Download Epub Format Ü Revelation of Baha'u'llah Baghdad 1853-63 (English Edition) PDF by ñ Adib Taherzadeh

Download Epub Format Ü Revelation of Baha'u'llah Baghdad 1853-63 (English Edition) PDF by ñ Adib Taherzadeh The Revelation Of Bah U Llh Is A Four Volume Series About The Scriptures Of The Bah Faith It Is A Unique Survey Of The Writings Of Bah U Llh, Using Both Authentic English Translations And original Sources, That Describes The Contents Of All Major Works, Including Many Unknown In The WestVolume First Of Four Volumes On The Writings Of The Founder Of The Bah Faith During His Forty Year Ministry, Describing Their Contents, Including Much As Yet Untranslated, With Fascinating Descriptions Of The Circumstances Of The Time And The Persons AddressedVolCovers Bah U Llh S Period Of Exile In Baghdd, This could also be called Volume One of this four volume set Mr Taherzadeh was one of the foremost scholars of the Baha i Faith He described many of the tablets written by revealed by Baha u llah that are not always translated into English at this time He interlaced them with delightful essays on the early believers and on spiritual principles An excellent read.
The is the first book in an amazing 4 part series for members of the Baha i Faith and seekers who have the energy it takes to complete It is beginning to the end of the prophet Baha u llah s life and scriptural works This is an amazing author who has written many books on the Faith The story of the messenger is moving and beautiful, and his works so eloquent you feel the words could not have come from anywhere but God.
The first 3 of the 4 volumes of this great series are now available for Kindle from .
I recommend this series and especially the first volume to anyone who wants to understand how Bahai s understand the Word of God to have been revealed again in our time This series provides the context of what was going on around Baha u llah s work and life, why various writings and tablets were revealed and to whom, and provides provisional translations of many passages that have not yet been officially translated.
This first volume is part history, part poetry, part religious discourse, and part description of the Bahai faith The author s knowledge of all of these subjects comes through It was an easy read with ample footnotes and cited sources If you are just learning about baha u lah and his faith, you can t go wrong by reading this book.