ì Edible Colors î Download by ¸ Jennifer Vogel Bass

ì Edible Colors î Download by ¸ Jennifer Vogel Bass A Boldly Illustrated Celebration Of Unusual Fruits And Vegetables Reveals How Familiar Produce Can Be Different Colors And Still Be Delicious, From Red Bananas And Purple Broccoli To Yellow Cherries And Green Carrots This is a gorgeous board book I saw Vogel Bass other book, Edible Numbers, at the library and had to have both for my daughter s library.
For each color the text will say Carrots are normal color , carrots can also be weird color here are other things that can be same weird color Then it gives two pages of pictures of rather exotic fruits and veggies in the same color It is so much fun seeing all of the different things that cam be purple, for example I also was pleased that each item is labeled, so you can go back and look up Buddha s Hand Citron and find out that it is often given as a gift in Japan and it mostly pith I look forward to discussing these fruits and veggies with my kids

This book is everything I hoped it would be and Firstly, the condition of the board book was superb If you ve ever had a board book shipped to you before, sometimes they arrive pretty dinged up This book was pristine Secondly, the content I am so impressed This book has vivid, labeled images for young eyes and young readers alike I was on a Montessori Facebook page speaking on the importance of introducing children to books with real images vs cartoons and this book was one of the most recommended I am so glad to have added this to our library and I already have the companion book, Counting Colors, in my cart to order Even my 8 year Old sister loved it Bought this book after getting Edible Numbers My 19 month old loooooves these books Vibrant photos and terrific sequencing He loves learning about all the different fruits and veggies, repeating them back when we say their names or looking for ones he knows Terrific for counting to 12 in Edible Numbers book and learning colors Both books also reinforce that things don t all look the same in size or color If you re like me, some books you want to hide or maybe have tucked out of sight lol as they get boring when your kid brings them to you all the time Not these I never mind exploring these books.
I plan to give the set as gifts to friends as it s a unique publication that s sure to delight the young readers.