Download Epub Format ç Conducting Technique: For Beginners and Professionals PDF by ½ Brock McElheran

Download Epub Format ç Conducting Technique: For Beginners and Professionals PDF by ½ Brock McElheran This was a wonderful book It s succinct, humorous, and explains the basics of conducting simply but without oversimplifying I really like that the author delves into the why behind the gestures explained Too many conducting books are one sided, either focusing on just the musical ideas or just the movements of conducting This book has a perfect mix of both It is not an in depth, super thorough explanation of any one topic but it does a fantastic job of hitting all the main points of conducting I would recommend this book for anyone interested in conducting, as a beginner, professional, or someone just curious about the topic.
This might be the best book on the subject that s out there Pithy and to the point chapters challenge the would be conductor to reflect deeply on just what the heck you think you re doing up there I have read and re read this book many times, dipping into it for inspiration and guidance that come like cool water from a mountain spring on a hot summer s day.
All conductors should take a look at this book You might just learn a little something if you are a pro, and you definitely will learn a lot if you are a beginner Everything is presented in a very concise manner The author is very positive and very humorous This is a great overview book, but presents issues that really stimulate lots of thought Recommended for non conductors too Great I am an experienced orchestral conductor I am also an experienced church pipe organist I wanted to have a refresher outlook especially from an American outlook.
The book is an excellent reference It is also good for beginners , especially those beginners who think you can just wave your hands to conduct.
This Book Starts At The Very Beginning And Ends With Some Remarkably Profound Insights On Conductorial Subtleties An Experienced Conductor Is One In Whom Detection, Diagnosis, And Remedy Take Place Simultaneously As He Hears The Error, He Realizes Where The Fault Lies And What To Do About It This Book Gives Valuable Hints About These Three Basic Conductorial Functions From The Viewpoint Of Chorus And Orchestra Alike McElheran Leads The Student Toward Mastery Of The Problems At Hand, With Firmness And Gentle Humour