☆ Willy And Hugh ô Download by ☆ Anthony Browne

☆ Willy And Hugh ô Download by ☆ Anthony Browne Willy Hasn T Got Any Friends And No One Ever Lets Him Join In With Their Games He Is Lonely Until The Day He Bumps Into Hugh Jape In The ParkWilly And Hugh Are Very Different But They Make A Great Team This is one of the sweetest, simplest stories I ve read to my son relevant to age range explores real feelings that all of us experience, ranging from loneliness and being left out of the crowd to the happiness of finding a friend and feeling useful and liked Such a nice, heartwarming tale.

I am so happy I found this seller book I read this nightly to my daughter 19 years ago, it brings back great memories.
I recommend it because of the valuable lessons it teaches in a way that kids can understand, the end is my favorite part , excellent condition, fast shipping, perfect transaction.
This is such a lovely story Willy is a lonely chimp, picked on by others when he literally bumps into Hugh Jape great name in the park one day and his whole life is changed He has a friend.
Friendship is always a good theme for children s books and this works on many levels Willy is no longer lonely, and when Buster arrives on the scene Willy finds he has a friend who will stand up for him and look after him They enjoy sharing time and experiences together and best of all Willy even gets to reciprocate and help Hugh when he finds a terrifying creature As an adult reader you can spot a whole host of subtleties in the writing that you could talk about with your child if you so wished.
There are great touches of humour in the story and in the illustrations The pictures are really well done, adding much to the text in the way only good illustrations can.
Verdict This is a brilliant read and a fun book to share.