Trailer Î Julian Is A Mermaid PDF by º Jessica Love

Trailer Î Julian Is A Mermaid PDF by º Jessica Love We have found mostly gender non conforming books where GNC children experience some prejudice and overcome it I see a place for those books I also think that sometimes it is important to be able to just shine This is the book for that.
A Glimpse Of Three Women Dressed As Mermaids Leaves One Boy Filled With Wonder And Ready To Dazzle The World Every Choice Jessica Love Makes Imbues The Story With Charm, Tenderness And Humor New York TImes Book ReviewWhile Riding The Subway Home With His Nana One Day, Julian Notices Three Women Spectacularly Dressed Up Their Hair Billows In Brilliant Hues, Their Dresses End In Fishtails, And Their Joy Fills The Train Carriage When Julian Gets Home, Daydreaming Of The Magic He S Seen, All He Can Think About Is Dressing Up Just Like The Ladies And Making His Own Fabulous Mermaid Costume But What Will Nana Think About The Mess He Makes And Even Importantly What Will She Think About How Julian Sees Himself As other reviewers have noted, this is one of the few books about boys who go against masculine norms that doesn t spend most of the pages focused on people who oppose or downright bully the boy for his preferences In fact, there is no time spent on negative feedback Instead, the boy stays true to himself, shows resourcefulness and creativity and authenticity, and his abuela recognizes it and immediately becomes his ally It s a beautiful story and the art is mesmerizing We love and will cherish this book.
This is a gorgeously illustrated picture book with a fantastic, simple story Julian is a boy who wishes to be a beautiful, flowy haired, swishy tailed mermaid His abuela helps him realize his dream The end Adults will recognize that, although Abuela might want to scold Julian for kinda sorta destroying the house in his quest to become a sea creature, she perhaps recognizes that now is not the moment to chide, but rather to show him her unconditional love and support I appreciated that nobody in this book tells Julian he can t be a mermaid So many books about gender nonconforming children spend too much time focusing on the naysayers Well, this book is all about Julian and his fabulousness My 3.
5yo son and I both enjoyed reading this book multiple times already, and it s been here for less than 12 hours Highly recommend.

Let me start off by saying that this is a gorgeous book The illustrations are just magical and very well done I also really appreciate the representation in the book You see various skin tones, hair types, and body types Its also great to NOT see a story where the child only comes to accept themselves AFTER being bullied This book is pure celebration Julian is living his best life as is, and thats what kids need to see Representation doesnt also need to include the child being torn down bullied I also appreciate that this book wasnt too long winded I can get through this with a squirmy 4 5 yr old no problem I would recommend this book for a preschooler or kindergartener.
I just received this book yesterday Unfortunately, last night I saw a story on Facebook about parents who allowed their 11 year old son to dress as a woman and perform in bars I am not homophobic, but I am very tired reading about parents who want their child to decide what gender THEY want to be This book received rave reviews and I get that it checks many boxes The little boy is African American, he wants to be a mermaid, and the book is partially in Spanish If you like books that are very politically correct this is the book for you This is not a book I would purchase for my grandkids I am sure I will be getting a lot of criticism for my review, but it is how I feel.