them.
Pizzolatto has real storytelling talent If you ve not read Galveston , I d definitely encourage you to Beyond that, I hope that he can fit in another novel or story collection sometime in the future, between his television and film writing gigs This guy deserves to be read as well as have his work come to life on the big and small screens.
See all of my reviews at Pizzolatto es uno de esos narradores de almas, de perfiladores de personajes, m s que contadores de historias Su fuerza est en c mo describe ambientes, en c mo refleja sentimientos m s que en sus tramas Es capaz de escribir relatos bell simos sin contar apenas nada en ellos Como casi todas las recopilaciones de relatos, es irregular y algunos ensombrecen la lista Pero en mi caso el balance es positivo.