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☆ Read ê Chakras Healing: How to Unblock, Awaken and Balance your Chakras for Complete Self Healing (English Edition) by Dharma Hazari ☆ If you want to learn about chakras and chakra healing then this is the book for you Some of it was abstract but definitely had a lot of material on the science of it, various yoga poses for healing, kundalini etc.
It takes a pretty balanced look at what energy work can do and cannot do and doesn t treat it as some sort of cure all And in the meantime I m having a good time experimenting with my own energy.

Chalta healing is good book with best interesting knowledge I read lot of book with deep way but this book is really great and super knowledge with very easy way about chalta exercises This book teaching me different chakra yoga process ,details about body.
In the beginning,it was a simple and easy read covering the basics of chakras and whatnot Later, it picked up the pace and introduced new concepts such as auras, yoga poses and various other healing methods.
It was intense and very helpful.
If You Want To Experience Harmony With Life Then Keep Reading To Learn How Chakra Healing Can Help You Release Everything Thats Holding You BackWe All Have Been Victims Of Physical And Emotional Problems Like Back Pain, Fatigue, Trust Issues, Sexual Inadequacy Etc And Often Times, Its Not Clear What The Root Cause Of These Issues Is We Make The Mistake Of Thinking That There Is Something Inherently Wrong With Us However, Evidence Actually Points To The Opposite In Every Living Being, There Is A Life Force That Is Collectively PositiveThis Life Force Or Prana Can Unfortunately Get Blocked In Our Body Due To Certain Traumatic Experiences In The Past Sometimes Unconsciously And We Carry This Emotional Baggage That Results In Physical And Emotional Friction In Our Daily Life In This Book, Dharma Hazari, A Mindfulness Coach And Spiritual Mentor To Thousands Of Seekers Around The World, Is Going To Teach You The Fundamentals Of Chakra Healing So That You Can Finally Begin To Clear Your Aura And Live A Much Balanced Life Among Other Things, You Will Learn In This Book Exactly How You Can Identify Chakra Blockages In Your BodyYoga Asanas And Special Mudras To Heal Your Chakras QuicklyHow To Awaken Your Third Eye Chakra For Clarity And Greater VisionTopSelf Healing Practices That Will Boost Your Natural State Of BeingSpecial Techniques ToEnhance Your Chakras After Healing ThemBONUS Chapter On Crystals, Aura, Reiki, Pranic HealingAll The Material In This Book Has Been Drafted In A Simple And Beginner Friendly Language Without Loosing The Depth Of The ConceptsEven If Youve Never Heard Of Chakrasbefore Or Not Sure How They Operate, This Book Will Give You Everything You Need To Get Started Immediately Once You Setup A Healing Routine Using The Techniques Described In This Book, You Will Start Experiencing A Radical Shift In Your Energy And Experience Of Life You Are Just One Step Away From Transforming Into Your Healed SelfScroll Up And Click On The Buy Now Button FREE Guided Meditation Available For The Audiobook