✓ Sibelius: Symphony No. 5 Paperback (Cambridge Music Handbooks) ✓ Download by ¼ James Hepokoski

✓ Sibelius: Symphony No. 5 Paperback (Cambridge Music Handbooks) ✓ Download by ¼ James Hepokoski Sibelius S Fifth Is One Of The Great Late Romantic Symphonies In This Searching Account, Based On A Wealth Of New Information, James Hepokoski Takes A Fresh Look At The Work And Its Composer His Findings Have Implications Beyond Sibelius Himself Into The Entire Repertory Of Post Wagnerian Symphonic Composition The Early Chapters Place The Fifth Symphony Squarely Within The General Culture Of European Musical Modernism And Focus In Particular On The Problem Of The Clash Of That Culture With The Radical New Music Experiments Of An Emerging Younger Generation Of Composers Subsequent Chapters Include A Probing Consideration Of Sibelius S Style And Meditative Aesthetic An Account Of How The Symphony Was Composed And A Descriptive Analysis Of The Final, Familiar Version The Book Concludes With A Discussion Of The Composer S Own Prescribed Tempos For The Fifth Symphony, Along With A Comparison Of Several Different Recordings Bought this book for a class If you are into 20th Century Analysis or Sibelius or like 20th Century Music then this book is for you Otherwise you will not enjoy reading this The book clearly states the emotions of Hepokoski s take on Sibelius s composition as well as a breakdown in the score.
This book is very informative It gives a good insight on Sibelius attitude to composing, his fears and his view of his standing to his pears It also gives a good overview on the Symphony and an interesting approach to Sibelius form Those interested in Sibelius metronome markings on the Symphony from 1947 find a good comparison to the most recordings, which is very revealing.
A very helpful book for me to get close to the piece for study and hopefully for a good performance of it next week.
This is a useful reference book on the Fifth Symphony, with historical background and some interesting theories about the work s structure Some of the discussion is accessible to the non expert, but some is quite technical.